Adoptable Dog of the Week – Roscoe

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Handsome and smart- this doggo has it all! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Roscoe, a 3 years old Pitbull Terrier mix from Clarksville, Arizona. He is vaccinated and neutered, and ready to go to a new home. Roscoe does well with children but has a high prey drive so he would need to be the only pet or share his home with a dog of his size or bigger.

It ain’t easy being this cute but Roscoe somehow manages to cope with it successfully. This charming fella weighs 55 pounds of pure love and sweetness and he’ll instantly charm you with his soulful eyes and a big heart. He is a cuddle bug and really affectionate with the people he trusts. Roscoe is also very smart and already knows how to sit and shake- with the right family and the right treats as a bribe, there’s no saying what other tricks this smart cookie could learn. He just needs an environment where he could flourish!

Roscoe is active and energetic and loves water to boot, so regular walks to the nearby creek or a lake would be a dream come true. He needs a family that will meet his needs and shower him with love- he really deserves to feel like a special boy! When it comes to siblings, Roscoe doesn’t mind kids, in fact, he does great with children. However, it’s the four-legged siblings there could be a problem with. Roscoe has a high prey drive so he shouldn’t share his home with cats, livestock, small pets, or dogs that are smaller than him. 

If you’ve fallen in love with this cutie patootie and think that he’d fit right in your lifestyle and family, be sure to contact Needy Paws Animal Shelter for more information about Roscoe and the adoption process.