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No one likes talking about pet pee and poop, but, when you’re a pawrent, you get used to discussing dirty details. When it comes to scooping the poop after your feline friend, you’ve faced with an overwhelming variety of choices: what type of litter boxes are best for cats, which kind of litter should you get, do you need litter mats or enclosures to keep your kitty happy? has all the answers. Read our guides and reviews for information on anything from choosing safe and efficient cat litter, to picking out a litter box and all the handy “accessories” that can go with it. Learn about special litters that can be used for cats affected by chronic urinary tract issues, as well as the latest innovative litter products that wowed us with their ingenuity! We’ll help you put together a feline toilet that will definitely be up to your pampered pet’s standards.

Best Cat Litter
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Dr. Elsey’s Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

    • Hypo-allergenic, contains no plant proteins, perfumes, or deodorants.

    • Multi-cat formula and superior odor control keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day out.

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Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scented Litter

    • Specially formulated for multi-cat litter boxes, this cat litter has a 10-day odor control guarantee with activated charcoal that traps and eliminates kitty litter odor.

    • For cleaner surfaces and clearer air, a low dust formula with paw activated fragrance that’s released every time your cats use the litter box.

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Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Litter

    • 100% dust-free Platinum formula.

    • Patented formula seals and destroys odors on contact. Rock hard clumps.

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World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

    • Outstanding odor control.

    • Flushable and septic safe.

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Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter

    • Locks away strong ammonia, urine and fecal smells.

    • Absorbs moisture to keep cats comfortable.

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Types of Cat Litter

When it comes to cats and their potty needs, the most important product is, naturally, litter itself. Cats are notoriously picky about everything, but it’s especially true when it comes to their litter preferences. You might get the most expensive litter on the market, but what does it matter if your cat turns up their nose at it and starts peeing and pooping all over the place in protest? While there’s no sure fire way to know which type of cat litter your spoiled feline will like the most without actually trying them all out, there are some general unwritten rules about the litter that can help you decide.

Most cats will prefer unscented clumping clay litter, which is your basic, standard kitty litter that you can find anywhere. But, not only that this non-biodegradable litter is not eco-friendly, there are some controversial safety concerns surrounding it. At, you can read all about the pros and cons of clumping litter and see if clumping litter dangers are just a myth or are there some truth to the claims.

Additionally, you can learn all about alternatives to standard litter, such as non-clumping clay or the popular silica gel litter. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these groups alone, as they are also cat litters made from natural materials you can choose from. Some of the more common types include those made from recycled materials, such as paper or pine, and they’re mostly pellet shaped. Our insightful reviews will help you decide, based on your cat’s potty habits and your own poop scooping preferences, which type of cat litter to get for your pet.

Choosing the Right Cat Litter

While the choice of cat litter might be the most complex one, it’s not the only one you’ll need to make when it comes to the management of your cat’s waste (if you want to make poop scooping sound fancy, that is). Your kitty might approve of the litter you chose, but how about the vessel that holds it?

Cat Litter Boxes

The litter box is not only important to your pet, though, as the design, size, and models of litter boxes vary greatly, and not all of them will go with your interior decor. When it comes to what your cat needs, your choice comes down to any of the standard litter boxes that are appropriate for their size (most come in fit-all dimensions) – you can get them a litter box with a lid or without it, with high sides or standard sizes.

You’ll learn all about the differences between litter boxes here at, so it won’t be hard deciding on the best material or model. However, at first glance, most litter boxes are, well, unsightly. Sure, the design of your cat’s toilet might not be something that interests you, but if you’d want for your kitty’s litter not to stick out as a sore thumb in your living space, litter box enclosures are a way to go. In case you don’t know what litter box enclosures are, these are custom made enclosures (usually from wood), that are used to hide the litter box from plain sight. There are litter box enclosures that fit any interior decor style, from shabby chic to sleek and modern- and you’ll find the best ones right here in’s buying guides.

Cat Litter Accessories

With the bigger items out of the way, the last products you’ll need are litter “accessories”, such as a good litter scoop or a mess-preventing litter mat. There are literally hundreds of litter scoops available, from stylish metal ones to flimsy plastic ones that cost less than a buck. Make sure you know which of the litter scoops will make cleaning up after your cat less messy and more efficient by factoring in the type of litter you use and choosing one of the top-rated, high-quality scoopers. As for the inevitable mess your kitty will make while trying to bury their poop or pee, you can rely on litter mats to make sure your feline doesn’t spread it all over the place.

Once you’ve managed to put together a kitty toilet worthy of royalty, you’ll just need to make sure your cat actually uses it. Fortunately,’s experts have tips and advice to offer, on everything from how to make the switch from your cat’s old litter or choosing the best location for the litter box itself. No matter how spoiled or finicky your feline is, we have a trick that will get them to poop and pee where you want them to! And, in the meantime, we’ve reviewed best urine detectors for cats, as well as odor and stain removers, just in case you need to locate and get rid of that horrible pee smell. Hey, nobody said that there be no bumps (or puddles) on the road, so it’s best to be armed with proper tools!


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