2 Ugly Furry Friends Have Faces Only Their Adoptive Mothers Could Love

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
They say beauty is only skin deep. That may be the most true thing said when it comes to Ozzy and Wang, two hairless dogs many call ugly, but prove true friendship doesn’t care what one looks like.

Ozzy and Wang are a Chinese Crested and Mexican Xolo, respectively, pair of pups who have become each other’s’ lifeline and best friends! They were both originally abused by their owners, but were rescued from different shelters by a mother and daughter duo who have brought new meaning to the dogs’ lives!

Carolina and Alejandra Avila, of Houston, Texas, are the mother and daughter who rescued the two pooches people call uglier than ugly. Both breeds are hairless, which means they have little to no hair, and are prone to skin issues. Mom Carolina says that people often call the dogs ugly and worry about their skin, but that they are the sweetest, most harmless dogs out there. Daughter Alejandra, who founded a charity to help animals in need says that it’s fun to have dogs who are so uniquely different than most others.

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Wang was the first addition to the family and then was followed by Ozzy, who had been the victim of abuse from an animal hoarder who’d kept him locked in a crate with another 140 dogs. Carolina says that Ozzy didn’t have any teeth and was suffering from malnutrition, and Wang literally saved his life with companionship and acceptance. She was initially worried that Wang would be jealous, but he apparently realized his brother from another mother was with him, and the pair, named after rock stars, have been inseparable since.

The dogs enjoy walking and car riding, and basically, all the things that ‘normal’ dogs do…they just seem to realize they are unique and they stick together like glue. They even sleep closely together to help keep each other’s poor little bodies warm since neither has body hair.

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And so, these two so-ugly-they’re-cute pup pals are perfect examples of Confucius’s old saying, “Everything has beauty; not everyone can see it.” They see it in each other and that’s what makes them both beautiful!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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