Michigan Town Elects Sweet Tart The Cat To Run Kitty Hall

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A small northern Michigan town has decided that they’ve had enough with the human politicians and are letting cats, dogs, goats and even chickens have a turn at running things.

In Omena, Michigan, a cat named Sweet Tart has taken her place as mayor and her trusty assistants are dogs.

Yes, dogs. Diablo Sapiro and Punkin Anderson Harder are Mayor Sweet Tart’s vice mayor and second vice mayor. Additionally, a goat named Harley took the town press secretary job and a chicken named Penny is the special assistant for fowl affairs.

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While some may say the paw-liticians don’t sound too much different than their DC counterparts, it turns out that the jobs are all in name only, as the election is a fundraiser for the Omena, Michigan Historical Society.

Each ‘vote’cost $1 and brought in over $7,000–seems like people really are looking for a change! Keith Disselkoen is president of the historical society and said that the Internet has been helpful for publicity and for allowing votes to be received through Paypal. Because of that, the popularity of the politicians has grown and made the fundraiser a success.

The candidates for the positions had to be animals who lived in Omena, which also is home to about 300 humans. The fundraising elections began ten years ago, but this year’s has been by far the most successful.

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Even though the jobs are ceremonial, Mayor Sweet Tart will make various appearances throughout the town during her three-year reign, and she most likely will hold meetings with the mayors of other neighboring towns.

Best hope those towns won’t want to fight Kitty Hall, though! We don’t think they’ll win!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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