Hunks and Hounds 2015 Is Basically The Best Calendar Ever

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Um, somebody call the fire department, because it’s getting a little hot in here…

Hunks and Hounds Calendar 2015, America, Oct 2014Celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz is the mastermind behind the just-released “Hunks and Hounds” 2015 Calendar, featuring uber-buff shirtless male models cuddling up to the most adorable of rescue pups.

Ruiz, who is also a guest judge and photographer on RuPaul’s Drag Race (one of our favorites here at Pet Guide!), is donating all proceeds from sales of the calendar to Louie’s Legacy, a New York City-based rescue group. So far, the calendar has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the rescue, but more help is always needed.

Hunks and Hounds Calendar 2015, America, Oct 2014Basically, you’ve never had a better reason to ogle muscled men in their skivvies than you do now.

The project was inspired by Ruiz’s very own rescue pooch, an adorable Pitbull named Oliver, who was once on the kill list at a California animal shelter.

“The message of the calendar is that we should all be kind to animals and protect them from harm,” says Ruiz. Were truer words ever spoken? We think not.

Go here if you’d like to get your very own copy of the Hunks and Hounds 2015 Calendar (and really, why wouldn’t you?).

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