Former Shelter Cat Has New Owner Climbing Up Cliffs!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Who needs a bucket list when your life is full of adventure? One rock-climbing former shelter cat proves that even the furriest of creatures can live life large!

Sandra Samman’s Main Coone cat Denali was destined for adventure, even though he began life as a shelter kitteh. Renamed Denali, after Mt. McKinley (his shelter name had been Miles), he’s a cat that has definitely lived up to his gigantic namesake.

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Samman first saw the gray tabby cat first, and she knew the second she met him at eight-weeks that he had to go with her. She said he just gave off the impression he owned the room, and every day he’s lived since has shown that to be true.

Samman takes Denali hiking, camping, paddle boarding and says he’s the best adventure cat. He likes to climb rocks and enjoys car rides, and Sandra says that Denali reminds her of an ‘adventure cat’ she’d seen ten years before when she was on a trip to Joshua Tree. On that trip, she’d thought it would be great to have an adventure cat herself, and Denali fits the bill perfectly.

And boy does he! This little guy with the big personality doesn’t even shake a whisker at a 12-mile hike in his Mama’s pack, traveling from Utah to New Mexico to Wyoming, in addition to roaming their homestate of Colorado looking for the next adventure.

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Samman says that when she takes out his climbing harness (safety first!) he runs right over to her ready to take on the next adventure with full force. Samman has a special place in her pack that keeps him snug as a bug on her back, but ever the explorer, he likes the harness and leash so he can really get in touch with his wild side.

Denali and his mama share their adventures on his Instagram page, and I have to say–just watching all the stuff that cool cat does makes me tired! Even though he ends his adventures with nice long cat-naps, I can’t lie. This kitteh makes most of us look pretty darned lazy, no?

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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