Look What The Curious Cat Dragged In – a Bag Full Of Drugs!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
They say a dog’s nose knows, but one curious kitty in England helped the local police with a major suspected cocaine drug bust.

Forensic experts in Avon and Somerset, England are looking at evidence found by a curious cat–evidence that included at least 20 ‘wraps’ (or 30 pellets) of Class A drugs.

The police are keeping the kitty’s identity secret, for its protection, after the cat’s owner was shocked when they saw ‘what the cat dragged in’ their home in Bristol, England.

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The police posted the cat’s haul on their social media pages, and don’t believe that the substances found are the party drugs mephedrone (also known as MKAT or ‘Meow Meow), though the irony in that possibility was not lost on them.

Look what the cat dragged in 🐱

Great result in St Paul's when a resident's cat brought this in during the night! The owner got a bit of a shock but called us straight away!

If you are worried about drugs or crime in your area you can report anonymously @CrimestoppersUK pic.twitter.com/l8aEHsf8oa

— ASPolice Ashley (@ASPAshley) September 17, 2018

As well, in their Tweet thread, the police force joked that they might just start bringing more kittehs to the force and replacing their sniffer dogs, as cats were clearly bringing in the haul.

And pet lovers couldn’t get enough of plays on words with the cat’s find, even going so far as to say that they always knew catnip was a ‘gateway drug.’

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Though not as well known as dogs for their splendiferous sniffers, a cat’s olfactory senses are more than 12 times as strong as a human’s, and they have twice as many smell receptors too. Obviously, with a dog having 300 million receptors, sniffer dogs are more widely used.

That said, we didn’t see any dogs bringing in this hefty drug stash, so they might want to get their noses and paws back on the ground if they want to keep their jobs! (Just kidding; we all know cats can’t be bothered to be so obedient!)

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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