Quarantine Weather Reports Constantly Interrupted By Talkative Pooch

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When NBC5 On Your Side’s Chief Meterologist Scott Connell tried to film a tease from home, his King Charles Cavalier Maple wasn’t having any of it.

Anybody else have a dog that really wants to be part of every experience? Working from home certainly has its challenges. Little Miss Maple apparently thought the squirrel in the backyard was worthy of my attention while trying to tape the tease for the late news Tuesday night. She's just a little spunky for sure!

Posted by Scott Connell on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Maple didn’t give any cares as he barked and yipped, trying to alert her clearly oblivious dad to the dangers of squirmy squirrels in the back yard. Maple’s barks were timed perfectly as each one hilariously coincided with her dad’s redoing a take for his weather report.

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Connell’s constant interruptions from Maple kept forcing him to retake, and even when he tried to get Maple to come and stay by his side, Maple wasn’t having any of it. It was only when Connell had his hand on Maple the entire time that she gave him enough quiet to make it all the way through…just barely, though. Because, you know…squirrels are serious business and wait for no one.

The meteorologist posted the bloopers on Facebook, wondering it was just him who was having a hard time with pets who want to be part of every work from home experience.

Turns out that he’s NOT, as the Interwebs have been full of people posting about how their pets are presenting themselves in the most inconvenient of ways while their humans work from home.

Some pets are being the ever judgy bosses…

While others are literally showing their rears in protest of working from home….

Others are requiring some serious hand-holding through this whole COVID-19 thing…

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While others insist that work be all about THEM…

Then there’s that sound that we all know the second we hear it…coming at the most inopportune times…

And those who just give in and let their pets win.

Of course, you always have those micromanager bosses who insist on being in the middle of EVERYthing…

But then, there are always those who don’t care how you get it done, as long as it’s done and you don’t bother them!

These are definitely different times, and it’s unprecedented that we’re home as much as we are. Our pets are doing their best to cope with us, and hey…who can blame them for wanting to get into some of the quarantine action?

Do you have any pet work-from-home pics you want to share with us? We’d love to see!