7 Best New Products From Global Pet Expo 2019

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Global Pet Expo 2019 is in the books, but we’re super excited about all the pet products that were introduced to the market. We’re sharing our favorites in several categories, and they’re must-haves for pet lovers.

For the last several years, Global Pet Expo has grown exponentially, and with good reason; experts say that the pet product industry brought in over $72 million dollars. That’s because people love their furry family members, and want the best for them.

And that’s what we’re sharing with you. We scoured every inch of the 10,000 sq. ft. showcase (1,164 booths) to bring you the best of the best and without further ado, here they are:

1. Best Dental Toy: The TugNBrush

This toy is genius. It’s totally a toy your dog will want to play with on her own, but when you engage (which she’ll love even more), it’s a toothbrush. Yes, a for-real doggie toothbrush that has a unique design. The bristles move as you/your dog/two dogs tug and in doing so, gets rid of the yuck dogs’ teeth have–leaving cleaner teeth, better smelling breath and happier pups and their parents because it was so much fun to play.

2. Best Travel Accessory: My Pet Pail

This is the absolute must-have for traveling with your pet, and better, it’s functional at home too. It has everything you’ll need for those fun road trips with furry family members, and at home, is an elevated feeder station as well. Complete with food/water containers and poop bags too, My Pet Pail takes care of the feeding cycle from start to finish. It won Best In Show at Global too, as voted on by attendees.

3. Best Give-Back Toy: The Barrett Ball

As if we wouldn’t have loved The Barrett Ball simply because its namesake Barrett is a gorgeous, good boy service dog for hero and veteran James Hayes, we couldn’t be more in love with the fact that all the profits of the Barrett Ball go back to the organization from which Barrett came. That’s right; the folks at the aptly named Ethical Pets decided that Barrett’s mission and cause were so important, they offered James a royalty for each ball sold and profits from the ball go to Dogs4Warriors. The one we saw at Global has been up to Barrett’s tough standards for months and still in amazing shape, so when these babies start shipping in May, they’re going to be your dog’s new favorite ball.

4. Best Protection For Your Pet: MAYA Monitor

You have fire detectors and flood detectors and even carbon monoxide detectors to keep your family safe, but there just aren’t any that worry about what happens to your pet if there is an emergency. Until now…The MAYA Smart Detector is a self-contained, battery-powered smoke detector that will communicate with cellular networks 24/7. It’s not dependent on Wi-Fi or phones or power, and since your pet can’t dial 911, it’s important you have something that specifically addresses their presence in emergency situations. American Security Technologies (AST) has been protecting families for over three decades, and now, that includes every family member–furry especially.

5. Best Gut-Health Builder: Bernie’s Perfect Poop

The folks at Bernie’s Perfect Poop know that good poop means a good gut. Better, they know that a good gut means good health for humans and pets alike, and that’s why they focused on ensuring Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplement has everything it needs to ensure your pup’s perfect poop. It’s a revolutionary blend of fibers, pre- and probiotics and enzymes that add to your dog’s gut health, which means you’ll see better poop and smell less bad breath and bad gas. Worth it’s weight in perfect poop, trust us.

6. Best Organic Grooming Product: Pawtitas Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner

We fell in love with Pawtitas’s new organic grooming line. We’ve always loved their collars but this new grooming line is something else. We were able to talk to President Ingrid Randolf and her team about the difference in Pawtitas’s organic ingredients and other companies and learned about Moringa. Moringa has lots of Vitamin A and that helps your pet’s development of healthy cells and tissues, and it also helps keep more of your pup’s hair on their body and off your floor. One word: winning.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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