Work-From-Home Dad Names Dog as Multiple “Employee of Quarter”

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Working like a dog sure does pay off for one pup in Woodstock, Georgia, who has won ‘Employee of the Quarter’ several times as an employee of her dad’s sales center.

Michael Reeg of Woodstock, Georgia runs a regional sales center for his company Accuride International Inc., out of his home. He’s a small division–just three employees, himself and his two family dogs Meeka and Kya.

Yes, Reeg counts Meeka and Kya as his ’employees,’ and has since he began working remotely as Division Sales Manager last year.

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Reeg says that transitioning to a home-based position was a big change, and getting used to the quiet took some innovation for motivation. Having man’s best friends with him in the office helps get him excited about the day, he says–even if they have absolutely no experience in the drawer slide industry!

So, what earns Meeka so many accolades? Reeg says that it may look like Meeka just lazes around, but she really serves as an important sounding board for him when he is practicing pitches and presentations. Even though she doesn’t seem to really care about much of what he says with the exception of her name, Reeg says that Meeka loves his voice, and that she pays attention is encouraging for him.

Kya, Reeg’s other employee, isn’t quite the ‘go-getter’ that her sister pup Meeka is. Reeg says that may have a little something to do with the fact that Kya is his wife’s dog, and pretty much only comes into ‘work’ when she’s gone!

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Meeka never misses a day; she even hanging in the office holding down the fort when Reeg has to travel for work. This dedication is what has Reeg says is worthy of all the official recognition Meeka has received as Employee of the Quarter. The honor includes the official framing and hanging of the award certificates, as well as reporting back to the corporate office in California. A spokesperson for Accuride says that Meeka clearly is a superior helper to Michael in his work.

The end of the quarter is almost here, and Reeg says that he wants it to be clear that Meeka’s reign isn’t automatic. He doesn’t want her to get too cocky, so maybe a new pup picture on the wall might keep her sharp.

On the other hand, who knows? We say Meeka all the way! She makes that wall look good!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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