Top 10 Swim Gear For Your Dog

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You’re not the only one who’s worried about what you’ll look like in a swimsuit. Imagine how hard it must be for our furry, four-legged friends when it comes to finding that special suit that makes them look sweet as they strut on the beach!

But there’s no need to fret, as we’ve found 10 dog swim gear that are sure to fit the bill no matter the beach (or pool, or rainy puddle) your dog will be four-footing it on.

This two piece is a great suit for boy dogs

There’s nothing that says two pieces are for the girls only! Your stud will be rocking the waves in this fab two-piece from Stock Show because let’s just be real…beach belly on our pups is about the best thing there is!

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This hawaiian shirt is great swim gear for your dog

Your pooch will have all the bitches drooling with this hot Hawaiian shirt from Explawer. It has a velcro fastener for easy in and easy out, and it’s machine washable and quick dry so your doggo will always be ready for those hot beach dates!

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This two-piece is perfect for a day at the beach

And speaking of the bitches, we don’t want to leave our four-legged gal pals out with nothing cute to wear. This adorable bikini from Fitwarm will bring all the dogs to the (dog) park!

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These swim trunks are made with recyclable materials

Want to be good to the environment and have your dog match his doggy daddy? Then you’ll have to scoop these Kove Mate swim trunks up. They’re made from recycled water bottles and recycled polyester so you can be good to the earth while your pup is good to the fashion world.

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Swimming is super fun while it lasts. But what happens when your doggo is out of the water? No matter the season or the temperature, it is never a healthy option to let your dog dry out on its own. Sitting with a wet coat can quickly lead to a cold and a runny nose. This superb dog bathrobe coat is one of the essential swim gear accessories for any dog: it helps them stay dry, warm, and cozy after the swimming is done. And it gives you peace of mind. Great for when the temperatures drop, it is the perfect way to quickly dry out your dog without risking their health.

Made from super-absorbent cotton toweling it will wick away moisture and help insulate your pet while they dry- and quickly at that. Additionally, to help you speed things up, Obi & Willow Dog Drying Towel Coat comes with two drying mitts that allow you to quickly absorb any moisture, mud, or dirt from your pet’s paws.

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This bold Hawaiian print is a great print for dogs

These come in several sizes, so you’re sure to find the right size for your beach-bound canine and no one will miss them as they show off the Hawaiian print.

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No need to forsake fashion with swimwear for this dog

Sometimes we have to forsake fashion for functionality, and when it comes to safety, that happens. But it doesn’t have to with this shark dog life jacket from Queenmore–function, form and FUN all in one great life-jacket for your dog! No holding them back from the surf now!

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This microfiber towel keeps your beach bound pup dry

Of course, you can’t do the beach without having the proper towel, and you’ll want to make sure that you have a thick and fluffy microfiber towel to absorb all that fun-in-the-sun-in-the-fur that is also easy to use. Here it is!

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Sunglasses don’t just make your pooch look cool- they offer much-needed protection for those peepers! When you’re on the beach, there are so many things that could irritate your pet’s eyes, even if they are not sensitive by default: whether it’s sand, harmful UV rays, or salty water, none of these things feel nice when they get into your pet’s eyes. NVTED Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles are a great choice for swimming or a day at the beach as they are comfy to wear but offer plenty of protection.

Shatterproof, waterproof, and anti-fog lenses keep UV rays at bay while ensuring great visibility on sunny days, and the frame itself is lined with cushioning for a snug but comfortable fit. These glasses are also easy to put on as they fasten with an elastic and adjustable nylon ribbon, and will fit most medium and large dog breeds.

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The playpup swim shirt for dogs is a great SPF protection

Yes, even dogs need to worry about SPF, and in this swim shirt from PlayaPup, they’ll be covered…literally. It offers SPF 50 and blocks 98% of harmful UVA/UVB rays that can take their toll on your doggo too!

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