Crazy Cat Houses Let Your Kitty Be Indiana Jones

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Michigan couple created a fantabulous cat furniture company, combining their love for cats and movies with amazing designs so your kitty can feel famous.

The creators of Catastrophic Creations have better cat furniture than you. It’s true. Just check out their first piece–an Indiana Jones-inspired rope-bridge that their cat Ickle loved from the first second. It’s suspension and can hang across walls and archways so your cat can feel like the true feline adventurer you know she is.

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Mike and Megan had absolutely no cat furniture experience whatsoever. That is until they adopted their first cat Ickle. When they bought Ickle, they were disappointed in the furniture that was out there to keep kitties entertained and nice and cozy. They said that it all looked pretty generic, and were motivated to come up with something better.

Mike said that they decided to become woodworkers and see what they could do for Ickle. Thus started the bridge, and the beginning of their Catastrophic Creations company. They first looked to see how they could upgrade things, and then the magic happened when Ickle showed all the love to their works.

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The couple has three cats now, Ickle, Heisenberg and Lylah, all who love their crazy cat creations. Since they were such a hit on Etsy, the couple has gone full-time in their designs and opportunities, making some kitteh furniture that makes most humans jealous!

So, go…check it out. Just remember, it’s for the kittehs, so keep your human paws off!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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