Texsen’s Futuristic Travel Bubble Pet Backpack Offers a Spectacular

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
The future is now! Let your pet enjoy the beautiful scenery when you’re toting him around – a clear plastic bubble is your pet’s window to the world!

Who says the fur-kid can’t travel with you when you’re heading out for an afternoon of shopping, hiking or just chilling on the patio of your local bistro. Texsen’s innovative pet carrier holds cats (up to 12 pounds) or small dogs (up to 10 pounds) and its large, revolutionary semi-sphere window design makes sure that you’re not the only one enjoying the sights.

Texsen understands the importance of being able to transport your pet safely, securely and hassle-free, and they designed their Travel Bubble Pet Carrier to achieve all of this and more! The versatile backpack measures less than 16 inches in height and just over 8.5 inches deep. Plus, with easy-to-adjust padded shoulder straps that make it super easy to slip on and take off and a convenient, it’s a lightweight alternative to those bulky hand-held carriers.

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This pet carrier’s PU leather sides, large, durable mesh panels and perfectly placed ventilation holes ensure your pet remains cozy and comfortable for the duration of your trip while a padded, machine washable base panel prevents the unit from collapsing downward and keeps your pet feeling safe and secure. Best of all, he has his own 6-inch bubble window that allows him to take in everything around him!

The Texsen pet backpack easily converts to a mobile pet bed for those extra-long trips and is approved as a pet carrier by most major airlines. Of course style always matters and this unit comes in fun fashion colors such as pink, blue and yellow as well as coffee and ash black for those who like to switch up their wardrobes in the fall. This super-durable and ultra-cozy carrier includes a built-in security leash and sturdy zip so your little guy can enter and exit easily and safely. Ready to do some sightseeing? Pick up your own Texsen Travel Bubble Carrier and take your pet places he’s only dreamed of.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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