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Agility training can bring out the best in your dog. It is a fun way to get your pet to burn off excess energy and engage their little gray cells! If you want to create an agility course in your backyard to be able to exercise your dog from the comfort of your own home, you will need a lot of specially designed equipment pieces and agility training products to prepare them for the “real deal” they’ll participate in at competitions.

These agility training products can really make a training course look and feel professional – which is essential if your pet is going to compete, but also important if you’re doing agility simply as a form of fun exercise for your dog. They are specifically designed to be beneficial for your dog – none of them is an insurmountable obstacle that cannot be overcome but rather a challenging, fun addition to your DIY agility course. Read on to see our selection of the 10 best agility training products for all levels of fitness and skills!

Editor’s Choice: PETSPORIUM Dog agility Training Equipment

This Petsporium agility training equipment set offers 19 pieces of unique obstacles that your doggo will learn to overcome. Included are an agility tunnel, 2 adjustable hurdles, 5 weave poles, 4 pegs, 2 tennis balls, a pause box, one dog training whistle, a treat reward pouch, and 2 nifty carry bags. With all this, you can create a full-fledged agility training course in your own backyard. The equipment is made with durable PVC material and 190T polyester and will be able to endure both your doggo’s skills (or the lack of thereof) and the weather. And once the training is done, all the equipment pieces can be stored away with ease.


  • A variety of agility equipment
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Great for training courses
  • 2 storage bags included


  • Takes a bit to master the assembly

Runner Up: Yiotl Dog Agility Equipment Set

If you are looking to spice up your dog’s agility training course, it might be time to take things up a notch. This fantastic 30-piece equipment set from Yiotl is just the thing for an able and energetic pooch. The set comes with one pause box, eight weave poles, two open tunnels that can be connected, one high jump obstacle, one trainer’s whistle, one frisbee, and two very useful carrying bags. With all these gadgets at your disposal, you can really get versatile and create an obstacle course just the way you want to - and the way your doggo likes it. All the items are created from very durable and rugged PVC material and nylon fabric and will withstand all the wear and tear and weather. Once the fun is done, this set can be quickly folded down and stored in special carry bags for convenient storage.


  • An extensive set
  • Great for starter and advanced beginner training
  • Durable build
  • Easily stored away


  • Tunnels could be more stable

Customer’s Choice: YON.SOU.10 Feet Dog Agility Tunnel with 2 Sandbags

A tunnel is one of the main features of a training obstacle course, and it requires a bit of hard work to master. To make it easier for your four-legged buddy, you should rely on the very best tunnel designs. This unique concept from YON.SOU makes tunneling a breeze. With 10 feet in length and 24 inches in diameter, it has plenty of room for maneuvering and can be set up straight or curved. Integrated sandbags are an important addition to this design – they will keep the tunnel grounded and stable, and that helps a lot with training. The material used here is polyester, which is very durable and resistant to the weather. All the while, it is quite lightweight so the tunnel holds its shape well. However, you should not worry about leaving it outside and potential weather damage as it comes complete with a carrying bag that allows for easy storage.


  • Integrated sandbags
  • Very stable and durable
  • Carrying bag


  • Length won’t suit every dog

Best Indoor Agility Training Product: Outward Hound Interactive Dog Training Toys

Some dogs have all that extra curiosity and energy that will need to be spent efficiently. In these cases, it could be best to begin with some light and interactive dog training – even if you only have indoor space to work with. This small set is designed for indoor use and contains one short and spacious small tunnel obstacle, four agility weave poles, and one adjustable high jump! Perfect for those dogs that are still experimenting with obstacle courses. Everything here is adjustable in order to adjust the difficulty level, and the tunnel can be folded down. Of course, everything is super easy to assemble and pack up. It can be stored away in no time and will take very little space. So, if you are looking for an interactive and fun bit of training for your energetic doggo that can be set up in your living room – this might be a perfect choice!


  • Easy to use
  • Simple but fun
  • Compact and designed for indoor use
  • Adjustable difficulty


  • Could be sturdier

Best Exercise Agility Training Product: Sport PET Designs Agility Training for Dogs

Some doggos are quick to learn and overcome simple obstacles. In these cases, you want to take things to a whole new level. This professional, exercise-oriented obstacle course set is an ideal way to give your pet a bit of a challenge. It contains a number of fantastic obstacles: four oblong course panels, one short round tunnel, one blind tunnel, a high jump, a pause box, and six connected weave poles. All the items are made with durable materials and have integrated red fabric that enhances visibility but also provides extra stability and durability as the fabric is quite tough. All of the agility items are very durable and can take the wear and tear of frequent use. The weave poles include fiberglass stakes for extra stability, while the high jump obstacle can be adjusted in height. With all this arranged, you can really give your four-legged friend a challenge to look forward to.


  • Great visibility
  • Solid stability
  • Unique obstacles
  • Durable build
  • Adjustable


  • Round tunnel roof lacks support

Best High Jump Agility Training Product: PAWISE Outdoor Agility Exercise Training Equipment

The high jump is one of the foremost features of every obstacle course. But it also requires a lot of agility and energy: your dog will have to jump up as high as they can! This fantastic high jump equipment piece is ideal to include in your set. Made from durable PVC and ABS plastic, these poles also feature integrated stakes to be stuck into the ground for extra stability. Although simple at first glance, this high jump has everything you need. Two adjustable locking connectors will allow you to set the height wherever you want it, and thus adjust the difficulty for your pet. The color is also important to note: blue sides and a bright orange height bar will be easy to see and overcome. All in all, this obstacle is durable, well-made, adjustable, and easy to store – what more to ask for?


  • Fully adjustable
  • Good visibility
  • Durable
  • Great for every obstacle course


  • Could be more durable

Best Agility Training Product for Beginners: Sowsun Dog Agility Training Equipment

All successful agility champions of the doggo world had to start somewhere – and it is important to get off to a good start. This special agility course equipment is ideal for beginners! It contains all that is needed for a perfect start: one adjustable high jump, one fold-up tunnel obstacle, eight agility weave poles, one square pause box, and two tennis balls. With all this, you can set up a course that’s ideal for your dog and its abilities. All the items are constructed from durable and flexible PVC and 190t polyester, which ensures top-notch resistance to the weather and wear and tear. Of course, all these items can be quickly packed up and stored away. With this reliable starter course, your doggo can grow up to be a true champion of agility training.


  • Durable build
  • Great for beginners
  • Quickly sets up and folds away


  • Tunnel is on the shorter side

Best Flirt Pole for Agility Training: DIBBATU Dog Flirt Pole Toy

Let’s face it – there is no dog out there that is not motivated by dangly and colorful toys. One notion of the teasing wand and it's already time to play! This flirt pole will help you stimulate your pet for new exercises and can benefit your pet’s agility training as well. The pole toy is made from durable 304 stainless steel, which gives it a lot of flexibility, and on top is a durable nylon cord and a dangling end that can be pulled and tugged by even the strongest dogs. Of course, the pole features a rubberized and textured grip, which allows you to take a firm hold. This entire design is excellent for a variety of things: it makes for great casual fun in the park with the classic pull-and-tug games, it can give you more control during training courses and can work well in the agility course.


  • Simple but efficient toy
  • Easy to use
  • Has a variety of roles


  • Best for larger dogs

Best Tunnel Agility Training Products: Houseables Dog Tunnel

For every equipment set and agility course, tunnels can be an invaluable addition. They add fun to every course, and a bit of a challenge too! This Houseables dog tunnel is one of the more advanced versions – it is 18 feet long and has a 24-inch diameter. With such a length you can really experiment with different shapes and bends. The tunnel is made from durable polyester material and can endure weather exposure without looking worse for the wear. Another great addition are special stakes that serve to provide stability – a much-needed precaution. Once you are finished, you can easily store this long tunnel away. That’s thanks to a special carry bag that is designed just for this tunnel, reducing it to a tiny bundle. All in all, this tunnel will be an invaluable piece of all agility training courses.


  • Extra long
  • Very durable build
  • Adjustable shape
  • Packs compact


  • The stakes could be longer

Best Agility Training Treat Pouch: BesWlz - Dog Treat Pouch

Wait, wait, wait: what would agility training be without treats? Every successfully completed course and trick will require prompt stimuli: a tasty treat as a reward. This unique item will be an invaluable addition for every enthusiastic training course overseer. A nifty treat pouch, it can be used in a variety of ways. It can be attached to your waist, your belt, or carried on your shoulder. It holds a lot of treats, which are protected by a sturdy zipper. Also included is an integrated poop bag holder! The pouch is made from durable fabric, and it has a shape that won’t get in your way in the middle of agility training. It comes in handy to have treats always close at hand. And we all know that your pet will love it!


  • Great for agility training
  • Durable build
  • Easy to carry


  • Pockets somewhat deep

What is the Importance of Agility Training for Dogs?

All dogs love to train, run, jump about, and spend their energy in various ways. However, it is up to you to properly direct that energy. If not, it can be spent in many negative ways. And that is why agility training for dogs is very important. A properly organized training agility course can be the perfect way to stimulate your pet, spur their athleticism, and let them spend all that energy in an efficient and healthy way.

Various hurdles and obstacles can stimulate proper brain development -–and not to mention physical strength. All dogs will become more agile and athletic with agility training. And, who knows, in time maybe your pet will become a successful competitor in professional agility competitions. Either way, the importance of agility courses and their benefits are numerous. It should be an invaluable part of every dog owner’s arsenal –and an unavoidable part of every dog owner’s backyard!

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