New Self-Cleaning Indoor Potty For Pups is Brilliant!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Have you had enough of those early wakeups when your pup needs to go potty? The BrilliantPad is a self-cleaning indoor dog potty that lets you sleep in!

Tired of your dog staring at you while you’re trying to sleep because he has to go potty?

Wish you could ever tell your pup, “Just go take yourself to the bathroom? (Just me?)

A new potty pad from Brilliant Pet called BrilliantPad may just be your new best friend! Launched for cacking on Indiegogo, the BrilliantPad is the first self-cleaning indoor dog potty for small dogs and puppies. Yes, self-cleaning. No more doodie duty for you!

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The BrilliantPad takes care of dog waste without you ever even having to see it, smell it or come anywhere near it upon disposal. Unlike other potty pads where the ‘business’ is just hanging out for all to see, the BrilliantPad system advances the used pad into a latched trap that will seal away the waste and odor once your pup is done.

No, really. It’s that easy. Then, you just throw the waste away. The pad rolls can last up to several weeks, and were specifically designed to be quick and easy to clean and replace. What that means for you is less dealing with messes or potty breaks, and for your floor, eco-friendly materials that won’t allow leaking or spilling out.

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The BrilliantPad is perfect for those with puppies or small dogs who are potty-training and/or work long hours, or those who live in apartments or condos with little greenspace for walking. And, let’s just be real. Those babies would be awfully convenient when Fifi just won’t go in the rain or at 3:47 a.m. when Matthew McConaughey juuuuust enters the dream. The reasons your pup (and you) would love this pad are endless, and the Brilliant Pet team who designed it knows this because they’ve talked to many of us pet parents looking for better solutions.

Brilliant Pet CEO Alan J. Cook says he knows that the bond between pets and their humans can sometimes be hindered by the unpleasantries that accompany cleaning up after them and so the BrilliantPad will help you have a cleaner household with happier pups (and humans!). They know a bit about this as they also created ScoopFree self-cleaning litter boxes and other products geared to making sure your time with your pet is all quality.

The BrilliantPad is designed for dogs under 35 pounds and is attractively unobtrusive. It’s being offered at $99 for the early bird price and then will go to $169, so head over now–your sleep cycle will thank you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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