Not-So-Crazy Cat Lady Leaves $300,000 to Her Kitties in Her Will

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
What would happen to your pets when you pass on? A couple of kitties in the Bronx, New York, won’t have to worry because their mama willed them $300,000!

It’s not uncommon for people to leave directions for the care of their pets in wills should something happen and they not be able to care for them anymore. They often will even leave funds sometimes, in an effort to help offset costs.

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But it’s a little bit more unusual for pets to be willed hundreds of thousands of dollars–though that is exactly what happened to a pair of cats in New York.

Ellen Frey-Wouters wanted to make sure that her cats Troy and Tiger would never be in a cage and always have the loving care she’d provided them. To ensure that happened, she left $300,000 dollars to them, along with explicit instructions for their care once she was gone.

Frey-Wouters was originally from the Netherlands and worked for the United Nations. She and her husband, a Brooklyn College professor who died in 1989, lost their only child as an infant. Tiger and Troy were her babies.

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Her lawyer was a bit surprised that she wanted to leave that much money to them, and said it sort of reminded him of when Leona Hemsley left $65,000 to her dog. The actuality is that Hemsley left her Maltese, Trouble, $12 million, so in perspective, $300,000 to ensure proper care doesn’t seem that crazy after all.

[Source: New York Post]

Lori Ennis
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