Casper Dog Bed Review: Sweet Dreams For Dogs

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Did you know that the folks at Casper love your pup as much as they love you, and offer the amazing Casper Dog Bed for our furbabies’ sweet dreams? They do, and the question four-legged furballs everywhere want to know the answer to is: “Is it worth the hype?”

In a word, “Woof!” (That means YES!)

No Design Aspects Spared

The engineering team at Casper clearly knows who the top dogs of the family are: yours! Think about it–these are the people who understand how important good sleep is, and put all their talents into creating a mattress that lets humans wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It only makes sense that the same talents in a dog bed equal even more waggy tails in the morning from your pup. Dogs spend over half their lives sleeping, and Casper spent nearly 500 hours of laboratory testing (can I sign up for that job?) to come up with the perfect way to combine pressure-relieving memory foam and support foam for the bed your dog might actually prefer to your own. In fact, the development of the Casper Dog Bed was a process that included 110 different prototypes to ensure the very best for your best friend. When’s the last time you spent over 110 times trying to do anything for just the perfect result?

Open Upon Arrival

I won’t lie. I am one of those people who cringe when I read the word ‘Assembly,’ on just about anything. If I am really honest, when I see it on a dog bed, I cringe a teeny bit more, because in my head, shouldn’t a dog bed just… be? That said, true to their claim that they wanted an assembly process that was easy and simple, they did that with their Casper Dog Bed. It’s not anywhere near as scary as I thought, and like the human version of the mattress, it has supportive side bolsters and a cover. It’s pretty easy to zip the main mattress and bolsters into their own compartments, and even though directions and I have a hate-hate relationship, it’s pretty easy to figure out what pieces go where. After a few attempts to get the bolsters in just so (they are meant to fit snugly, and they do!) your dog will be able to plop right on down in maybe about five minutes or so, max.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

So the cool thing about the Casper Dog Bed is that it really was purposed for dogs. Yeah, any good mattress company can make a great dog bed too, but the thoughtful touches that went into this one are pretty impressive. For instance, think about how your dog tends to plunk himself down sometimes. Instinctively, they may scratch or dig a bit to get their resting spot ever-so-perfect. Their wild ancestors did this so they could find the coolest ground to sleep in overnight and though that may not be why your dog does it now, odds are, he still does now and then. Casper didn’t just take a human mattress and downsize it for your dog; they actually researched the sleep habits of dogs and designed the mattress cover just for this instinctual behavior. The surface of the bed has excess material on the top so dogs who paw to find the perfect spot will have the sensation that they are pawing at the earth as their ancestors did. Little details that make big differences!

Something To Chew On

If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty tired of spending a boat-load of money on dog beds that your puppy/young dog/heavy chewer just destroys after a night (if you’re lucky). We spent tons of money on bed after bed after bed, thinking that our gal would finally figure out it was nice to be comfy cozy and she’d not chew. The thing is, even some of the priciest dog beds on the market just taste.too.good for her and so…we gave up. The thing about the Casper Dog Bed is that they not only think that’s gonna be a possibility, they expected it and created the cover with a durable, strong bonded microfiber. Not just any microfiber, though…similar to the kind of stuff high-performance footwear that can take years and years of wear and abuse uses. And even if you’re saying, “Yeah, but you don’t know my dog,” (like I did when first looking at the Casper Dog Bed), guess what? There is a 100-night, money-back guarantee. That’s a hair over three months for your dog to decide whether or not it’s going to be the stuff dreams are made of, and if it’s not? Your money has not been eaten up too!

Size Does Matter

Yes, yes…you might think your dog wants all the room in the world because hey, they take yours up, right? The truth is, they really do prefer to be cozy. It again goes back to their ancestors days of staying safe from predators, and Casper kept this in mind when designing the bed. Though the bolsters sometimes move to the side and flatten (super easy to just move them back if they do), they act almost like a den for your dog to tuck himself into. Your pup feels safe and protected from predators (hey, that big, bad vacuum is always looming!), and this lets them drift away into blissful sleep. And to get just the right envelopment, the Casper Dog Bed comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small size is best for dogs up to 30 pounds–Pomeranians, Beagles, Boston Terriers and Cocker Spaniels and the like will love it. The Medium is best for dogs weighing in up to 60 pounds–say an Afghan Hound or medium-sized retrievers and collies. The large is best for dogs who weigh up to 90 pounds–maybe along the lines of Shepherds or Setters.

Well-Rested Dogs Are Smarter Dogs

You may laugh at this at first, but science shows it. Much like humans do, our dogs learn when they’re asleep, and much like in humans, a good night’s sleep can make a big difference in the development of our dog’s brains and in their day-to-day lives. We want the best for our furbabies, and better sleep cycles for our dogs mean better days for them and for us. Whether your poor old senior dog has arthritic bones and joints, or your brand new whippersnapper pup is learning about this great big world, a comfy and cozy sleep on the Casper Dog Bed can be just what the scientists ordered.

The Rest Of The (Bedtime) Story

Because sleep is so important to our dogs (and to us), it really is something we need to consider investing in. That’s important when looking at the Casper Dog Bed because the reality is that it is a bit pricey ($125 for small; $150 for medium and $225 for large). There’s quite a sticker shock when you head over to the ‘pet section’ at Target, or even some of your boutique pet stores that typically sell dog beds for between $20-$80. That was a big hesitancy on my part too. But like I said, when I added up all the money I spent on dog beds only for my girl to destroy, the medium-sized bed really is only pennies in the bucket, but with a MUCH better risk in that Casper offers the 100-night guarantee. It’s built solidly and is easy for me to wash (the tough cover is machine washable!), and the high-quality memory foam Casper is known for will keep its shape over the long haul. And, with unique features like hidden zippers inside of sewn-in pockets and heat bonded seams that keep fur outside of the cover, the thing is made for longevity.

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Best, though, is the customer service and business practices that Casper employs. You can quickly order the Casper Dog Bed online, or go old-school and use the telephone. If you do, you’ll love talking with the representatives, who actually like dogs and want you and your dog to be happy. When it’s delivered, you’ll feel like it’s Christmas, and though I may be spoiling a little surprise, the cute dog toy they send is just one more way Casper shows it’s thinking of you and your dog.

I’m one of those people who researches the heck out of everything I buy (particularly when I am spending $150 on a dog bed) and I typically pay attention to the one- and two-star reviews more than the five-stars that sometimes tend to make me wonder if they’re Autobot reviews. The thing is, there really aren’t a ton of issues customers seem to have–and my guess is that’s because Casper paid so much attention to the construction and details of the bed and offers some pretty fantastic customer service to boot. That’s what convinced me, along with the guarantee that if I didn’t love it after three months, I could use their fantabulous return policy to ship that baby right on back to them.

Of course, while it’s undeniable that Casper dog bed is worth every cent, it’s easy to see how this high-end pet bed could be out of your budget. Hey, having a tight budget doesn’t mean you’re any less of a loving pawrent, and there are potential alternatives that will let you spoil your pooch without having to break the bank. They might not be as durable and as beautifully designed as Casper bed is, but there are some decent cheap options that could work for you- while you save some bucks to treat your fur baby to the real deal for Christmas or birthday. And, because we’re pawesome, we’ll help you find those alternatives you can treat your pooch with even if you’re on a strict budget. You’re welcome!

Top 5 Cheap Alternatives to Casper Dog Bed

It should go without saying that, while perfectly acceptable, these affordable pet beds are not as great as Casper. I mean, it would be unrealistic to expect that level of quality and customer service for anything less than Casper dog bed costs (when you look at it like that, it’s actually a bargain). But, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be disappointing purchases, as long as you are realistic about your expectations. We’ve made a selection of dog beds that do offer great value for money and make a great cheap alternative to a high-quality dog bed such as Casper. Take a look and make your pick!

  • If you liked the bolster sides on the Casper pet bed, consider:

Majestic Pet Sherpa Bed

Fluffy, comfy, and cozy this round bagel dog bed will have your pooch snug as a bug in his new napping spot. The soft but perky bolster sides go all around the bed and allow your pooch to rest their head wherever they’d like. The bed (including the bolsters) is filled with premium high loft polyester fill which means that the whole bed is machine washable as the fill won’t get wonky after washing. The waterproof cover is made from poly/cotton twill and the base is a waterproof denier. Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed is available in 24”,32”,40”, and 50” sizes.


  • If you liked the foam firmness of the Casper pet bed, consider:

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

There is a good reason why orthopedic memory foam dog beds are popular. They provide both comfort and proper support and tend to last longer. While the quality of the foam tends to vary drastically (and often the price tag is the indicator), there are some affordable memory foam beds for dogs that are pretty decent. The combination of a sturdy foam base with a luxe memory foam layer in this Milliard bed for dogs is a clever way to make sure the bed is firm and body-hugging at the same time without using expensive human grade memory foam. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed comes in small, medium, large, and extra large and the height of the bed is 4 inches.


  • If you liked the removable and machine washable cover, consider:

Petsbao Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed & Lounge

Most dog beds have removable covers, but the materials and the quality used are not always ideal and can look worse for the wear even after the first time being washed in the machine. Petsbao dog bed has a furniture-grade removable cover that’s both stain-resistant and tear-resistant. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth when applicable, but for a deep clean just unzip it and toss it in the washing machine. It will look like new, thanks to the quality of the material! Considering the budget-friendly price of the bed, it also has more great features such as high-density memory foam base and water-resistant liner that makes the barrier between the foam and the cover. Petsbao dog bed comes in small, large, and extra large size.


  • If you liked Casper’s resistance to scratching, consider:

Dogzilla Gusseted Pillow

One of the many great things about the Casper bed is that it is designed to accommodate dogs that like to scratch or dig at their beds before curling up for a nap. That’s a quality that’s hard to find in cheaper beds as the material of the cover (not to mention the fill) often can’t withstand everyday scratching. However, Dogzilla beds are one of the rare ones in the budget-friendly rage that use scratch and chew-proof material to produce their covers. The Dogzilla Gusseted Pillow bed is made from high-quality poly fill encased in a durable rip-stop fabric cover that will withstand your dog’s pawing. To boot, the cover is removable and can be washed in the machine. Dogzilla Gusseted Pillow bed measures 40 by 29 inches.


  • If you liked the elegant and minimalistic design of the Casper bed, consider:

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Let’s be honest for a moment: pet furniture, toys, and accessories are not often designed with style in mind. Well, at least not the style of the pet parents! Your dog’s bed might stick out like a sore thumb in your living room, and Casper’s elegant and high-end design might be what drew you to it in the first place. But don’t worry, toned town palette and posh-looking fabrics can be found in the cheap range of beds–if you look hard enough. This elegant pet bed is in the mid-range price-wise but looks like a high-end product. Made from mattress foam, Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed features a lovely soft, tear-resistant cover that comes in versatile and modern color palette- choose between cocoa, khaki beige, pewter, or vanilla. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed is available in small, medium, large, extra large and extra jumbo large.


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