Private Airline Lets You Fly With Your Dog (or Cat) for Around $9K

by Britt
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Traveling with a dog can be a stressful or even dangerous experience when air travel is concerned. From the risk of layovers or flight delays to the conditions that larger dogs may face while traveling in the cargo hold, far too many factors are out of your control. It leaves many feeling like flying with a dog or cat isn’t worth the risk.

Between 2010 and 202, over 250 pets died either during or immediately following a flight, 170 were injured, and 20 were lost by the airlines.

There's good news if you’re a pet parent with a love for travel! A private airline company is delivering a game-changing pet-friendly travel experience. K9 JETS is a pet-friendly pay-per-seat private jet charter company that has done away with many traditional rules for flying with pets.

What Does a Flight with K9 JETS Include?

K9 JETS does not require cages or carriers for canine travelers. Instead, your dog can ride on your lap, seated by your side in the cabin or even in their own booked seat. Dogs of all sizes are welcome. Each passenger can travel with two pets under 50 lbs or a single pet weighing 51 lbs or more.

However, if your travel companion is a cat, a carrier is still required for the safety of all passengers.

Seats cost $8,925 to $10,985 and offer many perks in addition to flying with your pet. You can upload your passport and all necessary pet travel documentation on the company’s secure website prior to your travel date.

On the day of your trip, there are no long lines for customs or security. Instead, you and your pet will be welcomed into a private flight lounge where you can relax with other passengers while staff take your luggage to be screened. When the time comes, you will board the flight from a private terminal, avoiding the stress or anxiety your pet may have faced dealing with long lines and high traffic levels in most public airports.

Your ticket also includes a complimentary bar and refreshments during the flight.

How Does Booking a Flight with K9 JETS Work?

Each flight with K9 JETS is an on-demand or crowd-sourced charter. Pet parents interested in travelling can book their flight for a fixed cost to one of the three locations currently offered – New York, London, or Lisbon.

If at least 75% of the available seats are booked, the flight will go ahead as scheduled. Otherwise, the flight may be cancelled with the option of a full refund or transfer to a future flight.

Supporting Animals in Need

Are you still unsure about booking a private charter for your next vacation? By supporting this company, you can help make a difference in the world of animal rescue and rehabilitation.

In addition to flying pet parents and their furry family members, K9 JETS supports the work of Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of stray animals in Sri Lanka through veterinary care, rehabilitation, and refuge.

Would you ever consider booking a private charter to travel with your pet? 


Britt Kascjak is a proud pet mom, sharing her heart (and her home) with her “pack” which includes her husband John, their 2 dogs – Indiana and Lucifer – and their 2 cats – Pippen and Jinx. She has been active in the animal rescue community for over 15 years, volunteering, fostering and advocating for organizations across Canada and the US. In her free time, she enjoys traveling around the country camping, hiking, and canoeing with her pets.

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