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If you ask any dog owner, they’ll tell you that one of the more stressful things about having a dog is nail clipping. Personally, I can’t think of a thing I dread doing more than trying to figure out if I’m cutting too much of the nail and risking a bleed from an injured quick. It’s even worse when your dog happens to have naturally dark nails! Ugh. Grooming dogs is not easy, that’s for sure but on the other hand, getting your pooch professionally groomed can be very expensive. Luckily, there are ways to properly groom your pet’s paws at home without losing your sanity in the process. Instead of clipping, why not opt for filing down your pooch’s long claws? Dog nail grinders do exactly what their name hints at- they grind down the nail to an acceptable length without the risk of the nail breaking or you cutting too much of it on the first try. 

Dog nail grinders usually have a rounded head that runs at a high speed and files down the nail. The surface of the grinder is similar to sandpaper, so it’s not too harsh as to hurt your pet’s paw but harsh enough to grind down nails. There are still risks involved, like hitting the quick, but overall the speed of the process and the ease of use are what win people over to nail grinders over clippers. Naturally, pooches are not too crazy about nail grinders any more they are about clippers, but hey- it’s a much quicker process. It does take some getting used to, but dogs generally dislike nail trims, so it’s nothing new, really. 

A great way to get your pooch used to a nail grinder is using positive reinforcement (read copious amounts of treats) to make them connect the dots between the nail trimming process and a reward. Each pooch is different, of course, so it might take you more or less time to get your pet comfortable during your grooming sessions but be persistent and you’ll get there. 

Dog nail grinders generally operate on the same principle, but the difference between makes and models can be quite drastic. Some don’t live up to the hype and others deliver on their promises- but it can be difficult to know which of them are worth your money. To help you choose the best dog nail grinder for a stress-free grooming routine, we’ve rounded up the very finest that the market has to offer. 

Best Dog Nail Grinders:Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Whether you have a Pomeranian or a Great Dane, this dog nail grinder will impress you with its performance. Designed to be efficient for nails of different thickness and size, Hertzko nail grinder has 3 size openings to control how much of the grinding head is in contact with the nail. For instance, for the largest dog breeds, you’d completely remove the cover and use the whole grinder area for work. The diamond bit grinding stone is very efficient, but the sound of this grinder doesn’t reveal it- it’s so quiet you’ll be wondering if it’s turned on. The USB charging mode makes it easy to always be prepared for a grooming session- no pesky batteries needed. 

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Best Dog Nail Grinders:Dremel 7300-PT

Dremel dog nail grinders are so popular with pet owners that people sometimes refer to nail grinders as ‘dremels’. That’s one heck of a recommendation! The praise is certainly earned, as these nail grooming tools are really top of the line. Dremel 7300-PT operates cordless, as it has a rechargeable battery, and it’s convenient to use. This nail grinder has two rotation speeds, so you can start slow in the beginning before switching to the faster mode once you get the hang of it. The 60-grit sanding drum definitely does the job in both speeds, whether it’s for the smaller claws of toy dogs and thick nails of the large breeds.

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Best Dog Nail Grinders: Wahl Ultimate Corded Pet Nail Grinder

While cordless, rechargeable dog nail grinders have their appeal, some people prefer to be plugged in. It means you can always use your grooming tools without worrying about the charge level, and for some, that’s a make it or break it feature. Wahl Ultimate is a professional dog nail grinder for heavy-duty use that boasts quiet operation, multiple speed modes that go up to a whopping 13,000 RPM and comes in its own storage case. You’ll also get 3 large and 3 small sanding wheels, which is perfect if you have multiple dogs in your home and need to switch between sizes.

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Best Dog Nail Grinders: Furminator Nail Grinder

Furminator is a household name in the world of at-home dog grooming, and their nail grinder doesn’t disappoint. It’s cheap yet surprisingly well-made, with features that even more expensive dog nail grinders don’t have. This two-speed dog nail grinder is made from antimicrobial plastic to keep the nasty germs at bay and has a rubber grip for comfortable handling. But, the best part about Furminator nail grinder must be its LED light that illuminates the working surface- aka your pet’s nails. A fantastic way to make sure you’re not going overboard and risking cutting the quick! This alkaline battery-powered nail grinder comes with 2 replaceable grinding bands.

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Best Dog Nail Grinders:Wahl Premium

Meant mostly for small dog breeds, this cordless nail filer is powerful enough to grind down your pet’s nails to dust but still gentle enough on those tiny nails. Wahl nail grinder has two forward and two reverse speeds, and it can go up to 7,500 and 10,000 RPM. This might not be too impressive if you have a large dog, but for petite pooches, it’s ideal. Powered by batteries, Wahl nail clipper comes in its own stylish case with 6 sanding bands- more than enough to last you for months, if not more. 

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Best Dog Nail Grinders: Gentle Paws Less Stress

With its “whisper-quiet” rotary motor, this nail grinder is great for timid pooches or dogs who are new to the world of nail grinding. The two speeds of operation allow you to adjust the mode to your pet’s individual needs: slow for thinner nails and faster for thicker. This grooming device boasts a safety guard cap that exposes your dog’s nails to a minor part of the rotating sand drum’s surface. The guard cap prevents you from going too far and traps the nail dust at the same time. Gentle Paws nail grinder comes with fine and coarse sanding bands, so you can further customize the grooming experience.

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Best Dog Nail Grinders: ConairPRO Professional

Like all professional dog nail grinders, ConairPRO is also corded and needs to be plugged in an electric outlet. Lightweight and ultra-quiet, this nail grinder also has a long cord that will give you enough room for maneuvering- convenient to use in every way. ConairPRO has both stone and sander attachments that are interchangeable and it will do the job as efficiently for a toy dog as it would for a gentle giant. The protection cap that’s included is especially handy for containing the dust mess and lifesaving for beginners who are still getting used to using a nail grinder on their pet.

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Best Dog Nail Grinders: Andis EasyClip 2

Giving your pet a mani-pedi will be a breeze with this lightweight nail grinder! The silicone sleeve with ergonomic design gives you a good grip- the grinder feels quite comfortable in hand, so you won’t strain while grooming your pet. The two speeds of operation make sure that every dog’s nails can be trimmed with the same ease, whether thick or brittle. This dog nail grinder is cordless but doesn’t need batteries to work: it charges through an electric DC charger. The EasyClip comes with one large and one small sanding drum included, with 5 sanding wheels between them, all packed in a high-quality pouch.

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The ribbed rubber surface of this cordless dog nail grinder makes it very comfortable for use- you won’t have to worry about the grinder slipping or shifting in your hand while you try to focus on keeping your dog’s nails at the right length. Instead of the common sanding drum, this particular nail filer uses a Diamond Bit Grinder which some prefer- as it is more durable than sanding paper. Charged by USB, this compact nail grinder needs no batteries or electric power to charge, so it’s ideal to take with you when you travel.

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Best Dog Nail Grinders: FurryFido

Ideal for puppies and toy dog breeds, this nail grinder kit keeps grooming of those tiny nails stress-free. The super quiet motor will ensure that your petite pooch isn’t startled by the loud noise and make for a relaxing grooming experience. The 10,000 RPM power of the motor rotating the sanding tips is not enough for a large breed with thick nails, but it’s great for small breed dogs. Powered by AA batteries, this compact nail grinder features an LED light for improved visibility while you work on your dog’s mani-pedi. FurryFido Pet Nail Grinder Kit comes with 6 sanding tips and carrying case.

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