10 Canuck Eh-ssentials for Canadian Canines

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
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Now that hockey season is over, it’s time to turn our attention to Canada Day. To celebrate the True North (strong and free), pick up a few of these canuck eh-ssentials for July 1.

1. Dog Shirt

First and foremost, your dog will need to proudly wear this Canadian t-shirt to express his love for this friendly country.

Get swanky at Zazzle.

2. Canadian Collar

This collar can happily be used all-year round, but looks especially spiffy on the 1st of July !

Available at Etsy.

3. Maple Leaf Bandana

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for this Canadian-themed bandana like this one – it’ll make all the other canines whimper in jealousy.

Get yours at BadDogBandana.

4. Doggie Tags

Like the collar, this Canadian flag-themed dog tag can also be engraved with your pooch’s name and your contact information and worn all year long. Everyone knows that a dog wearing a Canadian tag is friendly!

DogTuff has these lovely tags.

5. Crochet Maple Leaf Hat

So. Much. Love! Be sure to get your four-legged best friend this delightful little toque complete with ear flaps so they can listen to you brag about how awesome Canada is!

Available at Etsy.

6. Canadian Leash

Pair this maple leaf-themed leash with you Canadian collar and you’re almost ready to go party with the other dogs at the park on this special day!

Head over to BaxterBoo for yours.

7. Aviva Designs Canadian Flag Pet Bed

Sweet dreams are always guaranteed on the Aviva Designs Canadian Flag Pet Bed. Your dog will wake up feeling refreshed and polite.

Available at Canada The Store.

8. Canadian Goose Toys

No doot aboot it! These toys are a honking great time. Canadian canines will love to sink their teeth into these geese.

Get your honk on at Amazon.

9. Red Goggles

If your happily Canadian canine is sensitive to light or loves to sunbathe, protect their eyes with a pair of Doggles (doggie goggles) which offer 100% UV protection, shatter proof and look super rad in red!

Available at Doggles.

10. Roots X Canada Pooch Sweater

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than a Roots sweater, and we love this True North beauty. The Roots X Canada Pooch Sweater will be a fan favorite when the temperature starts to drop… in August!

Get yours at Roots.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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