One-Of-A-Kind Stuffed Shelter Pups Help Real-Life Rescue Dogs In Need

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
Made from wool in the USA, these Shelter Pups do more than just look cute and cuddly. With every purchase, you earn donation points that go to an animal shelter of your choice.

There are lots of great reasons to adopt a dog: you’re saving an animal’s life; you’re enriching your own life; you’re getting a pet in a responsible way that doesn’t sustain puppy mills. Unfortunately, there are also a few reasons people can’t adopt an animal. Some suffer from allergies; some live in pet-free apartments; some already have a full house. Whatever the reasons, you can still adopt and you can still help – by adopting a stuffed Shelter Pup of your own!

Shelter Pups is a stuffed-dog shelter that supports pet adoption and raises money for over 5,000 authorized SPCA shelters, helping to fund essential services like feeding, vaccination, medical exams, spaying/neutering and more. How? By offering adorable stuffed animals for adoption and donating a portion of the proceeds.

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How it works

Adopting and donating is easy. These hand-made, one-of-a-kind dogs (that are made in the USA from pure wool, fresh water, and natural olive oil soap) are featured at this online “shelter” in photos accompanied by their names, ages, breeds, snapshots of their personalities, and backstory – much like a traditional animal adoption center would.

Shelter Pups are about as close as you’ll come to the fur and the floppy ears, short of getting a real dog. And the support you’ll be providing is very real. By purchasing a Shelter Pup, you collect Rescue Points that are each randomly assigned an amount between $1 and $10. Potentially more than 25 percent of your purchase price will go directly to the animal shelter of your choice. Added bonus: every single one of these Shelter Pups comes completely housetrained!

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Did you know?

The ASPCA spends $25 million every year caring for homeless animals across the U.S. More than 85 percent of that money comes from donations. Shelters provide a wide range of essential services, from housing and caring for animals, to adoption events, to abuse prevention and educational outreach programs. But many shelters are already operating over capacity, and they can’t continue their important work without help. So when you buy a Shelter Pup to cuddle with at home, you can feel good that a real life shelter dog is getting much-need supplies until he finds a forever home of his own.

Don’t give a second thought to your allergies, your landlord, or your cats who already rule the roost. Adoptable Shelter Pups (and cats) range in price from about $50 to $75, or you can have a custom stuffy made for $125. The average size of a Shelter Pup is 8 inches long and weighs about 7 ounces (FYI: They ship anywhere in the world). Visit the Shelter Pups online store and adopt one of these faux, fabulously furry cuddle buddies and, as the organization’s motto goes: “Adopt one for fun, rescue one for real!”

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