10 Companies That Let Your Bring Your Pet To Work

Rita Brhel
by Rita Brhel
Every day is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” at some corporate offices. If you’re looking for a place that offers pup perks, consider sending your resumes to these dog-friendly companies.

Gone are the days when you were lucky to convince your boss to allow you to keep a fish bowl on your desk. More and more companies are welcoming employee’s pets, big and little to come to work with them.

We’d expect this perk at Petco, Purina, or your local veterinary clinic. But it turns out that all kinds of businesses beyond pet care and products are on board. Having their dogs, cats, pot-bellied pigs, and other pets alongside them at work makes employees enjoy their jobs more and increases their productivity, report employers.

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It’s still a growing trend — just 7% of employers invite their workers to bring in their pets — but it’s one that seems to be taking off. It’s becoming a big enough deal that you should consider asking for this benefit during your next job interview.

Here are 10 companies that let you bring your pet to work with you and offer some attractive extra pet-related bonuses:

1) Amazon

Not only do employees get to bring their dogs with them to this Seattle office, but Amazon really goes all out to encourage dog walks with large courtyards, poop bag stations, and dog-sized drinking fountains.

2) Ben & Jerry’s

Dubbed the “K9 to 5’ers,” the dogs that come with their owners to this Vermont office are one spoiled bunch! Doggie doors between cubicles allow pooches to visit coworkers and their dogs, gleaning them cuddles and treats all day long if they want.

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3) Bissell Homecare

Not only do the dogs accompanying their owners to this Michigan office inspire new product lines, but they can take their breaks at an on-site indoor dog spa with a play area and bathing stations.

4) Rover.com

Providing doggy raincoats is just the tip of the iceberg for this Seattle company. Among the really cool benefits to employees are funds to adopt a dog as well as canine bereavement leave.

5) Build-A-Bear Workshop

It’s truly amazing how creative dog-inspired companies can get! This St. Louis company serves birthday cake to its employees’ dogs and offers a canine-specific concierge service.

6) Clif

This California company not only provides a large, off-leash area, but also a discount on pet insurance for employees and paid time off for volunteering with an animal-related cause.

7) Replacements

Headquartered in North Carolina, employees aren’t limited to just dogs in this workplace of fine dining ware. And it’s not just employees who are welcome to bring in their pets. Customers have been accompanied by such unique companions as a duck, a pot-bellied pig, and even a opossum.

8) Google

It’s probably not surprising that this technology giant is progressive enough to let employees bring their dogs to their California office. Among the extra perks for pooches is a ball pit and massages.

9) Procter & Gamble

Besides offering up to 400 pounds of free pet food to employees each year, this Ohio company goes so far as to put animals in certain positions such as a Vice President of Canine Communications.

10) Tito Vodka

Here’s another company that encourages pets of any kind to come to work, including and beyond dogs. While dogs do get access to an outdoor play area, other pets are allowed to roam freely between desks.

Rita Brhel
Rita Brhel

Rita Brhel is a freelance writer with a huge heart for animals that she's passed on to her 3 children. Rita herself has a cat named Tippy (in photo) and 4 finches. Her 3 kids and husband share an additional 3 cats, 3 small parrots, 3 rabbits, 5 pigeons, 8 chickens, and 2 ducks on their acreage near Hastings, Nebraska, USA. She has experience with a lot of different species of pets of her own, has worked a 1-year stint in a vet clinic as part of a hands-on journalism project, and has been a foster pet parent for an animal shelter. Each of her children dream of careers working with animals, and Rita wholeheartedly supports them!

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