Global Pet Expo: Homemade Treat Mixes Will Have Your Dog Wagging While

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Global Pet Expo introduced us to boxed dog treat mixes from Whisk & Wag, which promise that you’ll do the whisking and your pups will be wagging their tails in excitement!

So these dog treat boxed mixes may just be my new favorite things! Whisk & Wag introduced their new dog treat mixes that you bake at home and now any pet parent can be one who gives homemade love in every bite!

One of the things my son and I love to do together is bake. Another thing we love to do together is love on our pups! So can you imagine how much he is going to FLIP when I pull out these babies?!

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Whisk & Wag is a family-owned company that knows furry friends are also family, and deserve homemade love like any other family member! That’s why they’ve created these dog treats you bake–easy peasy with simple step-by-step instructions, and so delicious, your dog will be wagging that tail while you whisk away!

All you need is some oil, water and the Whisk & Wag mix to create homemade treats, and for the busy pet parent (or the not-so-adept-in-the-kitchen pet parent) this mix lets you give your dog a little taste of love you’ve passed on in every treat!

Let’s face it. So many of us who love our dogs wish we had the time (and skill) to handmake food and treats, and Whisk & Wag recognizes that–offering four yummy recipes that are packed full of flavor and healthy ingredients. The four flavors they currently offer are Apple & Cinnamon, Honey and Oats, Cheddar & Herb and Sweet Potato & Spice. They plan to introduce a fifth flavor this year!

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Elizabeth Barber is the creator of Whisk & Wag and is a 6th generation from the F.L. Emmert Company. The Emmert company is known for its high-quality brewers’ yeast, which is a primary ingredient in all the treat mixes and offers your pups health benefits that’ll have their tails wagging!

Currently, you can order Whisk & Wag from Amazon, and make sure you let your dogs lick the bowl! That’s what the mixes are for!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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