Lucy Liu Launches Le Roar, Dedicated To Quality Pet Products

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Actress Lucy Liu partners with costume designer Ellen Stockbridge for her first dog product line, which offers chic home and play accessories made in the U.S.

Latest celeb to jump on the pet-gear-designer bandwagon is actress Lucy Liu who, depending on your demographic, will be known to you as the nasty Ling Woo in TV series “Ally McBeal”, angel Alex Munday in the “Charlie’s Angels” movie, or wannabe sleuth Joan Watson on TV’s “Elementary” (and best of all, she played her own head on Matt Groening’s animated classic, “Futurama”).

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Well right off the bat, her credentials are impeccable as she plays pet parent to a rather large chocolate lab. Okay, we’ll give her that. Design sense? Yep, she’s certainly got that down. Business savvy? Time will tell. The actress has teamed with Ellen Stockbridge, the costume designer for the Elementary TV series, and together they have launched Le Roar – a line of nontoxic, durable, pet products.

According to Liu, “I found that there weren’t a lot of safe products out there. Some of them had lead zippers and things like that, and they would fall apart after you’ve spent $300 buying something, or [the dogs] would just rip them apart, so we just decided to make something on our own, just make something adorable, and you can wash it … and it was [all] made in the USA.”

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At the Le Roar, you’re able to shop for signature items such as Le Bed, Le Logo Towel, Le Silhouette Towel, Le Apron and Le Squeaky Toy. All are made in the USA with high-quality materials and range in price from $12 to $155, and be purchased at the online store.

With the obvious Sherlock Holmes influence, I’m wondering if we’re going to be seeing a lot of capes, cravats and cloaks hitting the bricks this fall. Until then, we’ll have to make due with a pooch-pattern apron.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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