“Such A Tease” Merrick Dog Food Contest

This week, we’re going to tease you a little bit. We’ll be giving away three bags of Merrick’s Classic formula for dogs… but this is…

How To Find The Right Dog Trainer For You And Your Dog

What’s the right way to train a dog? A professional explains how and why finding right dog trainer is personal. I’ve worked in the industry for a…

Top 10 Foods That Are Bad For Dogs

There are foods that can be deadly or cause illness when eaten by your dog. Here are our top 10 foods that are bad for dogs you'll find around your home.

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Gabby

Meet Gabby, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. Gabby is an adult Shih Tzu that lives in Lexington, KY. She is spayed, housetrained, and up to date with shots.

Pulling For Urban Mushing – Is It The Right Activity For Your Dog?

If you want to give your dog an exceptional workout, you should try your hand at Urban Mushing. This sport is perfect for dogs with a high energy drive.

Top 5 Best Supplements For Dry Skin On Dogs

Is your dog suffering from unstoppable itching that's driving him crazy? Stop the scratching with common and proven remedies for dry skin on dogs.

Quinoa Grain-Free Dog Treat Recipes

I love quinoa - it's grain and gluten free and it's high in protein. It really was a no-brainer to use it in my Quinoa Grain-Free Dog Treat Recipe.

Honor Pets That Have Passed Sunday During National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial Day is a day for pet parents to celebrate the lives of pets that have passed on. In 2013, it falls on Sunday, September 8.

Upside Down Dog Of The Week – Philly

We’d like to meet Philly, our Upside Down Dog of the Week from Upsidedowndogs.com. Philly (short for Phillis) is a 2-year-old female Pharaoh Hound and…

Scents Of Security Comfort Toy Is A Security Blanket For Your Dog

The Scents of Security comforting dog toy gives your pooch a way to always be close to you. Ideal for create training puppies, separation anxiety.

Food Trucks Are Going To The Dogs

Forget the local chip truck - the Food Truck craze has been taken to the next level. Don't be surprised to see dog food truck on your city streets soon.

Who Cut The Cheese Dog Treat Recipe

Who Cut The Cheese Dog Treat Recipe - a cheesy dog treat recipe that's made will all-natural ingredients. Plus, they are fun and easy to make. A must try!

If Your Dog Eats Fast, Green Interactive Feeder Forces Him to Slow Dow

If your dog eats fast and then starts begging for more food, an innovative product that can help is the Green Interactive Feeder.

Heart And Soul: The Joy Of Adopting A Dog

Author Amy Newmark shares personal experiences about how adoptable dogs enrich our souls immeasurably Marya Morin went right to the local shelter to get her…

Top 10 Non-Shedding Dog Breeds

Got a problem with dog fur tumbleweeds taking over your home and furniture? Here's our list of Top 10 Non-Shedding Dog Breeds for people who hate to vacuum.

How To Deal With Dog Fights In Your Multiple-Dog Home

Break it up! Sibling rivalry between dogs is common and there’s bound to be disagreements. Here’s how to handle tense situations like a pro. Many…

Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Review

Oscar hates baths and he hates being wet - what a diva. That's why I was happy to take the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy out for a "dry" run to see if it worked.

Here’s To Your Health Dog Treat Recipe

We wanted to give you a recipe thats both nutritious and delicious. And we think our Heres To Your Health Dog Treat Recipe fits the bill on both accounts.

Pawsome Neato Spring Cleaning Contest

Say goodbye to winter, furballs and dust… and hello to the Neato XV Signature Pro! The end is near… the end of winter, that is. The snow is mel…

Frozen Mixed Summer Berry Dog Treat Recipe

The summer is too short to be spent in the kitchen. That’s why you’ll love this Frozen Mixed Summer Berry Dog Treat Recipe. It took me five minutes to make.…

Tails From A Pet Sitter: 10 Things I Learned On The Job

Don’t quit your day job just yet – our resident pet sitting pro shares some hard truths about the profession Sure, pet sitting sounds like it&rsq…

Zippy Full-Body Suits For Dogs Are Spiffy In A Jiffy!

When you combine style and function, you get a protective, stylish coat that protects your dog from a host of seasonal elements We admit, at first glance, Zi…

Product Review: Pawz Dog Boots

We woke up this morning, and it was -40. It looked like a great day to test the Pawz Dog Boots! They come 12 to a pack, and fit any dog from 1" to 5" feet.

Celebrate “National Get a Pal for Your Pet Day” On November 19 [Vi

It’s the perfect day to consider adopting a pal for your pet PetGuide.com is dedicating the month of November to multiple pet ownership and we were thr…

7 Ways To Get Your Dog Ready For Winter

Before the weather outside turns frightful, make sure you and your dog are ready for winter Brrrrrr! It’s already starting to get cold outside. In no t…

6 Ways To Properly Clean Dog Ears

Some dogs need their ears cleaned regularly. Here are some important tips about how to properly clean dog ears, as well as some things you should never do.

Man Buys Toy Poodles But Gets Ferrets on Steroids Instead

Think you know the difference between a poodle and a ferret? For one Argentinian man, it turned out that the toy poodles he thought he was buying were in fac…

Poop Scoop – Turns Out “Green” Poop Bags Aren’t The Sh*t After

FTC warns dog poop companies that its ‘biodegradable’ waste bags aren’t what they claim I shop at the public market. I recycle. I do my bes…

Dog Travel Essentials: What to Pack for Your Dog

Make a list and check it twice – here’s what you’ll need to pack when you bring your dog along with you on your vacation!There is nothing more exciting than…

Cody’s Blend Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Cody's Blend Homemade Dog Food Recipe combines plenty of healthy ingredients: ground turkey, lentils, peas, carrots and split peas. Easy and delicious!

5 Safety Tips For Moving With Dogs

Moving is a long process, so you'll want to simplify as much as possible. We've put together a few tips to make moving with dogs safe and stress-free.

Understanding Canine Parovirus

Knowing all the important details about Canine Parovirus can help you diagnose, seek treatment and prevent this deadly illness from affecting your dog.

Kickstarter Squatting Dog Figurine a Modern “Objet D’fart”

Is it wrong that I’m going to fund the creation of a Squatting Dog figurine? Looking for that conversation piece that’ll tie your décor to…

Top 10 Best Dogs For Allergy Sufferers

What dogs won't make you sneeze? Learn the basics about hypoallergenic dog breeds and our recommendations for the top 5 best dogs for allergy sufferers.

Upside Down Dog Of The Week – Charlie

Meet Charlie, our Upside Down Dog of the Week from Upsidedowndogs.com. Charlie is a 6-month-old male Labrador Retriever and Pitbull mix from Houston, TX. Her…

Lawsuit Filed Against Purina Alleges Potentially Toxic Pet Food

The lawsuit against Purina claims that thousands of dogs have been sickened or died from eating Beneful dog food. The heartbreak that accompanies the sudden…

The Tails Of NYC RescueMen Calendar Is Pawsitively Fetching

Hunky men? Check. Precious pooches? Check. Cuddly kitties? Check. Good cause? Check. This calendar’s got it all. We’ll take one for every room of…

Tomato Juice Dog Treat Recipe

Here’s a new ingredient I’ve never used in a dog treat before – Tomato Juice! I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but this Tomato Ju…

Gen Y Dogma: 4 Ways A Puppy Tests Your Relationship (And What To Do Ab

Pet parenthood comes with its own set of everyday challenges. To get through them all, you and your partner need to work as a team. Christina Peden talks abo…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Lightning

Meet Lightning, our Adoptable Dog of the Week from Adoptapet.com. Lightning is a 3-year-old Poodle mix from Cheektowaga, NY. He’s already neutered, goo…

Upside Down Dog Of The Week – Charlie

Cheerio mate! This week’s Upside Down Dog from Upsidedowndogs.com is Charlie. This Jack Russell and Beagle mix is from South East, UK and is “goi…

New York’s Potential Dog Poop Problem Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

One blogger figures out what would happen if all New Yorkers decided not to Poop and Scoop Ahhhhh, the quiet calm and relaxation of a winter wonderland &ndas…

Ellen Rewards Firefighters Who Pulled Dog Out Of Icy River With A Cari

Firefighters do more than just put out fires – they also jump into frozen rivers to rescue dogs. And when Ellen DeGeneres heard about a team of Wellesl…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Sugar

This week’s adoptable dog from Adoptapet.com is Sugar… and she’s as sweet as can be! An adult female Chihuahua from Rockwall, TX, Sugar is…

Pugzoo.com’s California Gold Small Dog Pet Food Giveaway

Guess what time it is? It’s time for another contest! Woo hoo! This week, you have the chance to win a 2lbs bag of California Gold Small Dog Pet Food f…

What A Treat: Choosing The Best Dog Treats

Your dog deserves a treat now and then. But how do you pick the best dog treats for your pooch? Let's go over what to look for and when to give them.

“They Ate WHAT?” — Well, Just About Anything, According To These

Check out the “winners” of the ninth annual “They Ate WHAT?” radiography contest. The photos will have you howling! Any pet lover can…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Ty

One look at this handsome dog and you’re sure to fall in love! This is Ty, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. He is an 11-year-old Boxer and German Shepher…

How To Avoid Fido Fiascos When Training Multiple Dogs

Calgon… take me away! Step away from the bottle of wine – take a few tips from a pro on how to train successfully in a multi-dog household. Havi…

Hot Tips on Sun Protection For Dogs

Just because a dog has a coat of fur, it doesn't mean that it is protected from the sun's rays. Here are some tips for sun protection for dogs.

7 Natural Essential Oils For Dogs

Looking for natural treatments? ! It's not new-age nonsense or aromatherapy - essential oils for dogs offer a variety of health benefits when used properly.

New Puppy Checklist: What You Need Before You Bring Him Home

Do you have everything you need for your puppy? We put together a new puppy checklist of essential itmes you should have before your furry addition arrives

Dogs Can Party With Snoopy This October During Dog Days At Kings Islan

Get ready for a howling good time – Dogs can get their Halloween thrills at the theme park’s Dog Days celebration October has begun and that mean…

What is Lifetime Cover Dog Insurance?

Do you want to make sure your dog is completely covered? Look into Lifetime Cover Dog Insurance If dog insurance policies are all Greek to you, you might be…

Sudsy Rain Is The First Soggy Doggy Pick For Our Wet Wednesday Weekly

It’s week one of our Wet Wednesday Weekly Winner Contest, and the top dog this week is Rain (very appropriate name for this contest) from Greenville, N…

Should You Be Adding Dog Supplements To Your Pooch’s Diet?

Dog supplements can provide your dog with essential nutrients he doesn't get enough of in his everyday diet.and can treat lingering health issues.

If You’re Happy And You Know It… So Does Your Dog!

Yay Science! Now we have proof that our dogs recognize what it means when we smile (or frown). Being a dog trainer, I see how dogs interact with their owners…

KLM’s Newest Employee Will Make You Want To Lose Your Luggage [Video

Now that’s what we call service! We all that know that flying can be both stressful and tedious. That stress is amplified 100 times when you realize yo…

Top 10 Picks From The 2014 Global Pet Expo

What a rush! Everyone was at the 2014 Global Pet Expo – even Elvis (and his sidekick, Gambler). I had a great time catching up with old friends, mak…

Seresto Collar Offers Tick and Flea Control For 8 Months

We're going to look at a new prevention method - the easy-to-use Seresto collar that kills and repels tick and flea pests for eight months.