10 Unapologetic Photobombing Pets

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
These four-legged photobombers – they’ll do anything to steal the spotlight from an otherwise perfect photo-op. We don’t think they ruin the shot – on the contrary, they make the photo unforgettable!

1. Picture Perfect

I should really be front and center in this family portrait. (Photo Credit: Imgur)

2. Sibling Rivalry

Hey! Why don’t you want me in this shot? (Photo Credit: Flickr/ Stokey)

3. Sleeping Beauty

Don’t you think that taking a photo of us sleeping is creepy? (Photo Credit: Reddit )

4. Llama Derp

Smile and spit. (Photo Credit: Flickr/ Lisa IndigoBurns)

5. Scenic View

He saw the opportunity and he took it. (Photo credit: Reddit)

6. Howlin’ Good Time

Did you say bacon? I heard the word bacon. I want some bacon- like, a lot of bacon. Right now, please and thank you.

(Photo Credit: 9Gag)

7. Wedding Crasher

My ass also looks fabulous and should have a spot in your wedding photos. You’re welcome!

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

8. Horsing Around

Neigh, I’m having a honking good time, children! Carry on with your shenanigans.

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)

9. Frenchie Bomb

They’re perfect for each other…But I have a reputation to maintain!

(Photo Credit: Reddit)

10. Craigslist Ad Ruiner

And this upper, who insisted on being in every single photo for his human’s Craigslist photos…even if they didn’t want him there. (Photo Credit: Laughing Squid)
Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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