PupBox: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Puppies That Keeps On Delivering!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
‘Tis the time of year, and we’ve found the perfect gift for new puppies. And for a limited time, get your first PupBox for only $1 with the code PETGUIDE + Free Shipping!

Particularly for those of us who are bringing new puppies into the family, we want to make sure their growth and development is right on target. That’s why we’ve fallen in love with PupBox—customized subscription boxes that deliver all the products and training information you need for your little furry friend, right to your door!

Think about it—you’re excited about your puppy, and a bit overwhelmed with wanting to gather all you need to make sure he will live his best life with you. Just like with human babes, puppies grow and develop on their own timelines and with their own specialized needs. What your 8-week-old puppy needs is actually quite different than what your 20-week old puppy needs, but how are you supposed to know what the difference is?

PupBox to the rescue! PupBox is changing the way that people raise their puppies. With a monthly PupBox subscription, you’ll have all the training information and products you need as a new puppy parent delivered right to your door. Puppyhood can be tough on the whole family; PupBox makes it a breeze. And right now, you can get PupBox for $1 with the code PETGUIDE.

Puppy Parent Obsession Ignites Passion

We know that puppy power is strong, and like any new puppy parents, PupBox founders Ben and Ariel Zvaifler were obsessed with their new furbaby Maggie. They adopted the sweet, fluffy Goldendoodle when she was just a wee 8-weeks-old, and like most of us with new puppies, were sort of clueless at first with how to raise Maggie. There’s so much information out about the best way to do everything when it comes to puppies, and Ben and Ariel were having a hard time keeping up with all the puppy products Maggie needed as she grew.

They realized that they couldn’t be the only puppy parents who wanted the best for their little pups, and PupBox was born. They wanted to make it easier for other pet parents to have all the products and training information a new puppy owner needs easily accessible. What’s easier than the front door?

Ding-Dong, The Perfect Puppy Products Are Here!

PupBox is the only subscription service out there created specifically for new puppy parents. While there are lots of other great offerings for ‘dogs’ in general, puppy parents know their babies have unique needs when it comes to training and appropriate products.

That’s why PupBox walks with you each step of your puppy’s growth. They want to help you navigate all that comes with raising puppies. Whether its tips on potty training, the best toys for teething or the best products for keeping your puppy clean and ‘yappy,’ PupBox will send the perfect specialized box each month. The boxes are filled with 5-7 products that are meticulously chosen for the specific stage of life your puppy is in that month. Grooming products, accessories, toys and treats—each month’s box is customized for your puppy and grows with your pup, meeting its changing needs consistently.

Training Is A Treat

What makes PupBox so unique is the commitment to helping you help your puppy. Sure, it’s not too terribly challenging to google various tips for various training issues you have with your puppy. But how much easier and more specific is it to have individualized training guides created by an expert trainer delivered right to your door? Each month’s training guide will give you tons of valuable information about what’s going on with your puppy that month. Created by Andrea Arden, each training guide focuses on reward and management-based practices that will help your puppy be the perfect pooch. Andrea is Animal Planet’s Pet Expert, and she’s the author of countless books and columns on how to raise your puppy right.

That’s important when it comes to giving your puppy the best. Puppies want to please, and too often, a new puppy parent’s obsession with the cuteness leaves them sort of at a loss for how to reign those little puppy behaviors in so that they end up with a happy, well-adjusted pooch. PupBox is the only subscription box out there dedicated to ensuring your puppy’s best health and welfare with specifically created training guides.

Why PupBox Is The Perfect Gift For Puppies That Keeps On Delivering

Each PupBox includes treats that are made either in the United States or Canada, and all treats and products are based on your puppy’s age and stage in life. When you sign up for PupBox, you’re able to give information that makes sure everything delivered is perfect for your pup, and you can even note whether or not your furbaby has allergies or other special needs in the notes section. All the products are of the highest quality, and we love how PupBox does it up right with a festive theme for the Howliday season!

And because we love PupBoxes so much, we’ve partnered with them to bring you some pawsome deals this holiday season! If you enter code PETGUIDE when you sign up for a six- or 12-month-subscription at Pupbox, you’ll be able to get your first box for only $1 + Free Shipping! That’s right, it just takes $1 to start making that journey of puppyhood one of individualized attention and love. And it’s the gift that will just keep on delivering. Puppyhood is hard, but PupBox makes it easier!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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