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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

A specially designed dog toothbrush will help you keep your pet’s breath fresh and their teeth plaque-free and healthy. We’ve rounded up the best designs on the market to make sure you can find a perfect match in no time!

There’s a common saying that the mouth is the gateway to great health. The same applies to our dogs – with great oral hygiene, you lay down a foundation for good health and the immune system. However, to maintain oral hygiene, you will have to put in the work: regular brushing is a must, and you’ll need a dog toothbrush to perform the task successfully.

There are many types of dog toothbrushes and each of the many unique designs strives to achieve the same goals. First, of course, is thorough tooth cleaning. Even the best dog food leaves particles behind, and without daily brushing, those particles can become plaque and a source of bacteria in the mouth. With a good brush, you can remedy this, and also remove the buildup of plaque and tartar if they have already formed. Next, you can invigorate the gums, promoting a healthy blood flow and maintaining good oral health. This helps stave off or prevent aching teeth in senior dog years.

Choosing an appropriate dog toothbrush can be a challenge – with so many unique designs, you simply can’t make up your mind. We know that struggle. To that end, here’s our list of the 10 best dog toothbrushes on the market to make your choice much easier.

1. Editor’s Choice: Boshel Dog Toothbrush Pack

Say “cheese”! Without regular brushing, there would be no bright and healthy doggo smiles, and Boshel’s unique 2-sided brush design is perfect for maintaining a healthy set of canine teeth. Thanks to the clever design, you can now reach every nook and cranny of your pet’s mouth without much hassle. The special angular design and the length will help make everything super simple. On one side is a large brush, and on the opposite a small one. This allows you to care for both large and small dogs. Additionally, Boshel includes a nifty little finger brush as well. This smaller brush is great for puppies and toy dog breeds, as it allows you to really have a good reach and scrub those chompers clean!


  • Three different brush sizes in the pack
  • Long and angular
  • Durable


  • The handle could be thicker
  • The plastic build of the finger brush can irritate gums

2. Runner Up: Digiray K-Brush for Pets

K-Brush’s Digiray design is really unlike any other. Thanks to its unique shape and nifty features, this toothbrush is perfectly suited for dogs of all breeds and sizes – and cats as well! The secret of this concept is in the long and tapered brush. The narrow and small top part takes care of the littlest teeth, and the wide bottom portion is good for the big doggo chompers. A uniquely shaped handle gives you a solid grip at all times. The brush itself has a soft silicone bristle, which is designed to clean the teeth, soothe the gums, and remove dental plaque. One great feature is the option to remove the brush with a simple twist. This allows you to sterilize it in boiling water and re-use it time and time again. Sustainable and thrifty both!


  • A super-efficient design
  • Soft bristle soothes the gums
  • Unique tapered top


  • Bristles could be longer

3. Customer’s Choice: Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush Set

Pet Republique’s toothbrushes follow the approved concept: a long and double-headed brush with angled heads is great for reaching any tricky spot. Each brush head is different in size, providing care for big and small breeds alike. The brushes are oriented opposite one another, which keeps them out of your way in use. As they are color-coded, you can make sure you don’t mix them up when it’s time for teeth brushing- if you have more than one pet, this can be quite handy. The set includes six brushes, which can last you quite some time.


  • Six brushes included
  • Dual-head design
  • Solid and durable


  • Somewhat rough bristles

4. Budget Choice: Pienoy 50pcs Double Head Dog Toothbrush

This is the ideal solution for dog grooming salons or pet owners that like to stock up on dog supplies- and a 50-piece pack will keep you stocked for quite a while. These high-quality dog toothbrushes don’t stray far from the tried-and-tested concept: they are 21.7 cm (8.5”) long, allowing for plenty of maneuverability while cleaning. The diagonal design boasts two different-sized brushes at each end, both of them angular. Thanks to the decent-sized bristles, you can easily get in there and scrape off the plaque deposits in the making. They are made from quality, non-toxic and hygienic plastic that can really take a beating and even survive a bite from a restless pupper. Of course, each of these 50 brushes can be used repeatedly, or as a disposable one-time brush if you are using them in a salon.


  • Soft bristles
  • 50-piece pack: good value for money
  • Great overall design


  • Could be more durable

5. Best Fingerbrush: Jasper 360º Dog Fingerbrush Toothbrush Kit

It’s crucial to reach all those tricky spots when cleaning your dog’s teeth, and thanks to the ergonomic design of these nifty finger brushes, no nook or cranny will be left uncleaned. However, it’s important to know that this is not an ordinary finger brush. Thanks to its smart 360-degree design, you can reach both upper and lower teeth and maneuver however you’d like. This design is great at removing tartar and plaque buildup, massaging the tongue, and soothing the gums. The use is simple: just slide this soft silicone brush onto your finger and you are set! The silicone clings tightly to your finger and gives you the ultimate control. And with the bristles covering the entire finger, the coverage is 12x better than in a standard finger brush!


  • Fantastic 360-degree design
  • Absolute coverage
  • Great for removing plaque


  • One size

6. Best for Puppies: VTurboWay 360-degrees Dog Toothbrush

When cleaning dog teeth, it is very important to easily reach every spot in the mouth, but in a tiny puppy’s mouth, that can be challenging. However, this unique toothbrush offers a 360-degree bristle that allows you to clean thoroughly and with little effort. The mid-sized 5.9” handle is made from durable, stylized plastic and tapers towards the end. At its top is a rounded bristle with soft and dense hairs for that thorough clean. And, thanks to the small size and gentle bristles, this unique brush is perfectly suited for puppies. Ensure proper dental hygiene from a very early age thanks to this special design.


  • Great 360-degree concept
  • Strong handle
  • Soft bristles


  • The brush could be larger

7. Best for Sensitive Gums: Fada Store Extra Soft Finger Toothbrush

This great value pack will keep you stocked for plenty of tooth-brushing sessions. They come in either a 20-piece or 8-piece package and sport a unique and reliable design. These finger brushes are a great alternative to the standard toothbrush design. Made from soft, food-grade silicone, these brushes have tiny and soft bristles that clean teeth, massage the gums, and remove dental plaque without irritating gentle and sensitive gums in the process. On the back side are several raised bumps, used to clean and massage your dog’s tongue. The brush is simple to use and easy to clean afterward, prolonging its service life by far.


  • See-through design
  • Soft and massaging bristles
  • Easy to use


  • Somewhat tiny bristles

8. Best Electric: FOKOME Dog Electric Toothbrush

An electric dog toothbrush is a great way to provide a thorough clean with little effort, but not all designs are made alike. This electric toothbrush stands out as it features an especially designed head with mixed classic bristles and added auxiliary silicone bristles. This ensures that your dog’s gums won’t get irritated during cleaning. The brush features 3 modes of vibration for different cleaning styles and is totally waterproof thanks to an IPX7 rating. Operated by batteries it is super simple to use and economic to boot. Of course, it is made from durable, BPA-free, hygienic soft silicone and will last you for a long time. The brush heads can be replaced after wear, and you get one extra head included in this pack!


  • 3 modes of operation
  • Auxiliary silicone bristles
  • Reliable and efficient


  • Could be scary for some dogs

9. Best 360-Degree Design: FinYii Soft 360 degree Toothbrush

Unique 360-degree brushes such as this one are great for providing a thorough and efficient clean. Thanks to its small-sized brush and soft bristles, this toothbrush is ideal for small dogs, puppies, and even cats. Its handle is tapered near the top and made from durable non-toxic plastic. The brushes are classic and thin, grouped tightly to provide a soft but thorough cleaning. Of course, the rounded 360-degree design makes it great for reaching both top and bottom teeth and covering all those hard-to-reach spots. The ergonomic handle ensures a solid grip, and the brush also comes with its own little case for hygienic storing. A great and reliable design!


  • Sturdy ergonomic grip
  • Rounded design
  • Soft bristles


  • The brush could be larger in diameter

10. Best for Plaque: Orgrimmar 3-sided Pet Toothbrush

Time for the ultimate tooth cleaning experience! This robust and unique Orgrimmar toothbrush is straight out of the future. Thanks to the robust, ergonomic handle and a unique three-sided brush, you can provide your dog with a thorough clean. The unique design is great for removing dental plaque and tartar and penetrating deep into every crevice between individual teeth. The three separate brush heads work together to shorten the cleaning time and reduce the effort needed. It is also safe for dishwashers, making it easy to maintain good hygiene over time. And, due to the bulky and robust design, this brush is great for large dogs!


  • A unique one-of-a-kind design
  • Heavy-duty ergonomic grip
  • Suitable for large dog breeds


  • The three brush necks are prone to snapping

What are the Benefits of a Dog Toothbrush?

With their sharp canines and thick back teeth, dogs can chomp through anything – bones, branches, and anything in between. Still, if you neglect to maintain your dog’s teeth, things can really quickly go foul. In modern times there are many unfavorable ingredients in water and food that create plaque, tartar, stain the teeth, and cause quick deterioration of oral health. And in no time, things become bad. Without a healthy set of teeth, a dog becomes vulnerable and can become sick quickly. Luckily, a dog toothbrush remedies this and keeps those canines shiny and functioning properly. Here are just some of the many benefits they bring.

Removes Tartar and Plaque

Dental plaque is all too common nowadays. Due to unreliable water sources, it can quickly accumulate and deteriorate teeth health. A good dog toothbrush works to break up the plaque buildup, exposing the healthy teeth beneath and bringing things back to normal. If left in place, plaque can gradually deteriorate the base of a tooth and cause more serious issues.

Soothes and invigorates Gums

A soft-bristled silicone dog toothbrush is ideal for massaging your dog’s gums. For senior dogs, the gums can get inflamed and aching, which requires some soothing and gentle massaging. With a soft silicone brush, you can invigorate the gums and promote a healthy blood flow, which in turn helps with the healing process. Of course, it is always best to seek the advice of your vet. And they will often recommend a reliable silicone finger brush for those gentle massages.

Maintains Hygiene

In the end, a dog toothbrush is ideal for overall oral hygiene. Say goodbye to your doggo’s stinky breath, yellowed teeth, and massive plaque buildup. With thorough and regular cleaning, you will greatly boost your pet’s health and ensure a healthy set of teeth even into seniority. And, if you start in the puppy stage, you will lay down a foundation of great health and dental hygiene – for life.

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