Dog “Pooper” Service? Yep, There’s an App For That!

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
I shit you not – the Pooper app is really a thing. When your dog does the deed, just hit the app and a pooper scooper is on its way to do your dirty work.

Move over Pokemon Go, there’s a new app in town aiming to scoop ‘em all! There may not be a Pikachu waiting at the other end of your phone, but there could be…something a little smellier. How many times have you been walking your dog, only for them to do their business at the worst possible moment? Maybe you don’t have a bag handy, there are no trash cans in sight, or you’re just not in the mood to handle Fido’s business (happens to the best of us). A new app aims to be the middle man between you and the doggy doo.

Pooper is an app for dog owners willing to pay to have other people pick up their dog’s poop. It’s perfect for those who hate getting their hands dirty! Just snap a photo of your dog’s poop, and a scooper will hustle on over to handle the situation themselves. They are paid per scoop and operate in many neighbourhoods. The scooper will drive, walk, bus, or bike over and collect the doo-doo for you. Like poop ninjas, they show up, take care of business, and their smelly targets are never seen again.

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Pet ownership rules! Stinky pet bathroom moments do not. There’s no longer a need to have to bag it and tag it yourself. The thought of picking up poop is no longer a deterrent for adopting a furry BFF.

It would be great to suggest this app to the poop bandits in your community who refuse to pick up after their pets. It’s so easy to snap a pic and have the mess dealt with by a professional. You don’t even have to wait for the scooper to arrive, just send an alert and go on your merry way. Having poop sit out in public areas can lead to gross bacteria colonies, smelly missteps, and an unpleasant view. No more do we have to stumble upon Fido’s unexpected presents on an evening stroll in the park.

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There are several plans available for the Pooper service. It’s $15 a month for 2 scoops/day in a 15-mile radius, for instance, around your home. An unlimited plan is $35 a month, which is only a little over a dollar a day to never have to touch dog poop again. For those who can no longer take walking around with poop in a bag, this may very well be worth it. We can imagine that this service might work really well for bigger dog breeds that may produce more…substantial daily waste. This may also be helpful for those with mobility and joint issues like the elderly who find scooping physically demanding.

The benefits are totally cool, having cleaner public areas, preventing bacterial disease spread, and making walks more enjoyable so you can focus on what’s important: bonding time with your BFF. Head to the Pooper website to download the app.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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