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Dog training collars are designed to control a dog in an efficient, safe, and humane way- for their safety and the safety of others. We’ve compiled a list of the best dog training collars the market has to offer- scroll on to learn more!

There is no doubt that doggos can be so stubborn at times! Willful, goofy, and eternally curious, dogs will find any way to get into trouble – especially when out in the park or out of sight. Sometimes, with some rowdier, territorial dogs, this curiosity can get out of hand, resulting in big trouble. Of course, the owner should always be able to keep a watchful eye on their beloved pet and react when needed – calming things down and controlling their four-legged companion. But a stern command or a raised voice won’t always do the trick. And – of course – being rough or harsh is never a solution. Thankfully, there is a much better way to do it!

Dog training collars are specifically designed to control a dog in an efficient, safe, and humane way – allowing you to keep things in order: wherever and whenever! This brings about a whole range of benefits, totally changing the relationship you had with your pet – for the better. Most people think that dog training collars are cruel and unethical – but the truth is far from that. These nifty accessories are totally humane, safe, and won’t hurt your dog one bit. With simple audial and physical stimulation, you simply exert your own usual control over a long range. And that’s where the secret lies!

There are several features that all dog training collars share, with just a few differences between brands and designs. Depending on the number of dogs you own, the range you need, or the number of modes offered, you can totally adjust your selection to your dog and the training methods you prefer. To help you choose, we found the 10 best dog training collars the market has to offer.

Dog training collars are a great and efficient way to introduce more control over a willful or rowdy pupper, safely and without much fuss. PATPET Dog Training Collar is one of the most popular on the market, thanks to its great concept and reliability. The training collar features an adjustable and durable nylon belt that fits most standard-sized dog breeds. The training is conducted with a nifty little controller that boasts 2 channels and 3 modes. Thanks to these modes you can perfectly adapt to your training methods: there is the beep, the vibration, and the shock. For the last two modes, there are amazing 16 levels of strength so you can make sure that it is perfectly adjusted to your pet. Of course, the entire setup is totally wireless: the controller has a range of up to 1000ft, making it quite versatile to use – even when your pooch is out of reach, you can still exert control. The collar is moderately waterproof but is not suitable for swimming. There is also a practical locking control so you don’t accidentally shock your doggo.

Runner up: FunniPets Dog Training Collar

This basic dog training collar follows all the established design elements and offers a reliable end result. Its durable nylon strap can be adjusted and features reflective stitching for greater visibility. If that is not enough, there is also a built-in LED light as well! The controller boasts an excellent range of 2600 feet, extending your control even further than most brands offer. The collar itself is totally waterproof, allowing your pet to take a swim without you worrying.FunniPets Dog Training Collar boasts the usual 4 methods of operation, and its vibrate mode boasts impressive 99 levels- this truly allows for some true fine-tuning.

Customer’s choice: Flittor Dog Training Collar

This by-the-book design from Flittor offers you a rechargeable, reliable, and versatile dog training collar Its heavy-duty nylon strap can be fully adjusted for most dog breeds and features reflective stitching for increased visibility. Its remote control has a great rechargeable battery and is enhanced with a tidy, backlit LED screen for easy reading. Flittor Dog Training Collar allows for 3 saved presets, and has the 3 standard modes of operation. The 1000 feet distance range is acceptable for most usual surroundings and allows a good deal of control wherever you are.

Best range: SportDOG SportHunter Training Collar

Fields, parks, and backyards are ideal spots for training dogs. But if you are using a training collar to do so, you will need to rely on the range. SportDOG’s unique dog training collar offers you several range choices: ¾ of a mile, ½ of a mile, or 1 whole mile of range! This is ideal for having better control over your pupper, even when they are not close by. It features 3 modes – static, tone, or vibration, and boasts an amazing 21 levels of continuous static simulation, really giving you all the adjustability you require. Another awesome feature is the lithium-ion rechargeable battery that has a 2-hour quick charge option. The design also boasts a DRY TEK waterproof concept, allowing the collar to be submerged up to 25 ft! No more worries about puddles or ponds ruining your training session.

Budget choice: TWODEER IPX7 Dog Training Collar

Simple, efficient, and very reliable – this is what TWODEER IPX7 Dog Training Collar is all about. Its wide and extra-durable nylon collar can be adjusted for most standard-sized dog breeds for a snug fit. The attached training receiver has a conductible silicone cover that ensures your dog won’t be hurt. TWODEER IPX7 Dog Training Collar also boasts a series of awesome features that make it stand out. It has a 90 days standby time with its battery and features 3 training modes and 2 channels. One of these modes is the beep, followed by shock and vibrate, each one with 5 levels. The controller has a great range of 1640 feet in a barrier-free area, and a 1000 feet range otherwise. The collar also boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating, allowing your doggo to enjoy swimming and rainy weather without worries.

Best remote: Slopehill Upgraded Dog Collar

Slopehill offers this modern concept that relies on good range and versatility – with one unique feature that really stands out. The secret of this concept is in its voice recording ability. You can record up to 2, 4-second long voice commands and play them back repeatedly on command. This allows you to record simple commands such as “Sit” or “Quiet”, and use them to enhance the training of your dog and allow you to get the same results remotely as when you’re standing right next to your pet. Of course, there are all the other standard features as well, with the vibration, beep, and shock options. The batteries can be recharged, and the range of the controller is also quite good- up to 500 yards.

Best for beginners: TBI Pro Dog Training Collar

TBI Pro’s modern, rechargeable training collar design offers you all the important features that allow for an easy training process. This fully adjustable collar boasts a great range, with 30% more distance covered than in the usual designs. TBI Pro Dog Training Collar is also one of the rare collars that rely on a big, easy-to-read LCD screen that lists out all the important information, making everything all the more easier for a newbie trainer. It has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, and is also waterproof as well. With four basic training modes and 100 levels of intensity, it is one of the most versatile designs out there.

Best for multiple dogs: DOG CARE Training Collar

This fantastic design boasts a controller that has the ability to control up to 9 receivers! If you own several dogs that you need to keep under control, this option makes things so much easier. What is even better is the fact it is suitable for dogs from 15 to 100 lbs so it can be used on dogs of all shapes and sizes. With its standard training modes of beep, shock, and vibration, and 100 levels of intensity, DOG CARE Training Collar allows for all the adjustments you need. Another great feature is the locking button, which prevents those accidental shocks out of the blue. A versatile and great dog training collar for those large multi-pet households where things are bound to get rowdy if you’re not in control of the situation.

Best for behavior modification: Educator E-Collar

Here’s the proof that seemingly simple designs can hide a ton of useful features. Educator E-collar doesn’t look too complex, but it is actually quite efficient. Not only does it have a great range, but allows for Pavlovian method training with its intense beep sound, opening new opportunities for behavior modification. It also has the vibration mode, which is more intense than usual, allowing for a more potent response. The shape of this design is the so-called stopwatch concept, making the controller discreet and easy to carry. The collar features a bright LED light, helping you to spot your doggo even in the dark. Simple, efficient, and affordable – what more could anyone want?

Best for barking: F-Color Dog Training Collar

Boasting a powerful design, it has four distinct training modes that allow for versatile training approaches and can help you teach your pooch not to bark at all times. These are light mode, vibration, sound, and shock. The design also boasts a powerful controller – it has a massive range of up to 2600 feet! The collar’s receiver features soft silicone contact points that won’t affect your dog’s neck. There is also a built-in LED light that helps you spot your doggo even in the dark. And best of all – the controller is totally rechargeable! With its powerful range, versatility, and waterproof design, this is one of the best dog training collars on the market.

What are the Benefits of Dog Training Collars & How Do They Work?

Training your dog – on your own – can be such a difficult task. Of course, there are few amongst us who can resist absolutely spoiling their faithful pupper. Who can resist that pleading stare, those goofy antics, and a voracious appetite? But when we spoil our dogs, we gradually lose control over their behavior. And when there’s little control, trouble often looms just around the corner. When you are in the park, around other dogs, or in a new and exciting environment, your dog’s curiosity and energy can quickly take over, leaving you and your stern commands far in the background. And accidents and trouble are bound to follow.

Dog training collars are a great way to remedy such situations and give you control once more. The way they work is simple – just place the collar around your dog’s neck in the usual way, with the little receiver prongs touching the neck. These prongs help send the commands from the controller and to your doggo. These commands are usually separated into 3 modes – tone, vibration, and shock. The tone mode allows for a more grounded training method, the so-called Pavlovian response. You can “program” your dog to react to certain sounds and to perform certain actions only when that sound is played. The usual beep can thus instruct your dog to stop barking, to sit, or come to heel.

Vibration is the middle ground of training stimulation. It can be used as a “preemptive” measure, helping to keep your pet “on their toes” even before they get into trouble. Vibration is often used continually, delivering a gentle stimulation that keeps your dog calm. Of course, the third and most common method of control is shock. Dog training collars rely on humane and low electrical shocks to help you better deliver a command. Connect the shocking sensation with a spoken command to enhance its importance – you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your dog will comply. Of course, there is no reason for worry. These shocks are totally safe and not at all painful to your dog.

Another great – and somewhat rare – feature of dog training collars is the voice command option. Some designs include the option to record one or more voice commands. These recordings of your voice are usually limited to just a few seconds, but that is enough to record basic commands, such as “Sit”, “Stop”, “Come”, and similar. If your dog reacts well to your voice, you can use these recordings to your advantage. Even when your dog is far in the distance, they will still hear your voice through the collar – with one press of a button!

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