Country Duo Dan + Shay Share Touring Tips For Traveling With Pets

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Traveling with your pets takes some planning, and country duo Dan + Shay know a thing or two about that. They’re sharing some of their best on-the-road with pets tips with us as the summer brings on road trip fun!

Country music superstars Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney are on the road all the time. Like most of us, they love their pets and want them with them wherever they are. But, traveling with pets isn’t always easy, even for stars, and the pair, along with Petco, have shared some tips they’ve perfected as they’ve toured city after city.

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They most importantly want to keep their dogs Chief, Joy, Ghost and Pippa healthy and happy with the traveling. Travel can make even the most seasoned pup anxious, and the pair says that a little extra planning can help all that togetherness they love even better with their fur family members. They want their dogs to enjoy the adventure of being on the road as much as they do, and they have some tips that they’ve found make the journey even better.

  • Make sure you have all you need before you leave. Dan + Shay remind travelers to be sure they have all the essentials that will make traveling with your pet a good experience for both you and your pets. Obviously, don’t forget their leashes and collars, as well as food, treats and bottled water, but you can also bring some extras that will make them feel at home. Consider wipes or sprays that travel well and don’t take up space. If you are traveling with a cat, remember a cat harness/leash along with the kitty box as some places require leashes on cats.
  • Be sure you have all the paperwork for your pet with you. The last thing you want to have happen when you are traveling is your pet to be separated from you. Be sure that your microchip information is up to date, and that your pet’s ID tag is secure and has your pertinent information. Be sure that you have all the vaccination information current and paperwork that verifies it, and they suggest having a current picture of your pets so that you can get an accurate word out quickly should you be separated. They also suggest taping information to your pet’s crate when traveling, just in case.

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  • Be sure that you buckle pets up! It’s important that pets are kept in appropriate crates or buckled up because accidents can happen should they cause little distractions. Dan + Shay recommend pets having their own carriers to be like little RVs for them.
  • Enjoy the journey! Dan + Shay try their best to help relieve the stress for their pups by stopping every four to six hours. Just like us, doggies like to take bathroom breaks, snack and stretch their legs. For overnight travel, they recommend making sure your pet has her special bed and blanket, and maybe even some natural calming supplements to help them not be so anxious and to enjoy the trip!

Take these tips to heart and your pet won’t be able to wait for wherever summer (or anytime!) travels take you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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