Siberian Crazy Cat Farm Boasts a Million Feline Residents

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I love animals. I especially love dogs and cats, though I’m mostly #TeamDog when I’m forced to choose.

I get how people can go a bit cray cray over their animals, I’m a bit guilty of some irrational indulging because : #petsarelife.

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But this woman…Alla Lebedva from Prigorodny, Siberia…she takes the cake when it comes to literally letting your pets control your life. And your land.A Russian woman has a farm with a million or more cats

She and her husband Sergey have been raising Siberian cats. These gorgeous lion-like felines are a passion for Alla, which started with her first in 2004. “Babushka” gave birth to five kittens and since, Alla says that she’s let them take over the farm, protecting chickens and rabbits from the rats and mice.

The cats are known not only for their gorgeous appearance, but their intelligence is notable as well. They thrive in the cold, Siberian winters, with their thick coats and their hunting prowess.Siberian cats are agile winter hunters

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Alla has henhouses where the cats have bedrooms and can sleep as they want, and she shares what she calls “at least a million or more cats” on several social media accounts. You know, just in case you want to watch very furry cats drink out of a bucket of water in the winter. For 12 minutes.

A million or more cats. On a farm. E-I-E-I-O.