Best Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

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Halloween – It’s the one day of the year when we can transform ourselves into whomever we want. And while we’re at it, why not get our dogs in on all the fun! There are so many cute dog Halloween costumes out there, so it was tough to narrow it down to just 10. But we hope you like our picks… perhaps they will give you some ideas on what your dog will be for Halloween this year!

Who’s the most popular mouse on the planet? Okay, maybe it’s Mickey, but we all know that it’s really all about the gal behind the man, and that’s why we love this Minnie Mouse costume for your pooch.

Your doggy will have Minnie’s iconic red and white polka dress with her very one matching bow and Mouse ears (who’s got ears?) that will stay on with adjustable hook and loop closure.

It’s a one-piece step-in to make things easier for your diva, but be careful–you may have all the kids on the street asking Minnie for her autograph. Comes in sizes Small – 3X Large.


Dog Halloween Costumes: UPS Pal

While some pooches will bark their heads off at the very sight of the mailman, most hold a special place in their heart for UPS drivers. And it probably doesn’t have anything to do with those treats the delivery guys and gals sneak to your pooch, of course. So, as an homage to their favorite delivery person, this Halloween your pet can wear a dog-sized replica of the UPS uniform, complete with a package that needs to be delivered. The shirt and the cap are a fit for small breed dogs. To transform your pet into a canine courier, order this California Costumes UPS Delivery Dog Costume ASAP!


Dog Halloween Costumes: Princess

Is your pampered pooch looking for a Halloween costume to reflect her royal status? Everyone in the dog park will bow to her royal pawness when she struts her stuff in this fluffy baby pink princess attire. From the pointy hat to the tulle skirt and bow ties for her paws, this whole getup is fit for a furry royal. If you want your fair furry maiden to be the talk of the doggy kingdom, you can’t go wrong with the Princess Dog Costume.


We’re not sure what it is about rider costumes that we love so much (other than they’re hilarious) but this unique costume takes the cake. It’s not just a rider costume. The Frisco Monkeys Carrying Bananas Costume makes a monkey out of your dog. Literally. In this plush costume, your doggo will help the bobbing monkey on his back (aren’t they all so pesky?) carry a box of bananas wherever he goes.

It attaches to your dog snugly on the back and front legs, and comes in six sizes ranging from x-small to xx-large. You might think you’re going bananas, but this bananas costume will certainly seal the deal.


Dog Halloween Costumes: Superman

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a dog in a Superman costume. For every pawrent, their pooch is a bonafide superhero, so dressing up as one of the most popular comic superheroes is only fitting. Complete with a cape, chest logo, and a yellow belt to recreate the well-known Superman outfit, this costume works especially great if you’re willing to dress up as Clark Kent, Lois Lane, or even Lex Luthor to your pet’s Superman. Comfy, cute, and well-made, this Rubies Company Classic Superman Costume is suitable for dogs of all sizes.


What has 12 legs and is cuter than anything you’ve ever seen? Your pet, wearing a spider costume. This fuzzy, hilarious outfit is meant for dogs that don’t mind being dressed up, whether they’re small, medium, or large in size. Warning: do not let your pooch run around off-leash in the presence of arachnophobes, or you risk their furry butts causing heart attacks left and right. Yup, that’s how (sorta?) scary this Frisco Spider Dog Costume is!

Look, no one will turn a fine gentleman like your dog is bound to be away wearing this tuxedo and asking for treats on Halloween. This Frisco Formal Dog Tuxedo will keep him looking dapper as the ghouls and boys go on their way, and the adorable little bowtie just makes the outfit with the gold button accents.

They stay on with hook and loop fasteners that don’t catch in Fido’s fur, and it also has a leash hole because who wants to roam around town unleashed when you’re looking so fly? The Frisco Formal Dog Tuxedo comes in sizes from extra-small to extra-large, so your pup can find the paw-fect fit.


“Hey, baby…you’re looking soooo good. You got a side of fries to go with that walk?” 

Why yes, yes you will with this adorable French Fries hat costume from Rubie’s!

This headpiece is a great option if your pup doesn’t want to don full accoutrement for Halloween, and with two sizes, he can be a big fry or a small fry and he’ll still be adorable. The strap secures under your dog’s chin for extra stability and a comfortable fit and let’s face it, every day can be a Fry-day with the adorableness that comes with this Rubie’s Costume Company French Fries Costume.


We know the force is ALWAYS with our doggos but with these Yoda Ears from Rubie’s? There’s no way the dark side has a chance! Rubie’s is an official licensed costume designer for the Star Wars franchise, so this Yoda headband is the real deal. Make you laugh lots, it will, as your dog trots down the block looking for some goodies. The straps are elastic with a fastener to go under the chin, making it super easy to put on and keep on your dog. Another perfect option for the dog who wants to dress up, but not in a full costume because time for that he has not.


Like we said, it was hard narrowing it down to just 10 picks. To see all of the adorable Halloween costumes that Chewy offers, visit their online dog costume store.

And, while you’re there, check out Chewy’s Pawesome Halloween Goody Boxes for dogs! Wearing a super cool costume is only part of the festive Howl-o-ween celebrations with this awesome bundle of fun treats and toys. Nothing says, “I ruff you,” better than a box full of hand-selected toys and treats (no tricks, let’s leave those to the dogs) your dog will love. There are three different Halloween treats, several Halloween-themed dog toys and an adorable Halloween bandana to sport the whole spooky season long. And all of that for just $24.99? A scary steal you’ll have to grab!