Rescue Cat Thinks Life’s a Beach In Australia

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Whoever said cats don’t love water never met a Nathan, a one-year-old water-loving kitty who swims with the best of them!

A rescued cat in Australia has gone viral with the coolest videos of her swimming with her owners off the coast in Queensland.

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Melissa Pietrobuono and Rian Crandon adopted the one-year-old female they named Nathan a year ago from an RSPCA shelter in Brisbane when she was just a kitten. They took her to the beach so she could get outside of her ‘house cat’ life, but with safe supervision.

"Look mum, it's a human surf board!"

A post shared by Nathan the Beach Cat (@nathan_thebeachcat) on Jul 25, 2018 at 2:08pm PDT

Melissa says that they got Nathan beach-ready by putting a harness on her at home to get her used to it. Then at the beach, they kept her far from everyone so she wouldn’t be nervous and let her go on the leash. Nathan took to it like a pro, so Rian decided to take a walk in the water and Nathan just followed him right on out.

"She's like a little submarine!"

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The couple says she loves it, and will often go between the pair back and forth while they’re all swimming together. Nathan prefers to follow whoever goes in the water, and the videos of her swimming have made the Internet smile collectively at her joy in the ocean.

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Kim Kardashian eat your heart out

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Melissa said that people don’t expect to see a cat on the beach with a leash, much less swimming, and at first think she might be a dog. They’re so enamored, Nathan has become quite the little social media darling, and is a perfect ambassador for the Queensland RSPCA.

Nathan loves to relax in the warm water

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The couple thinks the outpouring of love and affection for Nathan is wonderful, as they love how much joy Nathan’s adventures give to others. They say that Nathan brings them so much joy, and as long as she does so for others, they’ll keep posting.

Swim on, Nathan! Swim on!

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