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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Leather dog leashes are a stylish, durable, and convenient solution for keeping our pets under control on walks. Learn more about the advantages leather dog leashes have over nylon or retractable options and find a perfect match on our list of best sellers.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is the playful and curious nature of our four-legged friends. No one loves to play and explore more than our dogs, and that often means that we have to be very attentive to make sure they stay out of trouble. As their carers, we are obliged to always take good care of our pets and to keep them always by our side when we are outside. And to do that effectively, we need proper accessories that will ensure both that our pets feel comfortable and have enough freedom to explore, as well as that they are safe at all times.

Playtime, walks, and spending time in the doggie park are all very important daily activities that we need to provide for our furry friends, in one form or the other. With regular activity, we promote their good health and we keep at bay all those nasty issues – such as lethargy, obesity, anxiety, and destructive behavior. All of these problems are less likely to occur when there’s enough mental and physical activity in your pet’s life. But when we take our pets outside of the safety of our homes, it calls for some added precautions. To avoid tricky situations, such as our pooch running after a squirrel and getting lost, or getting into trouble with other unruly pets, we need to always keep them close to us, or simply maintain some manner of control over their actions. Needless to say, there’s no handier tool to ensure this than a dog leash. While there are many different materials and styles out there, today we’re focusing on a tried and true design: leather dog leashes.

Leather dog leashes come in many different designs and are much sturdier and efficient than the lightweight retractable leashes – which are mostly good just for smaller breeds and puppies. A sturdy leather leash gives our pet some amount of freedom but gives you all the control – which is what matters at the end of the day. Depending on the size you choose – there are usually no adjustability options – your pet will have enough room for maneuvering, but in case you want them closer to your side, they will be there in a second!

With so many options on the market, you might not be sure if leather dog leashes are the best choice for your needs in the first place- and if they are, which one of them you should choose. To help you make the right decision, we’ve done the research for you: whether you want to learn more about the pros and the cons of leather dog leashes or simply find the right style for your needs and budget, you’re at the right place.

1. Editor’s Pick: ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash

With a smooth handle to keep your hands protected from burns, this military grade leather leash relies on genuine leather and durable stitches to create a long lasting leash.

Available in dark brown and crisp black colors, as well as two different sizes, these Adityna heavy duty leather dog leashes were built to last. Made from a single piece of premium grade genuine leather and a durable stainless steel clasp, this is the perfect leash for owners of large dog breeds.

2. Runner Up: Logical Leather Heavy Duty Leash

This is a simple design that was executed in a high-quality manner that ensured its durability. Logical Leather offers a leash made from a single piece of high quality, extra thick top grain leather – without any odds and ends. It also features rust-resistant rivets and a high-quality safety clasp for connecting to the collar or a harness. This is a leash you can truly rely on, as it features everything a solid leash should have. You can choose between two colors – black and classic brown.

3. Best Short Leash: Fairwin Leather Short Dog Leash

If you find yourself in a situation in which maximum control over your dog is needed, a short leash is a great solution. The Fairwin Leather Short Dog Leash is a 16” handmade Italian imported leather leash with durable stitching for strength and durability. It is available in black and brown standard leather as well as a brown braided leather design.

The high-end pure copper alloy hook is incredibly sturdy, making it a great choice for medium to large-sized dogs. Capable of withstanding 500 lb of pull force, you can feel comfortable knowing that it will hold up during the training process, even if your dog is still learning to walk properly without pulling.

This leash is suitable for clipping on collars, and chest straps while navigating through large crowds, crossing traffic, or other situations in which your dog needs to remain directly by your side.

4. Best Clasp: kgt Genuine Leather Braided Leash

Here is a great example of a premium, high-quality leash that easily ticks all of our boxes. Made from genuine, military-grade leather, it has plenty of thickness and added braids for reinforcement. With a leash such as this one, there is no reason to worry about durability. One key feature to notice is the heavy-duty modern robust clasp made from stainless steel and featuring a 360-degree swivel. It has a large thumb mechanism for release and safety. What is even better is the fact that this leash comes with a choice of several different lengths, so you can freely adapt to your needs. A great choice for both large and medium dog breeds.

5. Best Craftsmanship: Bond & Co. Mahogany Leather Leash

Impeccable style, exquisite quality, and first-class safety are all the defining features of this Bond & Co. leash. One glance will tell you all you need to know. This elegant accessory is made from genuine leather- the manufacturer prides itself on the finest craftsmanship. Stainless steel safety clasps and D rings are a great touch, as are the reinforcing stitches. An additional steel ring attaches the grip to the leash and offers more flexibility and freedom for your pet without compromising their safety. To boot, added steel rivets firmly secure all the important folds and connections.

6. Best Comfortable: Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash

Stylish and sturdy, this leather dog leash will give you both comfort and peace of mind. Created by dog lovers for dog lovers, this leather leash is really made with attention to detail- from the high-quality materials to meticulous manufacture, everything about this leash is impressive. Made from soft, premium quality genuine leather in rich natural brown color, Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash features a padded handle for your convenience, and you don’t have to worry about chafing or discomfort when walking your pet.

At 6 feet in length and ¾” width, this leather leash is a good choice for pets of all sizes, big and small. The study carabiner clip will ensure that the leash is securely fastened to your dog’s collar or harness: it is made with aviator aluminum and the same type mountain climbers use and trust with their life. As an added bonus, this leather leash features a handy D-ring at the base of the handle where you can attach your poop bags and be all set for the walk to the park.

7. Best Modern: Moonpet Leather Dog Leash

Moonpet is a brand that offers a clean design with modern, high-quality features. It is made from water-resistant high grade genuine full-grain leather, which is not only thick but also beautiful. The leash is reinforced with added stitching and has an added D ring so you can attach additional accessories as needed. The attachment point is a safety release clasp which is very efficient and secure. Don’t be fooled by its affordable price tag – the quality of this leash makes it good enough to compete with many pricier options on the market.

8. Best With Color: BRONZEDOG Leather Leash

Who said that leather dog leashes need to be toned down? Bring a bit of color and joy into the style with these colorful BRONZEDOG leashes that offer some much-needed variety to the market. Made from two layers of high-grade genuine leather, with added stitching and rivetings, you can rest easy knowing that this leash will withstand all it needs to: it’s as durable as it is pretty. It comes in many different versions – each leash has one side in one of six vibrant colors that contrast the main black.

9. Best Basic: CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Leash

Simple in design yet made from sturdy cowhide leather, whether you have a large dog or a small pup, you can find the perfect leash for your style and needs.

This stylish leash is made from treated soft cowhide leather which is soft to the touch, highly durable and has a lovely light brown color. There are no rivets or fastenings on this leash – but that does not take from its durability. In fact, what’s more, it adds to it! You can also choose from 6 different sizes as well as 8 different colors ranging from a bright orange to a sleek brown.

10. Best Large Handle: Dogs My Love Genuine Rolled Leather Dog Leash

Available in two sizes and two colors, this Dogs My Love durable rolled dog leash is easy on your hands and will become your go to choice for all of your daily walks.

Made from a soft, comfortable and durable piece of genuine high quality leather, this dog leash features reinforcing stitching and a nickel-plated swivel snap that adds to its already robust strength. With a large 7-inch handle, your hands will be comfortable on all of your daily walks. Great for strong, large dog breeds, this leash is a great choice if you are looking for a heavy-duty option.

11. Best Design: FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

Thinking of getting a gift for the dog lover in your life? Maybe you just want to spoil your own dog. Either way, this Fairwin leather dog leash is a stylish option perfect for medium sized pooches.

Made from Italian imported bull leather, this sturdy and durable leash also incorporates a braided design to maximize strength while adding a subtle element of design. It also sports a copper clasp that withstands oxidation so you can enjoy your leash for years to come without worrying about rust.

Although this specific leash is recommended for dogs weighing approximately 40 to 80 pounds, this product is also available in large and small sizes so every breed can enjoy the benefits of a leather leash.

12. Best Double Handle: Wellbro Luxury Genuine Leather Double Handle Dog Leash

If you love the look of a braided dog leash but need a bit of help controlling an energetic or aggressive dog, then the Wellbro Luxury Genuine Leather Double Handle Dog Leash is the one for you.

Spanning 6 feet in length, this leash was made from a soft and flexible cowhide leather coated with a water resistant finish. It also sports a rust resistant, pure copper, easy-to-use clasp.

What sets this leash apart from the rest however, is the dual handle design – closer to the base of the leash is another opening for you to take hold when crossing high-traffic areas!

13. Best Versatile: Guiding Star Multi Function 8ft Dog Leash

Cut from 4mm thick cowhide, this soft and pliable dog leash is outfitted with unique features like a moveable ring, to create one of the best multi-purpose leashes.

Whether you’re training your puppy, walking two dogs at the same or need to be hands free on your daily walks, this Guiding Star Multi Function Dog Leash can morph into 7 different types of leashes. When extended all the way, this genuine leather leash spans approximately 7.5 feet in length and around 4 feet when shortened.

It also features a number of corrosion resistant solid brass hardware which allows for such versatility. That plus the self-adjusting floating ring!

14. Best for Small Dogs: MoSANY Real Leather Slip Dog Leash

Built from a thin, single piece of leather, this slender and sleek dog leash is a great option for small dogs weighing less than 20 pounds.

For you dog owners out there who love the look of a leather leash, but don’t necessarily need the thick, heavy duty models for your smaller breed of dog, this MoSANY leather slip dog leash can provide you with the elegance and style of a leather leash without weighing your pup down.

It is a slip leash however, so it may not be ideal for those of you with dogs who like to pull or are still being trained.

15. Honorary Mention: Hero Leather Training Leash

With a lifetime replacement guarantee, and a little bit of love and care, this genuine leather leash that’s been crafted by hand will last you for years to come.

The Hero Leather Training Leash is another amazing option. It’s made from a single piece of natural, full grain leather that’s been handcrafted in Mexico. It’s also outfitted with a nickel plated solid brass swivel bolt snap hook to ensure the fastening is sturdy and secure. The 6-foot length is the perfect length to train your dog with – it gives them enough room to wander, but keeps them close enough to maintain control when need be.

16. Also Consider: Logical Leather Short Leash

This Third Party Tested full grain leather leash will give you full control and quick feedback when training your large pooch, and can withstand 245 pounds of pulling force.

To round out our list we’ve chosen an alternative option to your standard leash. If you need to maintain maximum control over your dog at all times, a long, 6-foot leash won’t exactly suit your needs. Instead, opting for a shorter leash, like this 14-inch model from Logical will help you train and manage larger breeds during their training period.

Similar to most products on this list, this beautiful leash is made from a single piece of full grain leather and sports a premium nickel plated solid brass clasp.

Features to look for in leather dog leashes

If we consider all the important benefits that a sturdy leather dog leash can offer, it is clear that many of them rely on the quality of the make and the materials. It pays off to steer clear from the cheap knock offs and pay a little bit extra to get your pet a high-quality leather leash – a lot can depend on their ability to withstand daily wear and tear. From tugging to chewing, leashes go through a lot of tension – but they always pass with flying colors – when they are made right.

A leash is a versatile accessory, and as a result, there are many different factors you have to consider before buying. You’d be wrong to assume that all leashes are made alike and that it doesn’t matter which one you pick. A quality accessory such as leather dog leashes is a combination of several important design elements that ensure its functionality and durability. Knowing which features to pay attention to will help you recognize exactly which leather dog leashes are the best choice for your needs and budget both:

Durability and toughness

Needless to say, toughness is the most important aspect of any leash, not just the leather ones. As a leash is that key tether between you and your pet, and it dictates safety, it really needs to be able to withstand all the tugging, the sudden jerking, and even potential chewing. The durability of a leather dog leash is dictated by its thickness, the stitching, and the overall quality of the leather. There are also the braided leather leashes, which are even stronger and an excellent choice for large breed dogs. Also, you should always look for side stitching or riveted fastenings, as these will add a lot to the overall toughness.


Length is another important aspect for a leash- both short and long leashes can be a great choice, but in different situations. This generally depends on your preference, but you also need to take other things into account – like your pet’s temperament, or your environment. A shorter leash means more control, and your pet will always be near to your side. This is a good choice for owners of large breeds or puppers with a bit of temperament. A longer leash, on the other hand, will give your pet a bit more freedom of movement and is generally a more easy-going option. Even so, you can easily shorten the length by simply folding and grabbing the length of the leash in situations where you need to pull your pet close to your side.


When it comes to safety, this is one of the most important factors. Pay attention to the way a leash is attached to the collar, and vice versa. Every fastening needs to be secure, sturdy, and reliable. Whenever possible, opt for a steel fastening, and one that is sturdily connected with the leash. A great choice are carabiner clips, safety clasps, or spring locks. And when you can, try to match the collar with the leash. Collars too need to be sturdy and with plenty of steel fittings and attachment D rings. That way you ensure a sturdy connection between the two and maximize the safety for your pet. The same goes for dog harnesses – if those happen to be your preference.


The way you hold the leash also has a role to play in your choice. The gripping part of the leash needs to be comfortable, well designed, and functional – after all, it is the key point of your control. Grips are often tear-drop shaped, or simple loops. But even so, they need to be properly reinforced and attached to the leash as best as possible. Some brands offer unique designs for their grips – ergonomic and with added materials. These are also great solutions. Always avoid the simplest leashes that don’t have a proper grip. Without it, you risk accidentally letting go – and that defeats the whole purpose of a leash.

Advantages of leather dog leashes

The key benefit of a dog leash is easy to understand right off the bat – control. But it goes deeper than that. Through control we achieve safety, and through safety, we minimize stress and anxiety, which allows both us and our pets to fully enjoy a nice daily walk. A leash also means safety for all other passerby and their pets and signifies it too. If your pet has a tendency to be too friendly with strangers or other pets he meets on the walk- or the opposite, where he gets aggressive in these situations, then a sturdy leash will help you keep all of these things in check- of course with a muzzle guard where applicable.

Leashes come in so many different designs that it can be hard to keep track: nylon, rope, bungee cord, retractable, and even metal chain leashes are all common choices. The advantage leather dog leashes have over their competitors are many, but the most important one is their durability. Where a poor quality nylon leash can snap under pressure or a metal chain leash rust due to weather elements, leather dog leashes remain reliable and look like new even after years of use. With proper maintenance, leather can last you for years and see your pet through his puppyhood all the way through to their golden years. Of course, there is the question of style, as well, as many pet parents prefer leather for its elegance and luxurious feel.

The potential downside of leather dog leashes is only their simplicity – if you need a leash that is adjustable and has all kinds of bells and whistles, chances are that a plain leather leash will be a disappointment. But if you need something that’s rugged and reliable, genuine leather is the choice for you.

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