Pestnostics’ At-Home Urine Test Alerts You to Common Pet Illnesses

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Low-cost and easy to use, the Petnostic at-home urine test will keep you informed if your pet is suffering from a common illness.

California-based start-up Petnostics has teamed up with Fetch for Pets! to create a line of test kits to let pet parents check on their furry feline or canine’s health from the comfort of their own home.

Using this urine tests seems relatively easy. The first step (which may prove to be the hardest) is to collect a urine sample from your dog in the test’s cup… we weren’t entirely sure how you’re going to do this. In my mind, sneaking up on your dog while he’s leg-up against a tree may seem simple enough (provided you don’t scare him), but getting one from a female sounds easier said than done. But there’s a a urine collector you can add onto the package. The test seems pretty simple for cats because the kit includes hydrophobic cat litter so their urine can be easily collected from their litter box.

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Once you cross that bridge, getting a result incredibly easy. Simply flip the cup upside down so the test strip in the lid is exposed to the urine. Finally, scan the lid of the cup with your phone and voila! The Petnostics app will tell you if there is anything the matter with your furry child. Potential health issues that this at-home urine test can alert to includes urinary tract infections, kidney stones, diabetes and bacterial infections.

This urine test is, of course, not designed to replace the work of veterinarians, who will not only be able to give you an accurate diagnosis of what is the matter with your pet, but is also able to treat your pet, if necessary. However, before you spend your money going to a vet for something you think could be wrong with your cat, getting yourself one of these tests can save you a lot of money should it turn out to be negative.

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This urine test also makes it easier to keep tabs on your pet’s health. For example, if Fido has a knack for developing kidney stones, this test will tell you whether or not they have returned in just a few minutes. The faster you’re made aware of your pet’s health problems, the faster you can go to your local vet and have them treated. Not only is Fido getting taken care of as soon as humanly possible, but the veterinarian bill will also be smaller because you’re visiting them less frequently for check-ups.

The Petnostics Urine Test Kit sells for $9.99, the Urine Collector for $14.99 and the Hydrophobic Cat Litter for $14.99, and you can pick them up online.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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