Top 10 Halloween Couple Costumes For You and Your Dog

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If you want to walk away with the most treats in your bag this Halloween, you need to think smart. You’ll double your sugar haul if you bring your dog out with you… wearing a costume that matches yours! Stuck for ideas? No worries! We’ve got you covered with our Top 10 best Halloween couple costumes for you and your dog.

10. Hairy Pawtter

10 Points to Gryffindor! Let your geek flag fly and bring your pooch with you to the magical world of wizards- who knows, with a few Hogwarts classes, they might just learn how to conjure a treat out of thin air. 

Harry Potter Dog Costume comes with recognizable plastic specs and uniform that attaches with velcro. Choose between Gryffindor, Sytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff colors. The costume is available in sizes small to extra large.

Harry Potter Adult Costume is available in size standard or extra large.

9.Hot Dawgs


.10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Pet

Hot diggity dog! Why not dress up as a couple of wieners this Halloween, (ketchup and mustard included). And you get bonus pawesomeness points if your pooch is a Dachshund, that just goes without saying.

Hot Dog Costume: Comes with adjustable velcro straps so it’s easy to put on your dog. Available in sizes small to large.

Hot Dog Adult Costume: Comes in one standard adult size.

8.Monkey Business



Quit monkeying around! This cute pairing is appealing, especially if your furry friend likes to be carried around in your arms. The neighborhood kids will go bananas for this combo, that’s for sure.

Dog Banana Costume: The costume is two pieces- the headpiece and a vest that attaches with velcro. Available in dog sizes small to x-large.

Adult Monkey Costume: Offered in one standard size.

7. Lil Stinkers 




What’s that smell? Blame it on the dog – but your friends may not believe you! If your pooch is a lil’ stinker and you want the world to know, the least you can do is dress in a matching outfit- for solidarity’s sake!

Skunk Costume For Dogs:  With velcro closures and a snug hoodie, this costume is super comfy to wear. Available in sizes x-small to xx-large.

Adult Skunk Costume: Comes in one standard size.

6. Bat Dog and Robin




You and your pet may already be a Dynamic Duo, but why be yourselves when you can be Batman and Robin? The choice is yours when it comes to giving out roles, ‘cause we’ve got you covered in any combo.

Bat Dog and Robin Costumes: The multi-piece costumes complete with capes and headpieces are a better match for pooches that don’t mind wearing clothes. Both costumes for pets come in sizes small to x-large.

Batman and Robin Adult Costumes: The Batman costume comes in sizes x-small to x-large. The Robin costume is available in sizes small to large.

5. Ghostbusters




Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Team-up with your dog to zap all the ghouls and ghosts that come to your door. Just don’t forget to treat your pooch for a job well done once you’re finished expelling the supernatural from your block.

Ghostbuster Dog Costume: The inflatable backpack is a great addition to the jacket as it is lightweight and can be removed if your pet is bothered by it after a while. Available in sizes small to x-large.

Ghostbuster Adult Costume: Offered in sizes medium and standard (large).

4.Holy Hound 




A match made in heaven. This papal costume is too cute to pass up for your pup. Join in the fun with a saintly nun costume that matches the holier-than-thou vibe of your pet’s get up!

Holy Hound Costume: With a detachable stole and a printed miter headpiece, your pooch will have no problem pulling off the papal look- but it might be too much if he’s not used to costumes. Available in sizes x-small to large.

Adult Nun Costume: Offered in one standard size.

3. Star Wars



Come to the dark side… we have candy! You can go as Luke Skywalker, while your pooch parades as an insanely adorable Ewok. This is a perfect pairing for pawrents whose pooches already look like these cute creatures- Shih Tzus, Pekingese, or the Griffon Bruxellois are perfect candidates!

Ewok Dog Costume: The combo of hooded headpiece and plush bodysuit makes this costume comfy and effective both. This cuteness overload comes in sizes small to x-large.

Luke Skywalker Adult Costume: The lightsaber and costume are sold separately. The costume is available in sizes large and x-large.

2. Star Wars, Part 2




The force is strong in these two. This power costume combo is a must have for any dog with Jedi wisdom in their eyes and a badass female owner who embodies the spirit of Rey.

Jedi Dog Costume: The three piece set includes the cloak, shirt, and a belt – to faithfully replicate the iconic movie look. Comes in sizes small to x-large.

Rey Adult Costume: Available in sizes small to x-large.

1. Wonder Woman and Wonder Dog

Nothing to see here- just two wonderbitches showing how pawesome they are to the world. Release your inner superhero to the outside in this costume that celebrates all the empowered ladies out there- and make sure your four-legged girl is represented, too.

Wonder Woman Pet Costume is very comfortable with an adjustable headband and a doggie dress that closes with velcro. The costume comes in sizes small to 3 X so there’s a match for every breed.

Wonder Woman Adult Costume is available in four sizes from extra small through to large


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