Global Pet Expo 2018: Top 10 Cool New Products From Global Pet Expo

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The New Product Showcase at the Global Pet Expo always brings out some of the pet industry’s best and brightest. Here are some sneak peak of our favorites.

The New Product Showcase is one of my favorite places to check out all the cool new releases and I was so excited about some of the things I found!

1. DJ Whiskerz Dancing Cat. This is an awesome way to let your cat get his groove on! You can stream music through this wireless speaker and then watch DJ Whiskerz jam to your tunes. DJ Whiskerz uses a refillable catnip container to help get your cat in the dancing mood and then you and he can laugh your whiskers off as you dance together!

2. Prints Charming Magnetic Boards. These magnetic boards cracked me up! They come with super strong magnets that adorn the cutest sayings we’ve found! They’re fun and functional and that’s why we love them!

3. LuluBelle’s Pow-er Plush Toys. Seriously–a Dr. Pooper plushie? Or Barker’s Mark? Hilarious! And, because they are lined in mesh to make them extra durable, they’re great toys too! They’re made of non-toxic dyes in case your pup wants to take a little ‘nip.’

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4. Kapok Build-a-Toy Kits. Want to have some fun building something your little furry friends will love? These Kapok Build-aToy kits will hit the spot! They use Kapok’s cozy, natural bedding and materials that are eco-friendly and safe-to-chew. The dyes are made from vegetable inks and these kits will take your small critter to new places!

5. Fuzzu Splatter Bugs. These organic catnip toys are new from Fuzzu and bound to make your cats go wild. Though they say they’re radioactive, they’re actually totally non-toxic and use organic catnip to give your cat a good time with bad bug!

6. Muffin’s Halo Guide For Blind Dogs. What a great idea! This patented helper for dogs who can’t see is a great thing for their independence. It’s custom-designed and protects dogs of all sizes from bumping into things. Lightweight and comfortable, it doesn’t hinder a dog’s activity and lets them live happy, independent lives as they deserve to do.

7. Dog Bone Readers. If you’ve gotta wear readers, you want them to be stylin’, right? Here’s the answer! These readers are in the cutest case and come in different powers with several different puppy patterns adorning them. These babies will make you want to pull your glasses out!

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8. Doggie Water. This stuff is great! It contains dog vitamins and electrolytes, which make all the difference in a dog’s health and hydration. Natural electrolytes that are important for your dog’s diet and aren’t always provided in your dog’s food. You can pour this directly into your dog’s water bowl or over food and your dog will eat it up like a treat! Dogs need more electrolytes per pound than humans do, and this is a great way to do it!

9. Rocky And Maggie’s Popup Pee Pad. Who knew that male dogs liked to have something to aim at when taking tinkles? Apparently, the folks at Rocky and Maggie’s do! You may know Rocky and Maggie as the adorable dog’s of The Little Couple, Bill and Jennifer Klein, and Bill says that in their house, the pop-up pee pad is used regularly. While visiting their booth, a random dog came over to ‘try it out,’ and wouldn’t you know? There really is something to the red pop-up hydrant in the pee pad! It’s adorable, easy to use, easy to clean up after and works! Winner!

10. FurZapper. I have a golden retriever and a black lab mix. It doesn’t matter what I wear, I can’t get rid of hair! It’s on my clothes, my walls, my furniture…and that’s why the Fur Zapper is awesome. It really works, can go in the washer and dryer to keep it clean and feels so good in your hands. It’s kind of like a little bit of stress relief in its squishiness and kids will love helping ‘clean up’ the fur!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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