All The Best Things We Found At SuperZoo 2022

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

SuperZoo 2022 has come and gone, and just like a fast night in Vegas, we can hardly believe it's over! The good news is that we found some awesome pet products you're going to love, and we can't wait to share!

SuperZoo 2022 did not disappoint! It was full of amazing people, amazing companies, amazing products and of course, amazing pets.

One of our first stops was the press room, of course, sponsored by Purina. That led us to learning more about  Purina's Purple Leash  project. Started in 2019, they partnered with RedRover to advocate for change in the allowance of animals in domestic abuse shelters.

Their advocacy for this important mission when one of their associates read about the difficult decision that many domestic violence survivors with pets were being forced to make — stay in an abusive situation or leave a beloved pet behind due to the lack of pet-friendly shelters. In their work, Purina has helped one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the U.S. on it’s journey to become a leading voice and shining example of pet-friendly sheltering. They helped create the PAWS Act Coalition in support of the Pets and Women Safety (PAWS) Act, which helps domestic abuse victims and their pets by advocating for federal resources dedicated to this cause.

With RedRover, they advocate for change and serve the needs of survivors and their pets at a national level. They award grants to help domestic violence shelters become pet-friendly by engaging volunteers and their goal is to help ensure that at least 25 percent of U.S. domestic violence shelters offer pet-friendly survivor services by the end of 2025. More importantly, their long-term goal is to change the landscape of domestic violence services for survivors with pets, so that no pet owner ever has to choose between their own safety and the safety and companionship of their pet.

As we checked out all the various booths, we made sure to stop and check out some pretty incredible grooming competitions. The hard work of talented artists was obvious!

Of course we saw animals of all kinds...

And then...there were the awesome products! There's some really cool stuff out there for our pets, and we loved seeing all the innovation and focus on making life better for pets and their humans.

The  Furaser  was a cool tool that was a 6-in-1 way for pet parents to keep their pets brushed, shed-reduced, massaged and more, while also including a lint brush to keep you clean too.

We met the folks at  Caru, and learned about great products designed to keep a pet its healthiest for as long as it can. Created by his parents, Pamela and Adrian Pettyan, who decided to take their medical professional experience into the pet sphere, these products are filled with love and legacy.

Another super cool product we came upon was  DoggyRade. We absolutely fell in love with their TummyRade first aid kits for pups who were under the weather. All the hydration and nourishment a dog with an upset tummy needs when the vet recommends a 'bland' diet, in a convenient box full of goodness. Their PuppyRade packs are great for travel too.

One of the coolest things we found at SuperZoo was the  emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush.  This toothbrush used worldwide patented ultrasonic technology to get into even the tightest spaces in your dog's teeth. The kicker? Your dog doesn't even really know it's happening--you can't even feel anything at all. The good news about that? Easier cleaning, and more often, which can help prevent the need for surgery and teeth-cleaning at your dentist. Oh, and say goodbye to bad dog breath too!

We totally dug these new 'Skatebowls' from  Jiby Dog Crew. Created for the coolest doggos and featuring some really radical pups, we loved the sleek design and the innovative concept for our best buds. So did the folks at the World Pet Association, as they named these cool products a runner up in the new product showcase.

We always love seeing our friends at  SnugglePuppy but were really excited to see their new line of super tough dog toys. They were designed by students at Ringling College of Art & Design as part of a scholarship competition and the students were able to see their designs go from concept to creation--making some pretty awesome and 'Tender-tuff' toys. They're made with TearBlok Technology to give dogs a plush but durable toy, and hey--who doesn't love dog toys that last longer than a day?

We loved seeing the technology that people put to pets in the form of things like smart equipment. Take this underarm pet thermometer from  Mella. It's the world's first smart underarm pet thermometer and we're all here for it. Because after all, wouldn't you rather take their temp under their arm?

One of the things we're always on the lookout for at SuperZoo is products that don't just change one pet's life, but can help change the world. Guess what we found in  Catalyst?  It's a high performing cat litter that's sustainable, being the only cat litter engineered from upcycled soft wood fiber. It offers superior odor control, great clumping, low dust and unrivaled cat acceptance, but even better, the folks at Catalyst look to love pets and change the cool cat at a time.

Who doesn't love a good brewski? Your dog sure does--at least if it's from  Best Buds.  Their craft brew for dogs is made from pasture-raised beef bone marrow--making it not only delicious for your dog but great for his health too.

We met the folks at Glow Your Pup Up and thought their forever glowing charm was amaze-balls. We love what they stood for even more though--giving back to humans and the planet.  Glow Your Pup Up employs and empowers those who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged as they put the environment first. And these awesome glow charms are super cool ways they're starting!

Who doesn't love bubbles? But guess what's not fun about bubbles? How soapy they taste to kids and dogs, not to mention what they do to skin and coats. That's what an allergy and immunologist thought, and Bubble Lick bubbles came to be. They use ingredients that give amazing bubble fun without the concern about toxins or reactions if consumed or on skin. They brought Bubble Lick flavored bubbles for dogs to SuperZoo, and we vouch for the real smell filling the air with fun (and bacon). Your dogs will love these!

We found the coolest dog bowls at the show...literally. Handmade by  Paikka, they use a special cooling ceramics material with a patented production method that keeps the water bowls cool and the water inside enticing. You just soak the bowl under regular water for 45 seconds and the cooling effect activates. They stay cool for hours--no lie! We checked!

Another SuperZoo winner was  Wolfie's Wish Pet Grieving Cards.  The truth is, losing your pet is losing a family member, and only those who have been through it can really get it sometimes. That's where Wolfie's Wish comes in--to help pet parents walk through the grief journey when their beloved pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

We never want to leave our littlest friends out of the picture, and neither does  Science Selective, focusing solely on the health and happiness of small animals. Their award-winning line of small animal products is designed just for your littlest family member.

Want to do something SUPER cool with your dog? Now you can-- check out these  awesome dog buttons.  Created by an incredible speech pathologist who decided to use augmented and alternative communication (AAC) techniques to teach her very good girl Stella to 'talk', this makes a great way for the whole family to bond with any pet and create relationships that go beyond anything they have so far. Talk about the perfect Christmas gifts for kids and their dogs!

Sustainability and products with purpose are all the rage (rightly so) and we had the chance to speak with Ryan Bethencourt, CEO of Wild Earth. Ryan told us about how Wild Earth was created by Food Scientists, Nutritionists and Veterinarians to provide dogs all the nutrients they need while remaining fully plant-based and cruelty free. Full of all the things that dogs thrive on, a survey of Wild Earth customers who had been giving their dog this plant-based diet found that 86% who ha been feeding a meat-based dog food before switching noted a positive health benefit for their dog after changing to Wild Earth. Pet parents saw improvements in skin, scratching, gas, poop problems, joints, energy levels and appetite--not too shabby for a dog food that looks to do everything sustainably and with dogs as the focus. 

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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