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If you have a pet bird, you know that they require special care and treatment, which will include a wide range of essential bird products. Do you have a petite singing bird breed, such as Canary or Finch? Or are you a proud owner of the impressive Amazon Parrot or a mischievous Cockatoo? Whichever breed, size and unique requirements of your pet bird,’s experts have you covered. Regardless of whether you’re just looking into getting a parrot of your own or you already own an avian companion, our buying guides will make sure that the bird products you get are really essential for your pet’s care as well as help you determine if their quality is up to standard.

Best Bird Products


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Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover

    • Cage cover reduces distractions and aids in better sleep for your bird.
    • 100-Percent non-toxic, breathable materials.

Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

    • Decorative, vintage inspired design.

Decorative, vintage inspired design.

    • Lots of living space for your cockatiel or other small-medium sized bird.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Perch Heated Bird Perch

    • Heated using harmless 12V electrical current.

Heated using harmless 12V electrical current.

    • Counters the effects of cold drafts & air conditioning that can harm exotic birds.

Prevue Hendryx Naturals Rope Ladder

    • Naturals toys are handmade from 100-percent natural, sustainable, materials.

Naturals toys are handmade from 100-percent natural, sustainable, materials.

    • Your bird will benefit from hours of mental stimulation and rugged physical play.

Colorful Wood Bird Perch Stand Platform

    • Rough-surface is made of natural quartz sands and pure wood inside with food grade color.

Rough-surface is made of natural quartz sands and pure wood inside with food grade color.

    • Rough-surface provides excellent foot exercise and the hard coating on the surface keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally.

What Does Your Bird Need?

The world of aviculture is as diverse and colorful as the plumage of the exotic pet birds that dominate it. Being a bird owner will require you to get some basic bird products regardless of your pet’s breed, though, such as spacious cages or aviaries, or stands and covers for your pet’s habitat. However, starting from the size of the cage you’ll need to get to your choice of bird food, the breed of your parrot pet will dictate how you pick out the perfect bird products.

For instance, if you have a cute little Budgie, you’ll have to get them one of those cage perches and swings, as these tiny birds can get enough of climbing and swinging. On the other hand, owners of large parrots renowned for their superior intelligence, such as the African Grey or the Macaw might find their feathered companion needs larger and more complex toys to be entertained.’s breed research tool will ensure you know your pet’s individual needs and how to ensure they’re getting proper care. After all, not all bird products are made alike: and with our help, you’ll know how to successfully navigate to the abundance of the pet market.

Getting The Bird Basics

The basic bird equipment is something you should get even before you acquire your pet, but how about the bird products they need to stay healthy and happy in your care? The primary concern of every parrot owner is to provide their pet with a high quality, nutritionally appropriate diet that will meet all of their pet’s needs. The requirements will vary from breed to breed, but fortunately,’s buying guides on healthy bird food and yummiest treats make sure your feathery friend enjoys the best nom-noms out there. After all, food is not only sustenance for pets but a valuable training aid- read more at on how to teach your parrot nifty tricks with a little help from positive reinforcement training.

If there are bird products every aviculturist should have in their home, you will find them featured at From perfect habitats, toys, and foods, to health supplies and tools that help you maintain your pet’s cage in top shape, our extensive resources make sure that you get every tidbit of information you need to help your pet bird live a fulfilled, happy life as your companion.

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