11 Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
On Mother’s Day, you’d better believe that fur babies count… especially if you’re looking for an excuse to gift one of these wag-tastic treasures.

1.Friendship Jewellery

Attach one for your pooch’s collar and another your necklace — everyone will know that the other half of your heart belongs to your four-legged bestie.

Available at Dog IDs.

2. Casting Kit

Make a permanent memento of Fido’s paws with this easy-to-use casting kit.

Get yours at Amazon.

3. Custom Cuddle Buddy

(*Rubs eyes) Am I seeing double?!?

Get one made at Cuddle Clones.

4. Wiener Wallpaper

If you know a Dachshund mom with an affinity for all things blue, this cartoon wiener wallpaper will no doubt make her day!

Available at WayFair.

5. Pug Life Skirt

You didn’t choose the Pug Life Skirt, it chose… wait a second… we totally did choose the Pug Life Skirt.

Wrap one up at Red Bubble.

6. Dog Drink Markers

It’s not like you can pee on your drink to make sure no one takes it.

For dog’s sake, buy them at Amazon… and pull up your pants!

7. Wall Art

Add a little whimsy to your wall decor with this sweet and subtle wooden dog silhouette.

Available at Etsy.

8. Husky Slippers

Because you’re a strong, independent Dog Mom and you fetch your own newspaper, damn it!

Slip into a pair at Amazon.

9. Bossy Tumblers

These instructions will come in handy after a few drinks.

Uncommon Goods has got you covered.

10. Dog Tote

It says: “I love coffee, and dogs, and modern art” all on one tote.

Available at Red Bubble.

11. Matching Tees


Get yours at California Canine.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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