Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs

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You might be scratching your head at the idea of lifejackets for dogs. After all, canines are such good swimmers that a swimmings style is named after them! Well… That’s only partially true. While most dogs are good swimmers, there are actually some dog breeds that can’t swim. Bulldog, Boxer, Pekingese, Pugs, and Doxies are just a few from the lengthy list of non-swimmer dogs. Additionally, even dogs who can swim are not always safe doing so without a life vest or a personal flotation device. Senior pets and dogs with mobility issues should always wear a lifejacket when you take them out for a dip. So, how does one go about choosing the right life vest for their dog?

There are various types of lifejackets for dogs available, with different buoyancy levels, designs, and, maybe most importantly, sizes. Once you set your eyes on a particular lifejacket due to its features or price tag, it’s absolutely essential to correctly measure your pet’s body to ensure the life vest is a perfect fit, and with it, safe and secure to use. To help you make the best choice for your four-legged companion, we compiled a list of best lifejackets for dogs. The only thing you need to do is pick one and get your measuring tape ready!

Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs:Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket

Thousands of pleased pet parents sing praise to this life vest, and with good reason. The whole design of the lifejacket is centered around the complete safety of the pet. It features two top grab handles for restraint easier rescue from sticky situations, as well as a front neck float to keep your dog’s head above water at all times. Sides are lined with foam panels, as well, to increase the overall buoyancy. The jacket stays snuggly on your pet no matter what,  as the sturdy belly buckles and chest straps ensure a perfect fit. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the jacket comes in bright orange color with reflective piping- you’ll always be able to spot your pet in the water. When it comes to fit and sizing in general, the Outward Hound Granby comes in 5 different sizes, from X-Small to X-Large. A match for every pooch- but be sure to thoroughly compare measurements to get the right fit for your doggo.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs:Queenmore Dog Life Jacket

Why not go for a quality lifejacket with a fun twist? Contrary to popular belief, safe doesn’t equal boring, y’ all. The grey waterproof life vest features a unique detail- a shark-like fin that sits almost right above your pooch’s butt. It looks hilarious and adorable, honestly. But it’s not just about the humorous design when it comes to Queenmore dog life jacket. This life vest has all the traits any flotation device should have, such as a neck, belly and back float for supreme buoyancy. The rubber low-profile handle will give you a good grip on your four-legged swimmer, and there’s also a D- hook for attaching a leash if needed. The nylon straps with quick release clasps make sure that the fit is just right, down to the last inch. Additionally, you can further control the fit of all 5 sizes with a velcro fastening system placed around the belly and neck.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: Paws Aboard Nautical Dog Life Jacket

Ahoy, matey! The nautical print of this life jacket will help your furry sailor stand out in the crowd and, let’s be honest, make for an insanely adorable outfit. The vest itself is high-quality make, with plenty of design features to make sure your dog stays safe and comfortable when swimming. While the top and the sides are responsible for the buoyancy of the vest, this Paws Aboard life jacket features an advanced breathable mesh underbelly. This will help make sure your pooch dries up fast and won’t put them at risk for overheating. The vest fastens with heavy-duty fuzzy fastener straps with clasps. This cute life jacket will suit dogs that are up to 20 inches long 36 to 44 inches chest girth, which is the largest of the 5 sizes.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device

You won’t be wondering if your pooch is staying above the water with this bad boy- it has 50 percent more flotation material than most of its competitors. The EzyDog life vest uses ultra-buoyancy foam to keep dogs afloat, and it’s strategically placed all over the jacket so it keeps your dog in a swimming position that’s natural to them. It won’t make it more difficult for your pooch to paddle and it will give them that extra security that they need. The two color options, bright yellow and red, are both quite easy to spot on the water, but this life vest also boasts highly reflective trim for even better visibility. The Doggy Flotation Device comes in sizes from XS through to XL, and the fit will always be perfect thanks to adjustable wide neoprene straps.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: Vivaglory Skin-Friendly Neoprene Dog Life Vest

Neoprene is the same material that’s used to make dry suits for divers, so it’s not surprising that it makes the perfect choice for a dog life vest. Owing to this glorious fabric, the Vivaglory lifejackets for dogs are less bulky than you’d expect, they have great breathability, and will conform to your pet’s own body shape. The built-in flotation layers on the sides of the vest won’t hamper your pooch while he swims, but will give plenty of support to keep them afloat. The life vest comes in 5 different sizes and 5 bright, vibrant colors- red, blue, pink, orange, and lemon yellow, all with reflective elements to boot.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: WOpet Dog Life Jacket

Another fun and unique design, this life jackets gives your pooch the chance to look like an adorable mermaid. The pink scale print and the cute fin that goes right up to their tail will make them the talk of the beach- and you’ll easily visually locate your merman or mermaid paddling away in their pink attire. But just because the design of the vest makes it look like a toy rather than a life-saving device, it doesn’t mean it won’t do the job great. The WOpet Dog Life Jacket has thick foam lining for excellent flotation, and it stays snug and put on your pet. The  nylon straps and quick-release clasps keep the jacket secure and help you modify the fit. This life vest comes in 3 sizes, and will suit dogs in the range from 8 pounds to 80 pounds.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: Frisco Dog Life Jacket

If your dog is among the non-swimming breeds, this life jacket might be their best bet. Frisco really meant business with this flotation device, as it’s equipped for maximum buoyancy and safety in the water. The 20mm thick foam in the vest keep your pooch afloat and the special flotation flap on the front makes sure their head is always above water, no matter what. Dual grab handles are there to help you lift your dog or pull them away from danger. There are 5 available sizes to choose from, and each adapts to your dog’s unique body shape. The three adjustable straps with side-release buckles on neck, chest, and belly, are fully modifiable to accommodate for pooches with various proportions.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

This scarlet red neoprene flotation vest is ideal for novice swimmers. The material will act as a natural regulator of temperature, keeping your pet warm while they’re taking a dip in the cold waters. The sides have foam panels to maximize the buoyancy when your pro paddler gets tired of pawing at the waves. To boot, neoprene drys fairly quickly, so when your pooch goes out on the sand, they won’t be at risk for overheating in a damp bulky jacket. Their head will also always be above water as the Dawson Dog Life Jacket Has a front float.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: Paws Aboard Lifeguard Neoprene Dog Life Jacket X-Large

Baywatch? Try Poochwatch. The cute lifeguard design makes this vibrant red life jacket an eye-catcher, which is an advantage when you plan on letting your pooch swim in a pool or the open waters. You’ll always be able to see where they are, both for the bright color and the reflective strips which improve night visibility, as well. While the buoyancy of this flotation device for dogs is excellent, it won’t be bulky to wear. It’s made from neoprene and won’t interfere with your dog’s natural swimming style. The fast-drying neoprene and mesh bottom make for a fast-drying and breathable vest that won’t bother your pooch when they make a short break on the land.


Top 10 Lifejackets for Dogs: KING Pup Dog Life Jacket

If your vision of summer fun includes celebrating Fourth of July near a body of water, you should make sure this patriotic life vest is part of your pup’s attire. The stars and stripes pattern is perfect for the occasion- and beyond it. The extra padding gives your pooch perfect buoyancy to paddle around the pool while you fire up the grill! Another great feature of this flotation device (in addition to its design) is the fact it’s machine washable and super easy to clean.


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