Cat With A Pawpose Runs For Mayor In Oregon

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A mayoral candidate who is tired of pork-belly projects has decided to hit the scene in Bend, Oregon and he’s making quite the commotion because he’s a cat.

Yes, it’s true. A gainfully-employed feline in Bend, Oregon has decided to throw his paws in the race for Mayor, campaigning for the elimination of cars, no more construction and strong leash laws in the area.

Leonardo F. Bend is a lifelong resident who works as a greeter at Bright Place Gallery. While he may be a bit green behind the ears when it comes to politics, he knows a thing or two about frustrating city policies, and so he’s decided to roll his fur up and make some changes.

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The five-year-old feline candidate goes by Leonard, and the owners of the gallery are his campaign correspondents. Stuart Breidenstein and Abby Dubief say that he doesn’t mind being called a fat cat politician (he’s a hefty 26 pounds) and he is looking to make changes in the city’s sign code.

Turns out Dubief and Breidenstein had to take down temporary signs for their gallery because they violated city law. Together with Leonard, they decided that the loophole in the law allowing for campaign signs up to 16 square feet in the nonresidential areas would be a great way to bring customers in, and to offer a candidate who would run on a platform the people could back. A win-win, if you would.

Saying that Leonard believes humans have made a mockery of the political process (he’s not wrong), him running for mayor could make a difference. He has experiences with small businesses, as he was a mouser at the Workhouse and a Greeter at the Old Ironworks Arts District in the city. He’s no scaredy-cat when it comes to hard work, and compromise, and Dubief says that if he’s elected, he would join the ranks of Stubbs, the former mayor of historic Talkeetna, Alaska.

Sadly, Leonard won’t be able to officially be on the ballot as the city requires candidates for city council to be registered Oregon voters who’ve lived in Bend for at least the last year, and only humans 18-years and older are able to register as voters. However, he will look into organizing a write-in campaign, say Dubief and Breidenstein.

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People want me to be mayor so bad they're throwing me a brunch! BIG RALLY. It's about the little people. Nobody has more respect for you little people than I do. Time for a change… time for breakfast… …GRAVY. Event link in bio.

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Leonard had about 30 attendees at his first fundraising brunch and plans to have more fundraisers that will help support animal-themed organizations in the area. Knowing how politics can be dirty, they have already been preparing for the that may appear, saying that they know where his birth certificate verifying residence, and they are well prepared to defend against any statements Leonard may have made in his past about dogs. Though he denies it’s ever happened, scandals tend to be the name of the game in politics, so Leonard is ready to fight.

And if he loses? He’s already prepared to contest the count and demand a recount.

Because, why not? Disgruntled humans do it all the time, so why not him?

Best of luck, Leonard!

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