Former World’s Ugliest Dog Wins 2016 Heroic Hounds Award

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Never let appearance hold you back from helping others. That’s the motto that Mugly carries with him wherever he goes. Starting off life abandoned by a breeder a three days old, the 2012 World’s Ugliest Dog champ has gone on to inspire and teach about the true meaning of beauty.

Mugly, a 12-year-old Chinese Crested, worked for Therapy Dogs Nationwide as a therapy dog. He helped children learn to read and visited adults with physical disabilities and learning challenges. And even though he’s off of the ugly pageant circuit, Mugly’s contributions are center stage, which is why he won the 2016 Heroic Hounds award at the National Pet Show in London.

His adoptive mom, Bev Nicolson, couldn’t be prouder of Mugly. She says that the hairless pooch can sense when someone is upset and will comfort them, and he’ll remain completely still when curious humans want to touch him. “He is just so sensitive and for a little dog that is up against it in the looks department he really makes up for it with his personality and sensitivity,” says Nicholson said last month. “People fall in love with him as soon as they meet him.”

Way to keep inspiring others, Mugly! Your inner beauty shines through and we think you’re the most beautiful dog in the world!

[Source: The Washington Post]