Zee.Dog Leash Perfect For Pooches That Love To Pull

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Your dog is uber-hip, cool, stylish, and funky and you want a dog leash that fits her personality. If that’s the case, then you’d better be walking her on a Zee.Dog Ruff Leash.

We were first introduced to this cool line of dog leashes at this year’s Global Pet Expo – it was love at first sight. Bold and colorful, the Zee.Dog leashes popped with personality and awesome patterns. We really liked the idea of the Ruff Leash. This dog leash is made for pooches that take you for a walk, rather than the other way around. If your dog pulls you in every direction, the Ruff Leash is made for you (and your impatient pup).

zee-dog-leashFunctional and comfortable, the Ruff Leash is made with premium nylon and features a Polyurethane spring that allows this dog leash to be flexible, resistant and shock absorbing. For your dog’s comfort, the spring in the leash is placed close to your pooch, so pressure is quickly absorbed. For your comfort, it comes with a neoprene handle that provides a great grip. A sturdy power hook ensures that it stays securely snapped to your dog’s collar. And OMD, on top of that, the Ruff Leash is super cute, especially the edgy dog head adornments found at either end of the leash!

The Ruff Leash is 29.5 inches long and comes in five awesome designs (the one pictured above is called the Matilda). You can buy it at the Zee.Dog website for $30. And be sure to check out the company’s mission statement that tells you what they are all about – it’ll just make you a bigger fan of the brand.