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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog car seat covers make sure that road tripping with your pooch doesn’t mean your car has to look like a mess after it. Pet hair, dirt, mud, claw marks–you name it, a high-quality dog car seat cover will make sure it doesn’t ruin your seats.

In addition to unconditional love, what’s the one thing that our dogs seem to shower us with, in a seemingly endless amount too? Hair. All those pet hairs everywhere. While feeling like you’re sharing your home and wardrobe and car with a Yeti is a small price to pay for all that joy you get from being a pet parent, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do everything in your power to keep all that hair at bay.

When it comes to keeping your car spotless while traveling with your pet, on the other hand, pet hair is not the only thing you have to worry about. Dirt, mud, claw marks, and sometimes even unpleasant smells (just try and get that wet dog smell out of your back seat)–there are plenty of ways your pooch can muck up your car. Luckily, dog car seat covers help you travel with your pet without having to worry about any damage or mess you’d have to deal with afterward. Whether you like to drive to outdoor adventures with your pet or just want to keep your car spotless after a routine visit to the vet, it’s all the same- a quality car seat cover should keep you, well, covered–in any scenario. They are so easy to use yet so efficient!

Needless to say, there are plenty of different designs and styles available on the market, but not all dog car seat covers will be the right match for your needs. To make sure that your money is well spent, you won’t have to just ensure that the dimensions of the dog car seat covers fit your car’s make and brand. There are many important factors to consider, from the type of fabric to the type of coverage it offers. To help you make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck and that your new car seat cover will excel your expectations, we’ve rounded up all the best dog car seat covers out there- and a short guide on how to know which of them is the right match for you. All of the dog car seat covers from our list are tried-and-true favorites of many other pet pawrents, so you don’t have to worry–each choice is a good one!

Editor’s Choice: BarksBar Luxury Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Budget-friendly but incredibly well made, this quilted convertible car seat cover will keep your seats protected and your pet comfortable for the ride. Made to last, it is constructed with a tough waterproof polyester that is also machine washable- you don’t have to worry about mud stains or residual stinkiness with this car cover. Available in large and extra large sizes, BarksBar Luxury Waterproof Car Seat Cover is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. Since it’s designed to serve both as a bench-style cover and a hammock type with an easy installation process to switch between the styles, this car cover offers great value for money.

Runner Up: PetSafe Solvit Premium Quilted Seat Cover

If you want a luxurious dog car seat cover that’s both beautiful and highly functional, you can’t go wrong with PetSafe Solvit Premium Quilted Seat Cover. The padded, quilted cotton twill cover with leather headrest straps will keep your pet’s hair away from your seat without making them look drab while you drive around with your pooch. The straps allow for a secure fit, so your pooch won’t be able to wiggle it out of place. The material is soft and pleasant, but the cover is still waterproof, thanks to the hidden membrane in the interior layers. The PetSafe’s SmartFit system with elasticized panels on the sides and the front so it will fit various different vehicles with ease. All of these features make it a true high-end dog car seat cover.

Budget Buy: URPOWER Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

This waterproof, quilted, hammock dog seat cover has 4 layers of material to keep your pet comfy and your seats perfectly protected: water resistant 600D oxford cloth, soft A grade PP cotton, durable polyester, and no slip PVC net on the bottom to prevent the cover from moving around even if your pet is being rowdy. Ultimate care went into the design of this seat cover. The padded layering also feels luxurious to lie down on, so your pet will be as much of a fan as you are! The 58 inch by 54 inch dimensions make URPOWER Waterproof Pet Seat Cover suitable for most cars. To boot, thanks to the stylish looks, it really won’t look out of place in your car!

Frisco Quilted Hammock Car Seat Cover

Not only that this hammock car seat cover keeps your seats clean and your pet safely restricted to the back of the car, but it also has convenient pockets that give you ample storage space for your pet’s toys, treats, leash, and other knick-knacks. The clever design on this cover ensures that it will fit most cars – it just loops around all four headrests and then you adjust the tightness to make sure everything is nice and snug. Waterproof and machine washable, Frisco Quilted Hammock Car Seat Cover is an excellent choice for people who often travel with their pet. It comes out as a very convenient choice – you can clean it with ease and keep your car spotless at all times.

Duke Dixie Pet Front Seat Car Cover

You might have a dog who insists on riding in the front seat, right next to you, thank you very much. And that’s fine, as long as you keep your eyes on the road while they do the snoozing. This front car seat cover from Duke Dixie Pet will be perfect for those scenarios. It’s quilted and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about those messy slobbers that happen as they drool about their adventure. It’ll let your doggy drive shotgun and keep your seats in primo condition too and most importantly? There’s a buckle that will allow you to ensure complete safety for your dog. Too often, we cringe because we see beloved best friends hanging in the front seats but they’re simply not safe because they’re not buckled in and secure should an accident happen. With this car seat cover, you’ve got protection for your seat and protection for your pal at the same time. What a clever design!

Buddy Dog Car Seat for SUVs

Designed to fit standard, midsize, and large SUVs, this cargo car cover will keep your car clean and give your pooch ample space to chill during a long drive. This type of cover is ideal if you have a large breed dog or multiple pooches you’re sharing your vehicle with, as it transforms the whole cargo area into dog friendly space. It’s even made with safety in mind, as it creates a barrier that prevents your pet from jumping to the front of the car – but still has a mesh window so they won’t feel lonely or anxious in the back. And we all know how the cargo space can be difficult to properly and thoroughly clean. Thanks to this spacious cover, however, those difficulties are now a thing of the past.

YESYEES Waterproof Dog Seat Covers

If your car’s backseat has two bucket seats instead of a traditional bench-style seat, you’ll probably want something a bit more tailored. That’s why these YESYEES seats covers have 2 zippers for the middle seat armrest or flap for split seating. It’s nonslip and waterproof, and the bottom has corner elastic straps and seat anchors because nothing is more frustrating than the car seat cover slipping and doggo hair getting all over the place anyway, is it? They’re easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum for spot treatments but you can also throw them in the wash on gentle cycle to get a heavier clean going. The soft cotton padding is waterproof (so take THAT slobber, vomit and potty accidents!) and will give you peace of mind for every ride with your best friend. It’s tear resistant for even the most eager of dogs who are determined to get to the comfy leather or upholstery hiding underneath. Because that’s what our dogs do, isn’t it?

Kurgo Heather No Slip Grip Bench Seat Cover

With a snug fit and 9 points of attachment, there is not a sliver of doubt that this bench style seat cover will stay in place throughout the trip, no matter how energetic your pooch is. We all know about those rear seat zoomies and how chaotic they can be – but this cover will stand up to your pet’s destructive behavior. It is specially designed with grippiness in mind and to suit owners of large or rowdy dogs which tend to pull down the covers during a long trip. The attractive grey fabric is waterproof and stain resistant. To boot, this no slip car seat cover also has micro dot backing that is ideally suited for leather seats. Also, it is designed to be very durable, perfectly taking the beating of constant wear and tear.

Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bucket Seat Cover

Made from durable heavy gauge polyester with waterproof backing, Sta-Put car cover will keep your bucket car seat completely enveloped and secure from any liquid “accidents” or dirty paws. The elasticized bottom ensures good compatibility with most makes and models, and it provides a snug, no slip fit. And after a camping trip or an outdoor adventure that leaves this car seat looking like it’s gone through hell and back, just toss in the washing machine and it will be good as new. And, thanks to its durability, repeated machine washings won’t affect its looks one bit. Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bucket Seat Cover is a perfect match for any size dog- if their butt fits on a bucket seat, that is.

YoGi Prime Dog Seat Cover

Designed to withstand heavy duty use and to be convenient to set up and remove, YoGi Prime is a bench type dog car seat cover that offers a snug fit and great protection. It’s super easy to install, as all it takes is to loop the straps over the headrests and tuck in the seat anchors and you’re ready to hit the road. The extra large pocket is also a nice touch, as it will allow you to keep your pet’s travel necessities at one easy to reach place. Now that’s some smart engineering!

Types of Dog Car Seat Covers

You’d think that dog car seat covers don’t vary much in terms of design and style, but you’d be surprised. There are different sizes, materials, and coverage styles available to meet every pet parent’s demands! Of course, one needs to think about the car too! Different car types – old and new – will require a different seat cover. Thankfully, plenty of brands offer adjustment options, so no car owner will be excluded.

Bench dog car seat covers

Designed to fit snugly on the back seat of your car, bench car seat covers completely envelop it. The cover has the same shape and the dimensions of the seat, so it will be almost like a second skin – no stray hair or paw prints will find their way to the cushions below it! The design of this type of car seat covers makes sure that they don’t move around or slide no matter how rowdy your pet gets in the back, so they are great if you have an energetic pooch or a big dog under whom a looser cover would simply slide down or shift during the drive. And although bench seat covers can be a bit tricky to install, the effort is certainly worth it.

Hammock dog car seat covers

This type of dog car seat covers is one of the most popular – it’s versatile, fits many different types of car and it improves the car safety to boot! As the name suggests, the cover is suspended between the front and the back seats – like a hammock, in a way. The cover protects the whole back seat and at the same time, creates a barrier that prevents your pooch from getting in the front of the car without your permission. This ensures that you don’t have any distractions while you drive – neither from your curious pet or from thinking about your seats getting dirty. This is the perfect solution for all those pups with some extra energy.

Bucket dog car seat covers

What if your dog prefers riding shotgun? Or if you drive a car that has bucket seats in the back? No worries, this type of dog car seat cover is designed to fit on both bucket seats and front passenger seat. They are usually a snug fit and keep everything under the headrest completely protected from your pooch’s shedding coat. While this is a convenient solution for medium-sized and large dogs, you might want to look into booster seats for petite pooches. They will keep the seats spotless and give your small dog the comfort they deserve!

Cargo dog car seat covers

In case your pooch doesn’t fit in the back seat of your car, let alone the front, the only option will be to transport them in the cargo part of the car. Big pooches need a lot of space, after all! To keep your car’s cargo tidy and neat, pick one of these extra large covers that will keep the bottom and the sides of it spotless. Of course, every car owner knows that keeping the cargo area clean can be a nightmare. The fabric within it can be such a hassle to clean, especially when dirty paw marks are in question. Well, say goodbye to those pesky issues and get yourself a cargo seat cover.

What to Consider Before Buying

Now when you know which type of dog car seat covers you need for your ride, you need to know what features to look out for. The type of fabric used or additional perks such as pockets could significantly sway your decision – so pay attention to all of the important factors before purchasing! Be sure to take a good look at all the diverse details and features. That way you can totally adapt to your car model, your pet’s character, and your personal wants.

Car compatibility

This one is pretty straightforward – the first thing you need to pay attention to is that the dimensions and the shape of the dog car seat cover are a match for the seats in your car. Often, the manufacturers will list which vehicle makes and models their cover fits – or the design of the cover itself, such as bucket or hammock, dictates the compatibility. This is important – a modern, large SUV and a small city car will require different dimension covers.


OK, yes, the cover goes over car seats which are meant to be somewhat comfy, so your pet won’t be uncomfortable for the ride. However, why not make sure that they are extra snug and cozy if there’s a chance for it? Quilted or padded dog car seat covers give an extra layer of cushioning, and they also look more luxurious. Similarly, covers made out of softer, warming materials can also provide more comfort, especially to senior pets. Just make sure that their waterproof capabilities are up to par if potential potty accidents are a concern.


Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you might travel with your pet on a regular basis or share your car with a dog only once in a blue moon. Naturally, this should be a factor in your decision – if you want something that will withstand heavy duty use, quality and durability will be one of the first things to consider. However, if you need dog car seat covers for an occasional trip to the vet or once a year vacation, there’s no need to splurge on a luxurious set: something cheap and decent will do the trick. Of course, durability is important with washing. Repeated cycles in the machine can take a toll on fabric, so the more durable your cover is, the better.


While you will be somewhat limited by the make and model of your car, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have plenty of options when it comes to style. Your dog’s behavior will also play a role in your choice of style, too – if they are curious and energetic, you’ll need a cover that doubles as a barrier, if they are large and covers slide under them, you will need something tight fitting, etc. From hammock to snug, all covering bench type, you can pick the design that suits both your preferences and your pet’s, too. Style is also good when you don’t want to mar the pristine interior design of your car. No one wants to have a basic seat cover standing out from the luxury leather – try to find a stylish solution that blends in!

Traveling with Your Dog: Safety and Accessories

While the primary drive for buying dog car seat covers is to protect your car from your pet, it doesn’t mean that your dog’s safety in the car shouldn’t be your primary concern. In addition to dog car seat covers, here are some of the essential accessories for the road:

  • Car harness for safe tethering
  • Dog car seats or booster seats for small breed dogs
  • Travel crate for anxious or large dogs
  • Dog ramps for seniors who need a helping hand when getting out of the car
  • Barriers for dogs who try to jump to the front seat

And in case you don’t want to stop at the products that make traveling with your pet safer, make sure to check out our guide on pawesome pet travel accessories that will make the trip easier and more enjoyable, both for your pooch and you!

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