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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog frisbees are a classic toy that you can’t go wrong with – almost every pooch loves playing fetch! Despite what you may think, though, not all dog frisbees are made alike, so read on to find the best.

There is nothing better for both the owner and the dog than some good old playtime. Getting out during the day and visiting the park or hanging out in the backyard can be a great pastime. It is useful to break the monotony of the day, and boredom as well – dogs can experience it as well! It can also effectively help you pupper to release all that pent up energy and to direct it to the play and not something mischievous. And when it comes to playing with your dog, nothing beats the tried and tested game of fetch.

Why is frisbee a great way of playing fetch?

Most dog breeds have a natural instinct to retrieve, to catch, and to pursue. Luckily we can simulate this today in a playful way, and that’s where pet toys come in handy – particularly dog frisbees. There are hundreds of toy types out there, from squeaky rubber shapes to thick twisted rope toys, and all sorts of things. But a frisbee can never be replaced. This simple toy is a fantastic way to play fetch with your four-legged companion, and to have fun while doing it! Yes – with a frisbee it isn’t all a repetitive lugging of a stick and browsing your phone while the dog retrieves it. With a frisbee, you can actually enjoy and immerse yourself in the moment – especially if you are out with a friend or your significant other. Bond over the game and release some energy alongside your dog. It can’t be better than that- and it also can’t be simpler.

Frisbees have been around for ages, and their simple shape and ease of use have placed them to the very top of dog and sport-related toys. When a toy is simple, fun, and efficient, it easily grows on you. Furthermore, the frisbee play of catch has evolved into proper sport discipline – the disc dog. This dog sport features professional competitions in which owners and their furry friends can easily display all that they have learned together. And who knows? Maybe your pupper shows a keen ability to retrieve the frisbee in a unique and entertaining way. But even if your pet doesn’t have a competitive side to his personality, you will still provide him with an effective, demanding workout. And for all responsible owners, this should be a big deal.

As we mentioned, dogs are naturally energetic. If you don’t offer them a chance to release this energy, you risk having an unhappy, violent, naughty, or obese dog. And none of those are good. So don’t hesitate to get out and get energized. It won’t just offer an exercise to your pet – it will create a deeper bond between the two of you, and also offer you a chance to let off some steam. If you were considering to purchase a new and efficient dog toy – well, it is time to consider a frisbee! Read on to get a close look at the very best dog frisbees on the market- we compare prices, quality, and safety to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Yours is only to choose!

1. Editor’s Choice: ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer

The first thing to notice about this soft frisbee is the very tough textile center, made from nylon fabric. The edges are soft rubber in a fabric cover. This frisbee is lightweight but sturdy and folds effortlessly for ease of carrying. Moreover, it floats on water, so no worries if it accidentally lands in the pond. The frisbee has reinforced stitching along the edges and is designed so it gradually descends lower and your pet can catch it in mid-flight. A great toy for casual play and training for dog disc games.

2. Runner Up: Nerf Dog Rubber Tire Flyer Dog Toy

Nerf Dog is a proven brand and this time they deliver a truly unique design that puts the classic Frisbee look to a whole new level. This ring design might differ from the classic frisbees, but it is equally efficient- if not more. The ring is made from durable hard plastic and has a stylized tire texture that helps with the grip and throwing. It also puts a twist to the usual frisbee toss, with new ways to hold the ring. And to make playtime even more fun, this frisbee rubber tire toy comes in 6 vibrant colors that are easy to spot on the beach, in the park, or in the backyard – no matter where you are.

3. Customer’s Choice: Hyper Pet Floppy Dog Frisbee

This frisbee makes a perfect choice for your puppy. This simple, cute and very affordable frisbee is made from soft materials and features a unique design. The outer ring is made from soft rubber wrapped in rope, and the inside panel is made from tough nylon fabric. These materials are durable enough to withstand your pet’s munching and are flexible enough to be folded and fit into your pocket. Still, its design might not make it quite a long-distance flyer – it’s more of a backyard throw. On the other hand, as this innovative frisbee is so lightweight, it will float on the water without any issue, so if your pooch loves playing fetch on the beach, this might just be the one to go for.

4. Best for Big Dogs: KONG Flyer

This rubber disc is one of the toughest on the market, and that makes it perfect for large breeds or avid chewers. This isn’t your regular frisbee, although it looks like that. KONG Flyer is completely made of rubber and can be folded and twisted however you like. It still flies perfectly and can withstand the toughest treatment. But even so, you can fold it into your pocket, or the backpack. It’s a fantastic choice for all owners and can last you for a long, long while.

5. Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc

Sometimes, traditional design can work best. Hyperflite is a brand that specializes in these professional frisbees which are designed for use in dog disc sports. Their design is as basic as can be but refined to offer the best experience. Made from highly durable plastic that is resistant to even the strongest bites, it can really last a long time. But more importantly, it has all the properties a good frisbee needs – it flies far and offers maximum fun. If you and your pet really like to go all out in the park, and really get an exercise going, this frisbee could be the best choice.

6. RUFFWEAR HydroPlane Floating Disc for Dogs

Designed for all-season fun, this floating disc will be your four-legged bestie’s favorite toy on the beach or on the snow. Thanks to the lightweight foam construction that gives this disc the shape and firmness, this unconventional frisbee toy will stay on top of water or snow with ease – and as it doesn’t sink, that means your pooch can retrieve it in all conditions! The outer cover is made from abrasion-resistant materials, so don’t worry about drool seeping into the foam or those sparkly chompers taking out a chunk out of the new toy. Light and bright, this floating frisbee comes in two sizes which will give your pet loads of fun – all year long.

7. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Toy for Dogs

Sometimes it is best to take a fun approach to exercise. This unique frisbee design will surely grab your dog’s attention and motivate them to fetch! The soft frisbee is made in the shape of a flying squirrel, while still retaining all the properties a frisbee needs. It is made from a soft but durable fabric and has a rubber edge – it is designed specifically to withstand chewing and tossing. It can be perfect for all environments, and is a great choice if your dog is a swimmer – chuck it into the lake and watch your pet swim after it. This frisbee won’t sink. It’s also worth noting that this durable dog toy glows in the dark so it’s a great choice for nighttime play – there’s no missing it even when the sun goes down! This flying squirrel might have one enemy though, and that’s the wind – its lightweight might not be the best to use on those windy days.

8. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on land or on water- this dog frisbee will give your pupper loads of fun! The unique Zisc is made from a next-level material that is marketed as Zogoflex. And quite frankly, this frisbee is one of the best choices on the market today. This rubber-like material shows extreme toughness but is also light enough to easily float on water- to boot, it is also dishwasher safe and completely pet friendly. That’s owing to the fact that Zogoflex is fully nontoxic: it is BPA and phthalate-free, as well as FDA compliant.

In addition to being all about your pet’s safety, West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Frisbee is also designed to provide maximum fun. The classic round disc shape ensures that the Zisc flies far and the lip on the sides makes it perfect for some tug of war, as well. To make sure every pooch gets some of that fun, this dog frisbee comes in two sizes suited for all dog breeds- the smaller is 6.5” and the larger 8.5” in diameter. You also get to pick from four vibrant colors your pet will easily spot when playing!

9. Nite Ize Flashflight Discuit LED Flying Disc

Who said that you and your pet can’t play fetch in the evening? With the Nite Ize Discuit, darkness will no longer mean that you have to go home when you’re having a blast. This is perhaps the most unique frisbee on the market. It features LED’s that light up in a variety of colors and really makes a stunning appearance when flying through the air at night. Furthermore, it is water-resistant and floats, even though it is a plastic, hard frisbee. With it you can freely go play frisbee in your yard after dark, just be careful – someone might mistake it for a UFO!

10. ChuckIt! Whistle Flyer

ChuckIt really knows how to make the ultimate dog frisbee. So many of their options landed in our list so it is no big surprise that the end of our list finished where it started – with an exciting frisbee choice from Chuck it. This one uses a natural rubber fiber that makes it easier for everyone to hold on to as it is gentle on your hands and your dog’s mouth. But the additional feature to this frisbee that really makes it is the added whistling affect. There are multiple whistles placed all around the edge of the frisbee so when you toss it you will hear a continuous whistling sound that is sure to perk up your dog’s ears. Even if you have a dog that isn’t that into the game of frisbee you may find that this sound feature will get them interested in playing. Once your dog has caught the frisbee bug they will have endless hours of fun chasing the whistling Catch It Flyer as it ergonomically sails across the sky whistling its happy tune.

The difference between soft and hard dog frisbees

Dog frisbees are often found in two distinct versions – soft and hard. Each one has its pros and cons and suits all sorts of different dog breeds. Depending on the breed of your dog, it would be wise to consider which version would suit your needs better – choosing the wrong one would be a waste of money and time. Consider the following traits of each version carefully, and see which one suits your pet, or your budget the best.

Hard Frisbees

Hard frisbees are most often made from durable hard plastic, or a rubberized, tough plastic variant. Either way, they are hard enough to sustain the tight clench of a dog’s jaw, the scratches and tumbling on the concrete and grass. But there are some owners that are afraid their dog will hurt their teeth or gums on the hard plastic. And that brings us to our first point about choosing what’s best for your pet’s unique needs- if you have a small pooch that is gentle, choose the soft frisbee variant. Hard frisbees are a heavy-duty variant, and a small pup really can’t get a hold of it so efficiently.

But on the other hand, if your pup is a big, energetic, muscle machine, you’d do very well to opt for a hard frisbee. Large breeds have powerful jaws and bite strongly. And when they are still growing up and their teeth are emerging, they will simply love to bite and chew and mangle anything they can. A robust and hard plastic frisbee will be the perfect target to sustain their bite and to also engage them in play.

Still, hard frisbees are often cumbersome to carry around. If you have to walk some way to the park or the playground, you might not want to lug around a big plastic disc. That is the major disadvantage compared to soft frisbees. Of course, this downside is also an advantage from another perspective- its weight and hardness add to its ability to fly straight and far, so there is no risk of it going sideways and somewhere where you would not want it.

To sum it all up, hard dog frisbees are a better fit for strong and big pooches- and are more suited if you want to train for disc dog.

Soft Frisbees

This version is often made from durable, hard textiles that are stretched within a rubber, foam, or textile hoop. While they still have all that a flying “disc” needs, they are much softer and safer. Naturally, this makes them a perfect choice for your small and gentle breed, or for puppies. Soft frisbees are perfectly designed to endure the wear and tear of the game, and also to live through some basic “tough love” from small breeds. But when it comes to large and powerful dogs, soft frisbees won’t last all that long. The material will eventually give way to the strong bite of a large dog, so it won’t be the best solution in that case.

One of the great features of soft frisbees is their folding ability. Simply crumple them, fold them, tuck them away in your coat pocket or bag, and you’re settled. They pop back into shape immediately and your pup can continue to play. Moreover, soft frisbees can sometimes be the cheaper, affordable version of the two, so if your budget is tight this might be the better option for you. For just a few bucks, your pet can have a new favorite toy- and hours and hours of playtime.

The main design feature of a soft frisbee is that it’s made with pet comfort in mind. There is simply no chance a dog can hurt their gums or teeth or anything of the sort. They are completely safe and soft, and if you have a senior pupper with sensitive teeth, these soft toys will be a good and fun exercise for him.

While soft frisbees might not fly as far or as effectively as the hard ones, they still have one key advantage – they float. It can happen that a frisbee lands in a pond, lake, river, or whatever might be near – and sinks down. But these soft canvas frisbees simply stay afloat for you to retrieve. And that comes in handy, especially if your dog loves to swim. To cool him off in the summer, toss the frisbee in the water and watch him fetch and get some much-needed refreshment from the heat.

In conclusion, soft dog frisbees are affordable, convenient and a better choice for recreational play with small breed dogs, puppies, and seniors.

Benefits of dog frisbees

Exercise can never be a bad thing. One of the most important responsibilities you have as a dog owner is to make sure that your pet is active enough, as lack of physical activity is one of the most common causes of health and behavioral issues in dogs. Physical fitness is important for dogs – just like for all other creatures. If you neglect this, you risk obesity and all sorts of troubles that go with it, effectively endangering your pet’s quality of life in the way. Of course, it’s not always the question of pet owner’s willingness- many dogs are just lazy and have no desire to go out and get active. But if you introduce a new toy – such as the frisbee – it might be a great incentive to get them active again. Summer days can really be made better with an hour of engaging and exciting exercising in the local park. The game of fetch is one of the easiest your dog can learn, and the fun and exercise they’ll get from an inexpensive frisbee toy are truly priceless.

And that just might be the biggest benefit dog frisbees offer- a fit and healthy life for your pet and fun and engaging play that strengthens your bond. A frisbee can transform your pet from a lazy, sleepy, chubby pooch, to an energetic, smart, and playful pet that has a purpose- to retrieve a colorful disk. So don’t hesitate – offer your pet the chance to enjoy the day and let off some steam – it can make a world of difference in their health and behavior both.

Of course, you can have some fun as well! Frisbees are like that – the fun works in both ways. While your dog’s daily need for exercise and vitality are taken care off, you too can enjoy the benefits of some quality frisbee play. Did you know that frisbee games are a renowned international sport? That’s right! They can provide you with some great fun. Enjoy the play in the sun and you will quickly understand why it is so popular. It helps you unwind, energize, and relax as well. And when you spend such time with your loving furry friend, the magic is complete! Such a simple toy – but so many benefits: a frisbee can really bring a positive change in your daily routine.

What to Look for in Dog Frisbees

You might think that choosing a frisbee for some quality playtime with your pooch is a no brainer, but there are plenty of factors to consider before settling down on a design. To have a toy that will last long enough and provide you and your pet with ample fun, you’ll have to make sure that you pay attention to all the details: that way, your pet will be happy and your wallet as well. Durability is certainly the first and foremost feature that every frisbee needs to have. The flying disc needs to withstand all the wear and tear, the dog bites, and the throwing around. Look for frisbees made from dense rubber or plastic – they can really take a punch and won’t crack under your pet’s strong jaws. Also, flexible soft frisbees can be even more durable thanks to their great mix of lightweight and durability. The choice is up to you- as long as the materials are of high-quality and pet-safe, it’s all the same.

Color and extra features are also a thing to look out for. Bright colors can help you spot your frisbee even in tall grass. Otherwise, you risk losing it even before play time starts and that’s no fun at all. Extra features like odd shapes and built-in whistles can also be helpful to entice your pupper to play. If you are trying to introduce workout into your pet’s daily routine and don’t think that a regular old frisbee will do it, these nifty features can be such a helping hand.

How do I choose a Frisbee for my dog?

There are plenty of factors to consider when getting a frisbee for your pet, but first will certainly be the material. Not only that it determines its durability, but it gives the flying disc other properties, as well – will it float, will it fly far, and so on. Soft frisbees are best for puppies and newbies, and hard are great for active dogs that cherish the challenge. Another important consideration is the size of the frisbee – after all, a Great Dane and a puppy can’t fetch the same size toy. Go for small discs if you have a puppy or a small breed dog, and up the size if your pooch is bigger.

Can all dogs play Frisbee?

While playing frisbee might seem like a universal thing to do with your dog, not all dogs can actually play frisbee. To play fetch with a flying disc, a dog has to be agile and active – if you have a senior pet, or a lazy couch potato, chances are that a game of frisbee fetch would be too demanding for them. If you are unsure if your pet would love to play frisbee, give it a go – if they fetch it and ask for more, you’re on the right track.

Do dogs need a special Frisbee?

While it isn’t an absolute must, a special frisbee designed for dogs will be a much better match for your pet’s needs. A regular frisbee is not adapted to a dog’s mouth, so the lip of the disc might cause discomfort or injure some pets, whereas dog frisbees are engineered to suit canine’s need, starting from the shape of their mouth all the way to the designs that appeal to their eye (e.g. vibrant colors that they can spot from afar). What’s more, some dog frisbees have special features such as whistles or glow-in-the-dark details that are fully tailored for the need of doggy playtime in any and all conditions.

How should I play Frisbee with a dog?

The first step, of course, is to pique your pet’s interest. Take the flying disc and dangle it in front of your dog, simulating the flying motion, to get their attention. Then, start by throwing the frisbee at a short distance and gradually increase it when your pooch gets the hang of it. In case that this approach doesn’t work with your pet, try putting treats on a frisbee before you start with the “training” routine, so they’d get familiar with the disc in a positive way right from the start. As for the game itself, there are no rules: you throw, they retrieve. Just make sure that you are playing frisbee with your dog in a safe area where they couldn’t accidentally run off and get lost or get into traffic.

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