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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog kennel covers make sure that your pet is protected from the elements in the time he spends outside. Needless to say, this accessory is a must for everyone who has an outdoor kennel for their pet–read on to learn which one will fit your needs.

Kennels or crates are certainly some of the most important accessories and items for our four-legged friends. They offer comfort, protection, safety, and a naturally soothing environment in which they will feel relaxed and protected. Crates and kennels can be both outdoor and indoor, and today we will focus on the kennels – which are usually the large, outdoor versions. Large outdoor kennels are an important addition to every pet-owning household, especially those who have a big, energetic pooch in their family. Contrary to popular belief, a kennel of this sort can be very beneficial for your pet. Even large breeds can suffer from separation anxiety – especially when you are off for work. And sometimes an indoor kennel just won’t do the trick for a large pet.

What does an outdoor kennel do?

An outdoor kennel is a safe and welcoming environment for your dog, that serves the same purpose as does an indoor crate – the denning method still applies. When you are not here, your big friend will have a safe and cozy place to feel cozy in – anxiety will be placed at a minimum. An outdoor kennel also serves as an adequate means of protection for a large dog. Especially if they are prone to destructive behavior when you are not home. But with a spacious and sturdy kennel, you can prevent escape and other dangerous activities. On the other hand, there is something that most of these kennels on the market lack to be considered truly comfortable to spend time in- and that is adequate protection from the elements. So what is the best way to ensure ample protection from the sun’s heat, the rain, wind, and all else? The answer to all these problems is one simple accessory: dog kennel covers.

Why do I need an outdoor kennel cover?

Dog kennel covers are a must-have for all owners who already invested in a kennel for their big furry friend. Ensuring additional protection from the rain and the wind is the first checkbox to fill in on the list of most important things to do when kenneling. To help you make the right decision for your pet, we’re guiding you through all the various choices on the market when it comes to best dog kennel covers. Learn what are the key features to take into account, and find the optimal solution for your pet and your kennel. With just a little bit of research, you can create a cozy part-time outdoor home for your pupper!

1. Editor’s Pick: EXPAWLORER Dog Crate Cover

Here is an excellent option that works for both indoor and outdoor situations. If you have both a crate (or a pet gate) and a kennel, you can kill two birds with one stone with this smart 2-in-1 purchase. The cover is made from high grade, lightweight and durable polyester material that is excellent as a windbreak and is also waterproof. For outdoor use, it relies on its light-blocking properties, while for the indoors it relies on the breathable mesh material to create a cover over your pet’s head. In both situations, this EXPAWLORER cover is close to the very top on the market. Affordable and cleverly designed, it is a great accessory to have.

2. Runner Up: Weatherguard Kennel Frame & Cover Set

This roof type cover from Weatherguard might just be the ultimate choice on the market and is perfect for those big kennels for large dog breeds. Just as its name suggests this roof will be the ultimate guard from the weather and its elements. It is made from highly durable, all-weather material that is good year-round – no need to replace or adapt to each new season. It has a perfect fit and rounded edges and is attached in the traditional, easy to use system. Even though it is a bit pricey, this roof is still a smart investment – one that might last a long, long time.

3. Best for Shade: HomeABC Shade Kennel Cover

Here is an excellent choice for the summer days when you really need to block those pesky sun rays. HomeABC offers a basic, tried and tested design that works well as a sunscreen. It is a 90% UV resistant material that is both lightweight and durable. It features a breathable meshed, but tightly woven material with stitched edges, and a traditional ear loops method of attachment. If circumstances dictate, this cover can also protect from light drizzle and rain. If you are looking for a simple and affordable summer solution that is both efficient and simple to use, this shade cover is a perfect choice.

4. Best for Carriers: Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover

Who said that a kennel cover can’t be a multifunctional accessory? It can offer so much more than simple element protection for your dog. The perfect example for this is the Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover which elevated a simple, classic design to a whole other level. Made with a heavy-duty, 2-ply poly exterior shell, it can really withstand the wear and tear of both outdoor and indoor use. Behind this rugged outer shell is a premium MicroLite 3 insulation, which ensures regulated temperature in every season of the year, and can increase temperatures in cold weather by 30 to 40 degrees! To keep your kennel stable and secure on any surface, Mud River thought to add an industrial rubber, non-skid bottom.

Of course, this kennel cover comes with mesh windows for greater ventilation, and also has removable window flaps for better protection. A great feature in this design is the multitude of side pockets and pouches, which allow you to keep all your doggo-related goodies close at hand. Save space and secure your dog’s kennel at the same time- ideal for camping, travel, and any adventure you and your dog embark on!

5. Best Budget: E.Share 40% Shade Cover

This simple shade cover is one of the more affordable designs on the market, but it is still quite reliable and does the trick. It is made from an all-black mesh material that is perfectly designed to provide shade. The material is a lightweight polyethylene, very durable and boasting longevity. It features added grommets and stitching on the edges that ensure more firmness. This cover is an excellent example of how a simple and straightforward design can work perfectly as a light cover. But still, it won’t stand up to those demanding weather elements. It is just a sunshade after all!

6. Best 2-in-1: Precision Pet Products Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

Precision Pet Products delivers one of the sturdiest and more advanced kennel and crate covers that is available on the market. This 2-in-1 cover works great outside and inside and is made from high-quality materials, with a lot of added features. The heavy-duty, high-grade nylon canvas will easily resist water, wind, and sun. It features roll-up sides and mesh windows for adaptability and ventilation, all connected with high-quality zippers. Perfectly designed for wire mesh crates and rectangular designs, this cover offers protection in all circumstances. You can adapt to any situation with this versatile modular design.

7. Best for Gazebos: Advantek Pet Gazebo Cover

If you evolved your outdoor kennel setting into something resembling this smart octagonal gazebo design, these Advantek covers will work like a charm! Perfectly resembling a roof, these gazebo style covers are perfect for shedding rain and reflecting sunlight. Made from highly durable polyester materials, they boast longevity and toughness. Pet gazebos are the ultimate form of outdoor kennels – they are spacious, functional, and highly decorative to boot. And with these covers they are made complete, allowing you to rest easy even in the worst weather. The material is waterproof and easy to clean.

8. Best Basic: Alion Home Sun Shade Cover

Here is yet another simple and basic design, but with a twist. The Alion Home cover is made from thick woven material and is perfect for providing much-needed shade during the summer months. The material is knitted UV stabilized 185+ GSM high-density polyethylene, and it boasts years of service and extreme durability. The cover is known for blocking up to 95% of the sun’s rays – making it the perfect summer cover. And even though it is dense it is meshed just enough to provide ample ventilation for your pet.

9. Best Heavy Duty: Lucky Dog Weatherguard Kennel Roof System

If you need something really heavy duty, you can’t go wrong with this kennel cover and roof system. In addition to the heavy duty waterproof cover, this setup comes with a steel roof construction so you can attach it to the top of the kennel for a secure and long-lasting sheltering. The material of the kennel cover is a heavy duty all-season fabric that won’t crack, fade or peel when exposed to the elements so you can use it year-round without worrying that too much sun or snow and rain will damage it. This roof system is originally designed to fit all Lucky Dog kennels but can be used on other brand kennels that match the dimensions available, which are 5 ft by 5 ft, 5 ft by 10 ft, and 5 ft by 15 ft. The roof will add about 2 ft of height to the kennel, as well.

10. Best Efficient: Cool Runners Kennel Cover

Although it might seem simple at first glance, this Cool Runners kennel cover is actually a fantastic choice. Made from material that’s a blend of strong nylon and durable polypropylene, it boasts extreme toughness and is both UV resistant and waterproof. It acts as an insulator in the summer months and will provide maximum cool shade even in the worst heat. It also has these nifty attaching clips which are among the simplest and most efficient designs on the market. Affordable, simple, and efficient – what more could you ask for?

The importance of dog kennel covers

All dogs like to spend time outdoors. I mean, all that tail wagging and excitement once you mention playtime in the park or your yard kinda gives it away. And in the summer, dogs will surely like to spend most of the day outside – soaking up the nice weather and spending their energy. And even when it is time to rest, they can do it outside – you can offer them a cozy and safe environment in which to rest – without bringing them inside. There’s no doubt that your dog will immensely enjoy snoozing in those warm summer evenings in the open air. But an outdoor kennel calls for extra attention at all times. A dog that is spending time outside needs to be taken care of. Without a kennel cover, you risk potential problems. During the summer there is dehydration and heat stroke. If there’s no cover above him, a dog is at all times out on the heat of the sun – and that is extremely dangerous. You need to offer some shade, and a sun proof kennel cover will be just the thing. And when the sun is gone, you have rain or snow, or low temperatures. This is also important – if your dog is often outside, you need to offer cover from the rain. The best solution would certainly be a kennel with a roof – these types require special dog kennel covers but will be perfect for all weather conditions, especially the rain.

Remember not to mix things up – a kennel cover is there only to protect from the elements. It will not offer insulation or extra warmth – you will have to work on that yourself. If you are looking to achieve the same denning effect for training your pet, remember that it might be different than the indoor crates. It will be challenging to create a cozy and warm kennel outside, but with a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, it can be done. Just remember- an outdoor kennel is not an adequate full time home for your pet. For their safety and comfort, they should live with you and only spend time outdoors in certain situations.

Either way, it is clear that dog kennel covers are an unavoidable investment if you have an outdoor kennel for your pet. If you and your pet both prefer the outdoors, that is all good – but don’t neglect your pet’s basic need to have a proper shelter and keep the weather elements at bay. Invest in these durable covers and ensure the optimal comfort for your four-legged companion.

Features to consider in dog kennel covers

Once you take things into consideration, it is easy to see that dog kennel covers need to check many boxes in order to be effective and practical. The materials should stand the test of time and weather and need to be made by a set code of standards and to provide maximum protection for your pet. Whatever the conditions – the same rules apply. Sun, snow, or rain, all can take their toll on poor quality materials. That is why it is always a good solution to spend a little extra but to be certain that your dog is properly protected outdoors. Of course, you don’t always have to break the bank to get the best for your pet- if you know what to look for.


The first and foremost thing to ensure is durability. After all, it is your loved pet under that cover, and no sun or rain should pass. It needs to stand up to all the daily wear and tear in whatever weather. Sun can be as harmful or unpleasant as the rain, so make sure that the material is sufficiently sunlight proof. Special nylon tarp-like materials will also effectively block the rain and won’t drip. And of course, it is always good to rely on reviews and first-hand experiences – sometimes you can learn a lot and know the durability before you make your purchase.


Always search for the best overall material that will fit your needs and be the best purchase for your budget. Avoid the cheapest nylon options – these tarps can be difficult to work with and really inefficient. As with everything, splurging a little will prove to be a good decision, as thick, durable materials will not only offer great protection but will also last for a long time. Dog kennel covers come in many different fabrics – so make your choice with care.


Here is one of the critical things to look out for when buying a kennel cover. There are a ton of designs out there when it comes to fitting and adjusting your cover. From classic eye rings to elastic bands, and even quick-release clasps – the choices are many. But you want to make sure that your fitting is as perfect as can be – no slacking and no tearing either. The elastic string design works best in such cases, as it allows you to fully adapt to the shape and the design of your particular kennel. You also want it to be as simple as possible – all those straps and strings can cause quite a mess and be hard to set up in key moments.


Dog kennels come in different sizes and finding a cover that is an exact fit can be a challenge. Even with the adjustable options, it still might be a tight fit. So always do careful measurements and know what kind of kennel you have at hand – it will be very important when you are making your choice. Luckily, most brands today offer several choices, in sizes from S to XL – so you can adapt to an extent. Furthermore, some materials will be more elastic than others, and that can also help with the fitting. If you miss on the size, you risk missing the point of a kennel cover – too small and you will still expose your pet to the sun and the rain. And that’s the last thing you want!

Machine washable

In case you are buying a kennel cover for an indoor crate, you’ll want to make sure that it is machine washable- as these are usually made from more versatile materials than outdoor kennel covers, they can often be easier to clean. A kennel cover will get dirty easily even if used indoors- the accumulation of dust, accidental spills, or stains- this can all be easily managed if the cover is machine washable. Of course, most outdoor kennel covers can’t be machine washed, but you can simply hose them down when needed.

Easy to put on and take off

While you might think that putting on a kennel cover is a straightforward task, that’s not always the case. The last thing you want is to get a kennel cover with a zillion of straps, grommets, fastenings, and so on- when you want to put it on or take off in a hurry, it will become extremely frustrating to deal with all that fuss. Go for simple designs that have a straightforward system such as fastening at key points (corners), or can be simply put on snugly for a secure fit, if it’s a portable crate cover you’re looking for.

What are the differences between crate covers and kennel covers?

While they are often used interchangeably, crate covers and kennel covers are two different things: one is designed to cover crates that are used mostly indoors, and the other is a heavy-duty, weather-resistant alternative meant to cover outdoor kennels. Naturally, the main difference is in the size and the design to allow for structural and dimensional differences, but the choice of materials also dramatically varies. Crate covers can be made with almost any fabric as they are not always required to filter out UV rays or block rain from coming in, but kennel covers need to be resistant to fading from sun, water-resistant to endure sun and snow, and durable and tough enough to withstand all those elements without disintegrating in a matter of months.

Can I make a kennel cover by myself?

This all depends on your sewing or craftiness skill level and the intended use. It might be easier to create a crate cover, as there are a range of tutorials online, starting with no-sew crate covers all the way to more complicated, tailor-made crate covers. When it comes to outdoor kennel covers, it made be difficult to source the right materials and not all home sewing machines can handle sewing them even if you are able to find what you need. In these cases, it can end up being costlier- not to mention too time consuming- to opt for the DIY route instead of buying a ready made kennel cover.

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