Three-In-One Stride Dispenser Makes Every Step Of Your Dog Walk Count

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
stride makes dog poop disposal stylish, sanitary and strong

At this year’s SuperZoo, we were introduced to hundreds of cool products for dogs. One that stood out for us was the Three-In-One stride Dispenser. Equipped with a waste bag dispenser, hand sanitizer compartment, and pedometer, we felt that stride makes a must-having dog-walking accessory.

Let’s start out with the poop bag part of this accessory. Instead of being dispensed on a continuous roll, the stride waste bags are folded flat like travel tissue and are dispensed individually. Sporting a natural wood grain print, these biodegradable waste bags make a statement. And when you run out, you can pick up a 28-count or 56-count refill pack.

Picking up dog poop brings out the germaphobe in me. Even if there are no holes in the bag, I still get icked out picking it up. And I know that there are plenty of other people out there just like me. Stride has a built-in hand sanitizer compartment, so you can squirt it on your hand after you’ve deposited the poop in the trash can. When you run out – and again, if you’re like me, it’ll be a common occurrence – you can refill it with any brand of hand sanitizer (I like anything from Bath and Body Works).

Finally, if you’re into getting the most out of your walk, the pedometer feature of stride helps keep track of each step. It boasts multi-axis technology, activity monitoring options for steps, distance, and calories, and can store up to seven days of information.

Made by 26 Bars & a Band, I also appreciated the innovative and sleek look of stride. It just goes to show you that dog poop bag holds can be chic and modern. For added convenience, its glow in the dark strap is adjustable and attaches easily to the handle of any dog leash or belt loop.

The stride retails for $25 and comes with seven starter flat pack waste bags, removable sanitizer container, multi-axis pedometer, and glow-in-the dark strap. The Woodgrain Refill Packs are $6 for a 28-count bag and $8 for a 56-count bag. You can learn more about it or purchase on the 26 Bars & a Band website.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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