10 Obvious Signs That Your Cat’s Out To Get You

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Remember that time you dressed up your cat like a baby – diapers and all – while taking pics and sending them to your friends? It’s payback time! Watch for these telltale clues that kitty’s trying to end you.

1. I’m Batman.

In his mind, he’s Batman and you are the evildoer who needs punishing.

Via Geekologie.

2. Where is he hiding?

Oh, are you going on vacation? Let me just sneak onto this plane and tell the flight attendant you love tea… when in reality YOU HATE IT! Mild annoyance unto you, vile human!

Via SomePets.

3. The Innocent Face

You can’t possibly blame me for that round kibble scattered on the floor. It’s a shame you didn’t fall on them…

Via Flickr.

4. Sharpening Their Claws

Your mauling could come at any moment, so it is imperative for your cat to sharpen his claws at a moment’s notice.

Via Catster.

5. Stink Eye… of DEATH!

You know the end if near when your kitty completely axes the sweet, “I can’t possibly hurt you” look, and goes right to the “I will end you, human” look.

Via DailyMail/AP/Vadim Ghirda

6. Consulting With The Dog

The best laid plans require a fall guy. Someone who’s not quick on the take. Someone… like the dog. Sure, dogs are loyal, but they’d pee on their best friend for a treat.

Via DCGazette

7. Cat Hack

You assume they’re just sitting on a warm place; check his browser history for “making it look like an accident.”

8. Lurker 2.0

The shift has been made from hiding to lurking. Time for pointy claws ninja strike!

Via AnimalWall.

9. Reading Up

The wheels are in motion. The trap has been set. Now, they need to find out how to cover up the evidence.

Via Buzzfeed.

10. This Expression

This is the last thing you’ll see before your beloved kitty finally executes the final step in his plan. If you see this face, run – run for your dear, hopeless life! Try to put a diaper on me now, human!

Via Cats.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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